Old Bailey Proceedings, 13th October 1680.
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THE TRUE NARRATIVE OF THE PROCEEDINGS AT The Sessions-House IN THE OLD-BALY, Which began on Wednesday the 13th of this instant October, and ended on Fryday the 15 following.

Giving an Account of most of the Remarkable Trials there, viz. For Murder, Fellonies and Burglaries, &c. with a particular Relation of their Names, and the places of their committing their Facts, with the number of those Condemned to die, Burn'd in the Hand, Transported and to be whipt.

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THe first was Catherine Green, alias Johnson, alias Dodson , Tried for stealing eleven Yards of Lawn, vallued at nine shillings, on the seventeenh of September last, from one John Turner living in St, Lawrence Jury , the manner thus, She coming in a Coach to his Shop-door, alighted and went in, pretending to buy some Linnen Cloth, and taking her opportunity conveyed the Goods aforesaid into her Coat , or some other private place and then pretending a dislike, or that she found none for her turn, she went into the Coach again, but Mr. Turner missing his Lawn followed her, and upon search found it dropped in the Coach. She pleaded she knew nothing of it, but upon full Evidence was found Guilty of the Fellony.

A second Indictment was preferred against her by one Mr , King , for stealing of a Silver Tankard from him, vallued at four pound ten shillings, and a Scarff vallued ten shillings, one pair of Buttons vallued at one shilling . She coming to his House in Southampton-Building , took a Lodging, pretending she had a Husband living in Grays-Inn, and after having been there for some time, desired to

have a Tankard of Beer set by her Bedside, the which being done, she very fairly the next morning, getting up betimes took the Goods mentioned and departed. The Tankard was afterwards found in a Goldsmiths hands to whom she had sold it, her Plea was, that she only borrowed it, and intended to restore it again; but that frivilous excuse being common with such kind of People and it being clearly proved against her, she was brought in Guilty of this also.

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John Watkins and Edward Whittaker were Indicted for Murthering one Isaack Smith a Watchman in Ivy-Lane on the 29th of May last, the manner thus, several persons about 3 of the Clock in the morning of the same day, coming down Paternoster Row, made a noise and seemed very unruly as they came along whereupon the Deceased and another Watchman being upon their Stands, endeavoured to stop them, in order to the rexamining them, or having them before the Constable to give an account of their business at such an unseasonable time; whereupon they resisted and fell to scuffling with the Watchman; whitraker striking up one of their Heels, and Watkins beating down the others Lanthorn, whereupon the Dispute grew very hot, so that after some hard Scuffle with the deceased, Watkins got up his Staff and struck him a blow on the left side of the Head, knocking him down, of which Wound he languished till the 22 of September, and then died. The Prisoners pleaded that the Deceased first assaulted them, and that they were Fruterer s, and going about their lawful occasions to buy Fruit in Newgate Market; but the Chirurgion giving in upon Oath that according to the best of his Skill, the man died of the Wound, whereupon they were both found Guilty of the Murther.

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Elizabeth Hull was tried for stealing one Bag vallued at two pence and twentyeight pounds of monies numbered , being the monies of Robert Hadcock of of the Parish of St Giles in the Fields she being a Servant to him, took the opportunity to get the Keys of a Trunck that stood under her Masters Bed, in which the mony was and opening it, or permitting some other to do it, conveyed the Monies thence, upon the missing of it, being taxed, she confessed that there had been a Man with her, but that the monies was not lost that day they supposed it was, but the day before; so that upon Evidence of the Trunks being opened. the Lock overshot, and no one but she admitted into the Chamber, where it stood; whereupon she was found Guilty of the Fellony.

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Francis Nicholson Indicted for stealing a Watch vallued at twenty-two shillings from Robert Johnson of the Parish of St. Margarets Westminster , the manner thus, he coming into his Shop offered to sell a Watch which he said he had bought, and by reason it was broak was not willing to go to the charge of mending it upon which, the Prosecutor bought it; but not looking well about him the Prisoner had stolen another from him, upon which Indictment he was found Guilty .

A second Indictment was preferred against him and one George Granger , for the Murthering of one John Dimblebe , Servant to Mr. Marriot of Hampton-Court where the Murther was Committed , the manner of which barbarous exploit was thus; according to the Confession of Nicholson that Granger upon some falling out between him and the Deceased had bidden him fourty shillings to Murther him, and something else not named; whereupon he consented to undertake the Villanous Exploit, and at convenient times made three several Attempts, but his Heart failed him, and as often he told Granger of the same, who encouraged him as he said, upon which, the fourth time following him into a dark Room on the sixteenth of September lost, in the Evening, he being a Carpenter

by Trade, with his Ax felled him, so that his Scull was broak in several places; whether he gave him any more Blowes is not certain, but there he left him weltering in his Blood, till he was found by one Mr. Cole who came in quest of him, he being quite senseless, lived only two days afterwards but never spoke, upon which Nicholson fled towards London, which gave suspicion of his Guilt, so that being pursued he was heard of at Kingston and at the Half-moon there, had offered to sell the Watch he afterwards sold in Westminster; which he took out of the Deceased Pocket. Upan his Trial he persisted that he was Guilty of the Murther, but did solemnly Affirm Granger hired him, but there being no other Testimony than his against him, and several Witnesses produced to prove his good Behaviour and peaceable Inclination, he was acquitted and Nicholson according to his Confession, found Guilty of the Murther.

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John Gibbons was Arraigned and tried for the Murther of William Smith , the manner as followeth. The Deceased being by Profession a Taylor , and working with one Mr. Grimes in St. Pauls Covent-Garden , where the Prisoner had put a Suit of Cloathes to alter, for which coming on the 19th of July last, and they not being done, he fell to Cursing and Swearing, at which (as he alledged the Taylors, for there were many of them at work) fell a hollowing at him; whereupon he took up a Goose that stood upon the Board, and threw it at the Deceaseds Head, which missing him he afterwards threw the Sheers, and struck the Point of them thorow his Hat into his Head; making there a deep wound, and as it was sworn in Court, afterwards drew his Sword, saying if he had not enough he would give him more. Of this Wound Smith languished, often Vomitting Blood, till the 21th of September, and then dyed. The prisoner endeavoured to prove he dyed not of that Wound but of a Feavour and in Order to the same produced several Chirurgions who opened the Body yet notwithstanding the Evidence being plain against him he was brought in Guilty of Manslaughter .

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Ralph Markland , Elizabeth Markland , Ann Markland and Robert Gregory were Indicted for Clipping, and Filing of his Majesties Coin, the lawful monies of England, viz. 100 of Elizabeth shillings, 100 of King Charles the first his Shillings and one hundred of his Half-Crowns The Evidence against Raplh Markland swore, that he not only saw him, but often helped him to Clip several parcels of moneys to the vallue of 100 pounds, or thereabouts; and that he had given him 22 shillings of Clipped

monies for 20 of Broad, and thereby had made Exchange for considerable sums. Several Clipping Blocks were likewise upon search found in his House in the parish of Saint Anns Black Fryers and two pair of Sheers for Clipping, lately made for him by a Cutler in Southwark found hid in the Nettles in Georges-fields, and that he sold several parcels of melted Silver to a Goldsmith in the Mint. Against Gregory it was sworn that he bought the Clippings of Markland, or that he received them to melt down, being a Refiner by Trade and that he supplied him with monies, the same being attested by a Servant of Marcklands who had not only carried Clipped monies to him in Exchange, but likewise saw his Master weigh and deliver Clippings to him. Against Elizabeth Markland the Evidence was, that she filed several shillings to the number of 20 or thereabouts, but against her there was but single Evidence. And against Ann Marckland none; so that after the Court had given the Jury their Charge punctually to every circumstance, they only found Ralph Marckland Guilty of the High Treason, and acquitted the rest.

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John Neal was tried for breaking open the House of James Jones of the Parish of Hornsey on the eighteenth of July , and in the Company of eleven more, and stealing thence Goods to the Vallue of fifty pounds , he confessed the Robbery upon evidence, and thereupon was found Guilty of the Fellony and Burglary.

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Priscilla Winn was also found Guilty upon her Trial for stealing a silver Porringer from David Lockly vallued at 50 shillings .

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There were several of the Nobility and Gentry appeared upon their Indictments for Recusancy many person of Honour and worth conforming to the Church of England in all the particulars of the Protestant Religion, and others continued upon Bail to Answer the same at the next General Sessions to be holden for the City of London and County of Middlesex &c.

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There were in all 8 that received Sentance of Death, Viz. Ralph Markland , Frances Nicholson , Catherine Green , alias Dodson, John Watkins , John Neal , Priscila Win , Elizabeth Hull and Edward Whittaker , and three to be whip'd.

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