Old Bailey Proceedings, 13th April 1681.
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Which began on Wednesday the 13th of this Instant April and ended on Thursday the 14th following.

Giving an Account of most of the Remarkable Trials there, viz. For Murder Fellonies and Burglaries, &c. with a particular Relation of their Names, and the places of their committing their Facts, with the number of those Condemned to die, Burn'd in the Hand, Transported and to be whipt.

But more especially of the Trial and Condemnation of that notorious Highway-man Randolph Poulson , and John Francis Dickison for High-Treason, who Received sentence to be Hang'd Drawn and Quartered, and Ann Price for Murther

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ANN Price was Arraigned and Tried for felloniously Murthering her Bastard Male-Infant in the Parish of St. Margaret's Westminster ; the circumstances thus, She having lived in the nature of a Servant with a Gentlewoman; as she confessed, was got with Child by a Man that was her fellow Servant; and carried it so cuningly, that no Person in the house did in the least suspect her till after she was delivered, which was without help, when wraping the Child in an Apron. She locked it up in her Box; and rising betimes in the Morning, made a Fire and went to Bed again; so that her Mistris finding her out of order, began to examine the cause; whereupon supspecting what had happen'd, she got a Midwife, who upon

inquiry found she had been delivered; the which she stoutly denied, but at last confessed she had, the Child being still Born, and that she had locked it in her Box. where it was accordingly found, this being sworn by the Witness; her Answer was, That she finding her pains come fast upon her: knocked with her shoo, as loud as possible, but could make none hear her, by reason she lay up three pair of stairs; but the concealing of the Child, being a material Point of Evidence against her; upon the reciting the Statute, she was found guilty of Murther.

[Death. See summary.]

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Sibel Thomas was indicted for the Murther of one Mary Hut , a Maid of about Eighteen Years of Age , living in White-Chappel; the manner thus, Some angry words rising between the Mother of the Deceased, and the Prisoner, the Deceased, in taking her Mothers part, gave the Prisoner such bad Language as provoked her to strike her, and after having thrown her in the Kenel, to tread upon her; who in a Fortnights time after died; but she being proved to be a sickly Maid, and upon search no bruses being found about her, the Prisoner was acquited .

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Ann Foster was Tried for stealing of wearing apparel, Lace, Puter, Silver Spoons and other things to a very considerable value from a Gentleman , living in the Parish of St. Clements Deans , on the Twenty-Fourth of March last, several of the Goods being found where she had disposed of them; and the Evidence being plain against her she was found guilty of the Fellony.

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Joseph Woodall was Indicted for Murthering John Crafts , of the Parish of St. Martins in the Fields ; according to Evidence thus, the Prisoner being Labourer to the Deceased, who was a Brick-layer , and not minding his work, the Deceased told him, if he neglected it, he must employ another, upon which the Prisoner told him if he would pay him his Wages, he would be gon, but the Deceased denying he owed him any; having passed his word to secure the House where he Lodged; whereupon a quarrel arose, and the Prisoner beat the Deceased so unmercifully, that he died in three Weeks afterward, and laid his Death to the Prisoner, who thereupon was found guilty of Man-slaughter .

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Edward Richardson who had been formerly Condemned for Cliping and had got Pardon for Transportation, was Indicted for several Roberys on the High-way , to all which he pleaded guilty .

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John Bully , who about three Sessions's since was Indicted upon the Statute of the Twenty-fifth of Elizabeth, for that he having received Orders from the See of Rome, came over into England and acted as a Priest , whose Trial was put off once for, his pretending want of Evidence, and last Sessions by reason of a special Plea he brought, to which the Kings Attorny General made a demur, being now called up and his Indictment read; he pleaded guilty desiring the Court to Pardon him for the trouble he had put them to; saying, That he had been ill advised in so doing, and that it was his full intent after his being cleared at Lancaster to depart the Kindom, and that he had writtent a Book touching the unlawfulness of Murthering or deposing Princes and had perswaded very many Catholicks to take the Oaths of Allegiance and Supremacie, after which he desired the Court would have a Favourable Opinion of him, and threw himself wholly upon their Mercy.

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Martha Du Boardas , of the Parish of St. Martins in the Fields being a French Woman and not able to speak English, was Indicted for Robing Stephen Beamont a French Marchant , with whom she lived as a Servant or House-keeper , on the Third of this Instant, of a Silver Watch, a Diamond Ring valued at Four Pounds, Three Gold Chains, Thirty Guinies, 125 Pounds worth of Plate, & in Moneys 50 l. the which upon the Death of her Master, she had conveyed away; the Plate and Moneys upon the Constables searching the House, being found in her Custody, she aledged that her Master gave them to her in his Life time and brought Witness to prove it, but not withstanding she was found guilty of the Fellony.

[Death. See summary.]

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Sarah Star , was Indicted for that she on the 4 of this Instant Robed one John Weller , with whom she was a Servant ; of Goods to the value of Fourteen Shillings; being a Servant in his House; the things being Sheets, Table Cloaths and Napkins , which were found at an Old Womans house, where she hod carried them to have Shifts made of them; She pleaded a Lodger gave them to her, but that excuse being groundless she was found guilty to the value of Three Shilling .

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John Francis Dickison , a notorious Popish Priest being taken in Newgate, as he came to pervert on Martha Cook a Convict, his Indictment being grounded upon a Statute made in the Third Year of King James, to prevent drawing away the King's Subjects from their Allegiance; the manner thus, Martha Cook about Three Quarters of a Year since being Condemned for Cliping and Coyning, and remaining in Newgate, Two Women that were her fellow Prisoners, perswaded her to embrace the Romish Religion, and after some yielding to their proposition; the Prisoner was sent by the Priests into the Press-yard to visit her, who upon promise to get her a Pardon, made her renounce the Protestant Religion gave her the Sacrament, confessed her, &c. And to encourage her to perservere in what she had Embraced, oftentimes brought her Money; the which she disclosing to on Partridg a Presbyterian Minister, he discovered it to the Ordinary, who acquainted Captain Richardson with the same, so that about the Twenty-first of October last, the Prisoner coming to visit his Proselite, was seised in the Hole, and after some time carried before Sir William Turner , where he owned himself to be a Priest; and that he was Chaplain to the Portugal Embassadour ; whereupon he was commited, upon his Trial he likewise owned himself a Priest; and but faintly denied the pervertion, Mr. Ordinary, Mr. Partridg, and Martha Cook giving Evidence against him, after the Jury were satisfied of the Statute, they brought him in guilty ; and he was Sentenced to be Drawn, Hang'd and Quartered as a Traitor, &c.

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An Indictment was preferred by one William Roman against Mary Snell and Sarah Chapman, alias Wood , for stealing a Silver Taster' and a silver Tankard vallued at seven pounds, which the former coming into his house to drink stole , and the other disposed of them , but the Evidence not being positive against her , only Mary Snell was found Guilty of this Fellony. But a second Indictment was preferred against Sarah Chapman , alias Wood, for stealing 6 Corrals, vallued at 7 pounds , from one Mr. Harding in the Parish of St. Mary Woolnoth , the which she sold for about three pounds to a Goldsmith in Fleetstreet, which being plainly proved, she was found Guilty .

[Death. See summary.]

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Susanna Hern and Elizabeth Rycroft , were found Guilty , the former for stealing a silver Tankard , the latter for Robing her Master of Linnen Cloth.

[Death. See summary.]

Randol Polson , who had formerly kept a Lime-Wharf near the Horse-Ferry, was Indicted for stealing a Mare, valued at Six Pounds, a Saddle, Bridle and Whip, from one Mr. Mead; the Circumstances according to Evidence thus, the Prosecuter coming from Dedford, met the Prisoner and another near the Halph-way-House, who bid him stand and deliver; whereupon he turning his Mare about, made up to the adjacent Houses; but they firing after him, caused him to dismount and stand to their Mercy, who took about Seven Shillings in Money, a Pocket-Book, and some Ribon from him; and after that his Mare, the which was afterwards found in an Inn in Westminster, being brought thither by the Prisoner and a Boy, and described to be kept private. So that upon this, and the Prisoners own confession during his Imprisonment in the Gate-house, he was found guilty of stealing the Mare, &c.

Richard Eaton , a Seaman was Arraigned for breaking open a Ship that lay in the River of Thames over against Waping, and taking thence Sea-cloaths, Beds, Blankets, Rugs, Shifts, a Pistol and several other things belonging to the Captain, and other of the Ships Crue, the which he geting on Shoat, called a Porter to carry them away; but being pursued a great part of the Goods were found, where he had laid them; being asked what he could plead for himself, his Answer was, That he bought them of a Sea-man; but to producing the Man, nor proving the Buying of them, he was found guilty.

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There were 2 Men and 6 Women received Sentence of Death, viz. Randolph Poulson for stealing a Mare and other things on the High-way, John Francis Dickason for High-Treason. Ann Price for Murdering her Bastard Child, Martha Beardos ,: Susannah Hern , Sarah Chapman , Elizabeth Rycroft and Mary Snell for Fellonies and Burglaries. 9 Burn'd in the hand, 1 to be Transported, and 3 to be whipt.

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