Old Bailey Proceedings, 20th May 1681.
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THE TRYAL and CONDEMNATION OF Several Notorious Malefactors, at a Sessions of OYER and TERMINER holden for the City of LONDON, County of Middlesex, and Goal Delivery of Newgate. Beginning May 20 1681. Ending the 21 of the same Month.


With the Names of those that received Sentence of Death, Burnt in the hand, Transported and to be whipt.

And more especially the Tryal of the Maid that Killed the Apprentice in Shoe-lane.

Together with an Account of a Parsons Wife, that Committed a Murther in the like manner.

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Stephen Cornwall was tryed upon an Indictment, for killing one John Finch , near Hornsey in the County of Middlesex: the Circumstances sworn to in Court were, That the Prisoner having bought a parcel of Wood of the Deceased, which he coming to fetch, complained of his hard Bargain, desiring that he might have some Over-plus, which the Deceased's Wife, denying to let him have, upon Words that passed between them, he struck her, the which her Husband observing, snatched a Well-hook out of her Hand, and made at the Prisoner, who throwing down his bundle of Wood, took out his Prong or Forked-stick on which he carried it, and struck the Deceased three Blows over the Head, the last of which broak his Skull. So that the Wound being given the 9th of May , he dyed on the 11th of the same Instant, the Prisoner Pleaded he did not strike him, but the Proof being plain against him, the Jury found him Guilty of Manslaughter .

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Mary Clark , and Ellenor Brown , were tryed for Stealing 35 yards of black Silk Lace, layed in the Indictment to the value of five pounds, they coming into the Shop of one Mr. Ridgly , a Lace-man in St Edmunds Lumber-street , pretending to buy a parcel of Black and Gold Lace, but whilst the Prosecutor was busied in shewing them several Patterns, one of them put the aforesaid peice in her Coat, but doing it in hast, one end hung out, so that they were discovered, and the Lace found about them, one of them having been a notorious Shoplift, the Jury found them both Guilty of Fellony.

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Elizabeth Messenger , was tryed upon an Indictment of Murther for making away her Bastard male Infant , the manner of which was, that the Prisoner being a Servant , by too much Familiarity with a Fellow that promised her Marriage proved with Chid, the which she carried so close that none perceived it, and being delivered alone, she got up betimes the next Morning and hid her Child under certain Boards, in a Cellar, but being very Ill, her Mistriss suspected her, and sending for a Midwife found she had been Delivered, the which she notwithstanding denied for a good Space: But in conclusion Confessed it and shewed them where she had disposed of it, it being taken, up a small Orifice was found in the Breast on 't. So that after the Reading of the Statute of King James, made for the prevention of such Murthers she was found Guilty of the Murthering of the said Infant.

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Alice Enterys , was tryed for Killing Philip Avery , Apprentice to one Mr. Rogers a Shoe-maker , in Shoe lane , which happened according to the Evidence after this manner, they being both Servant s to the said Mr. Rogers on the 29th of April last, some small difference happened between about 3 of the Clock in the Afternoon of the same day, but that being pacified, about six they began to play with one another in the Shop, the Deceased who was a Youth about 25 years of Age, striking her over the Shoulders, as it was supposed in Jest, she took up a Shop-Knife and pushed at him, whereupon he desired her to lay it down, for he feared she would Cut him to which she answerd, if she had designed any such thing she could have accomplished it that time, she had no sooner said, but he rushing in upon her, she run it two Inches deep into the left side of his Belly, of which Wound the next day he dyed, and it was Sworn, she being asked, Why she did it? Her Answer was that

she wished it had done him worse mischief, so that although she was Acquitted of the Indictment of Murther Yet she was found Guilty of the Man-slaughter upon the Coroners Inquisition.

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Robert Wingreen , took his Tryal being Indicted for Stealing a silver Tankard, valued at 6 pounds from one Edward Tranter [Text unreadable in original.] in street, the which was Sworn against him by the Servant Maids of the House, but it appearing by the Testimony of his Neighbours that he was at home at the time they pretended the Tankard was stolen, and that he was an honest and industrious man, the Jury acquitted him.

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Francis Russel , a Boy of about 8 years of Age, was Indicted for picking eleven Guineas, and seven shillings in silver out of a Gentlewoman s Pocket near St. Dunstans Church , and Convicted of the same by his own Confession.

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James Stephens , was tryed for Stealing a Scale-beam out of the Custom-house , and prosecuted by one that he had pawned it to, but the Evidence being Insufficient, he was acquitted .

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Randal Barber , was tryed for Stealing several Deal Boards out of a Carpenter s Yard , in Cook-lane near Shoreditch , it being proved against him in Court, that he was taken by Mile-end-Green Watch with three of them upon his Back (though he pleaded he found them) he was brought in Guilty .

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Elizabeth Eaton , having an Indictment prefer'd against her for Robbery Committed by her about 4 years since, in the House of John Scot , living in St. Pauls Shadwell , pleaded Guilty to it. Confessing that she had pawned the Goods (consisting of Plate, to the worth of six pounds) in Ireland, adding it was neither the Prosecutors Plate not hers but appertained to one Mr. Hardigame, living at Chattam as indeed it did prove to be his: So that by reason of a wrong Name in the Indictment, she was Acquitted .

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Elizabeth Jones , and Ann Saxby , were Indictment for a Trespass for opening with Pick-lock Keys, the Door of one Edward Day , living in the Parish of St. Michael Bashaw , and then one of them entering to seek for booty whilst the other watched without , it being in Service Time, when the people were gone to Church; but a Neighbour coming by accidentally and mistrusting their design, seized them both with the Picklocks about them, which they alledged they found, and knew not what they were, but one of them having been pardoned for Transportation about 2 years since, and both of them known to be Notorious, they were found Guilty .

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John Adams being Tryed for stealing 9 Sheep , within 8 mile of Hartford, and selling them to a Butcher in St Giles, upon full Evidence was Convicted of Fellony.

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John Adams , William Abyss , and Thomas Harris were Tryed for Robbing of one William Hawkshead in Hartfordshire . The Indictment being laid only as a Fellony in the County of Middlesex, because the Goods, which was Plate to the value of 10 pounds, was brought out of Hartfordshire, and taken in the Possession of those to whom they had dis

posed of them, in the Parish of St Giles's in the Fields. The Evidence was plain and positive, That they on the 15 of March last, broke into the House, and took the Plate, the two latter confessing the Fact; so that in conclusion they were all found Guilty .

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Margaret Luke a Ministers Wife was Tryed upon an Indictment for Murther, committed on the body of Robert Edmunds , who was her Servant , caused by excessive beating , the which she did about the 20 of December last, from which time he languished till the 15 of May and then dyed; so that it being proved his excessive bruises occasioned and his Death, she was found Guilty of Man-Slaughter .

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John Francis Dickason , the Popish Priest, who pretends himself Chaplain to the Portugal Embassador, and was Condemn'd the last Sessions, for perverting one Martha Cook, from the Protestant to the Romish Religion, having obtained his Majesties Pardon , pleaded the same upon his Knees, and presented the Court with Gloves as is usual in such Cases, having only ten days allowed him to Transport himself .

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Francis Smith Sen. And one Harris , who were lately Committed to Newgate by Order of Councel, made their Prayers by way of humble petition to the Court, that they might be either Bailed or brought to their Tryals this Sessions, but against the latter, it was objected that the Kings Attorney General was not ready, by reason his Witnesses were wanting at present.

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Edward King , late Scribe to Mother Cellier, who was accused by Mr. Dangerfield for speaking Seditious Words, and thereupon committed to Newgate, put in Bail.

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There were eleven Condemned in all; viz. William Abbis , Tho. Harris , John Adams , Thomas Hewet , Francis Russel , Elizabeth Messenger , Alice Enterys , Mary Clark , Elinor Brown , Elizabeth Clements , and Margaret Luke , two burnt in the hand, and five to be whipt, and so ended this Session.

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