Old Bailey Proceedings, 17th January 1681.
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THE True Relation OF THE TRYALS At the Sessions of Oyer and Terminer,

Held for the City of London, County of Middlesex, and Goale Delivery of Newgate, which began in the Old-Bailey the 17th of this instant January, and ended the 18th of the same.

As particularly of Elizabeth Wigenton FOR Whipping a Girl to Death at Ratcliffe.

And John Peetly , for shooting a Gentleman in Queen-street. Also the Account of the Proceedings with one John Bully a Popish Priest. The Number of the Condemned, Burnt in the Hand, and to be Whipped, with many other material Tryals.

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THE Sessions began at the Old-Bailey, on Monday the 17th of this instant January, (being put off the Wednesday before, by reason of the sitting at Guildhal) where were these following proceedings. Elizabeth Wigenton of Ratcliff Parish , was Tryed for the Murther of a Girl about Thirteen years of age, which was her Apprentice , the manner of the Murder being thus: She being by Trade a Coat-maker , and having set the Girl upon a Piece of Work, she had not done it so well as she required, whereupon, she beat her grievously, the which not sufficing her cruel rage, she went and got a bundle of rods, (and a man to hold her) with which, after she had bound her, she whiped her so unmercifully, that the blood ran down like rain; yet could she not be perswaded to desist, till the Girl fainted away with crying, and of her unmerciful usage in a short time dyed. Upon her Tryal she pleaded little in her own defence, onely saying, that she did not think to kill her. So that it being proved that she had been a cruel Woman by all her Neighbours, she was found guilty of wilful Murther.

[Death. See summary.]

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Katherine Neale was Tryed for stealing about Twenty yards of Persian Silk out of a Mercer s shop , which being taken upon her, she was found guilty of the Felony.

[Death. See summary.]

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Jane Yong was like wise found guilty for stealing Linnen from a Gentlewoman in the Parish of St. Sepulchres , to the value of nine shillings .

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Jane Harding , a notorious Shop-lift, was Indicted for feloniously entring the House of Will. Smith , of the Parish of Botolfes without Bishops-gate , and stealing Goods to the value of eight shillings and six pence , of which she was found guilty .

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Jonathan Telcoat received his Tryal, being Indicted for the Murther of an aged woman ; but upon Evidence it was found, that the woman being troubled with Fits, he being in the room, hit her head upon an Iron, which gave her a wound, of which she dyed: so that his being there, caused this Indictment; but upon proof that he was not near her when she fell, he was Acquitted .

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John Peetly Victualler , living in Whetstones-park was Arrained and Tryed for the Murder of one Mr. Gerard , Nephew, as 'tis said, to my Lord Gerard ; the circumstances of which, were these: The Party killed, with several other young Gentlemen, being late abroad, on the tenth of this instant in Holborn, took it in their way to come through Whetstones park, where spying Lights in Peetly's house, they knocked hard at the door, and bid him open it, the which he refusing, one or more of them, began to break the windows, and having Linkmen with them, they threw up lighted Links, the which, as Peetly said, did set fire to some Linnen in a Closet, at which he being Allarumed, got his Carbine in his hand, charged with small Bullets, and pursued them up great Queen-street , till they came to the upper end on't, where the standing Watch had stayed them, and caused them to deliver their Swords, whenas Peetly thrusting among the croud, was pushed by a Watchman, and thereupon his piece went off, and shot the aforesaid Gentleman in the Thigh, of which Wound he shortly dyed: but the Prisoner pleading that the Gun went off without his knowledge, he was Acquitted .

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Anne Ditcher , received her Tryal for stealing forty yards of Serge, and a Campaigne Coat out of the Shop of one Mr. Hatton in Drury-lane ; the Discovery of the Robbery was by a little Boy, who being taken upon suspition for hankering about the Shop, confessed that he knew where the Goods were, and that he would carry him to the place where they were sold, which he did, being at a Brokers in Southwark. The Broaker being questioned how he came by them, brought out the woman. Upon her Tryal she pleaded she had them of a man, but he not being produced, she was found guilty of the Felony.

[Death. See summary.]

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Anne Carter was Tryed for Felony and Burglary; for that she on the 24th of September , about two of the clock in the morning, drawing up the Latch, entred the house of one Magdalen Wooff , and coming to her bed-side, took away her purse with eleven shillings in it , and departed, the Prosecutor not daring to hinder her for fear of her life; they gave very bad Characters of each other in Court, and railed at a high rate, but in fine, the prisoner was found guilty of the Felony.

[Death. See summary.]

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Thomas Boys was Indicted for stealing a Shirt, a Cravat, and a pair of worsted stockings ; the which being confessed by him to have been stollen from one Edward Steevens of Hounslow , he was found guilty to the value of ten pence .

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Dorothy Mathews , an old Shop-lift, was Tryed for stealing about a pound and half of Silk, and near sixty yards of Taffeta Ribbon, and Ferrit, from one Elizabeth Waite in Holborn . She coming into the Shop on the 19th of October , there being onely a little Girl in it, demanded where her Mistress was? who told her, she was gone into London; whereupon, she desired to see some Ribbon, which the Girl shewed her, but none would please, till she had the box of Ribbon set before her, whenas one of her Accomplices coming in, and desiring to see some likewise, held the Girl busie, till she stole the Goods aforesaid; but ere she could make her escape, being apprehended and carried before a Magistrate, the Goods were found about her; so that the proof being plain, she was Convicted of the Felony.

[Death. See summary.]

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Eleanor Cockman was Tryed as being accessary to the Murther of one Smith , who was shot by one Orme, since flead, by reason a Watch which appertained to the Deceased, was found in her custody ; but she alleadging she found it in the pocket of the dead man, whose breeches she had to wash, delivered her by the hands of his friends, she was acquitted .

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Jobe Laud was Tryed for stealing a Mare , appertaining to William Gun , the which he had afterwards sold to one Church, the bargain being made at the George in Leather-lane, the said Church being taken upon her back, as he was riding into the Countrey, but upon this Tryal, the party from whom she was stole not appearing, the prisoner was acquitted of the Fellony.

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Frances Emington was Tryed for stealing about 600 weight of Red-wood from the Royal African Company , which was taken from on board a Lighter, lying in the River of Thames , the Hatches of the said Lighter being broken open in the absence of the Waiters. The wood being taken about a Month after, as he was conveying it by the help of Porters into Thames street, where he pretended he had sold it to a dry Salter; and did so far impose upon his Apprentice, as to lodge some of it in his house, he being gone into the Country, so that the Fellony being plainly proved, he was found guilty .

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Blanch Thomas a servant-wench was Tryed and found guilty , for Robbing her Master William Palmer of St. Martins in the fields , of the Sum of Ten pounds , which his Wife had hid between the Mat and the bed; so that as she was making the bed she found it, and converted about three pounds of it to her own use, before they missed it; but she being apprehended for the same, delivered the other moiety. Her plea was, that she found it, and therefore imagined it was lawfully hers, but that weak excuse did not serve her turn.

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Thomas Underthorp was Indicted for having Two Wives, vix. Elizabeth Toogood , whom he Marryed at Dukes-place; and Dorothy Martin , which he since Marryed in Worcestershire , with whom he had a competent Portion. Both the Marriages were proved against him by several persons, the former by the man that gave him in Marriage, and by several others, the latter by the Woman herself, who appeared in Court, the former not appearing, but upon proof she was alive, he was Convicted of the Felony.

Richard Johnson , and John Cooper , two Chair-men, were Tryed for the Murder of one Mr. Washborn , whom they killed with excessive beating, on the second of December; the cause of quarrel was their rushing him with their empty Chair, against the rails of Northumberland-house; near Charing-cross, so that he striking them with his Cane, they fell upon him, and gave him so many bruises, that he dyed within twelve days after: wherefore they were Convicted of Man-slaughter, there being no proof that he struck them first.

John Oliver , a French-man, who could speak no English, was Indicted for breaking into a Chamber, at Man's Coffee-house at Charing-cross, and taking thence a Ring, some Lace, and other small matters: he pretended, as his Interpreters said, that he went there only to sleep, when he was taken upon the stairs, but being searched, the things were found about him; but for want of the Constables Evidence, who searched him, he was found not guilty, by reason none gave Evidence against him in Court, or saw the things taken about him.

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John Bully , a Popish Priest, was brought to the Barr, and his Indictment read. To which he pleaded he had been Tried for the same Fact at Lancaster, in August last, and that he ought not to be Tryed twice for the same. But in that the Opinion of the Court over-ruled him, intimating, that this Indictment being laid for his being a Priest, in October last, he might since the former have taken Orders from the See of Rome. Whereupon he had direction

to get Council, and put in his Plea, and Time allowed him for that purpose; but when he was brought to the Bar again, he made a long Apology, alleadged as before: So that at his humble Request, the Court thought sit to continue him untried till next Sessions.

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The Countess of Portland being brought into Court in her Sedan, having been a long time sick, desired to Traverse her Indictment for Recusancy, the which was allowed.

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At this Sessions there were Nine Persons that received Sentence of Death; viz. Katharine Nevil, Eliz. Wiginton , Anne Dicher , Anne Carter , Dorothy Mathews , Blanch Thomas, Philip Demerry , Tho. Wicks , and James Dixon . Ten Burnt in the Hand. And Five to be Whipped.

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