Old Bailey Proceedings, 21st April 1680.
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Which began on Wednesday the 21th of this instant April, 1680. and ended on Fryday the 23th. following.

Giving an Account of most of the Remarkable Trials there, viz. for Treasons, Murders, Fellonies and Burglaries, &c. with a particular Relation of their Names, and the places of their Committing their Facts, with the number of those Condemned to dye, burnt in the hand, and to be whipt.

With the Condemnation of a notorious Jesuite, and of the three Women to be burnt, and the proceedings with the Apprentices.

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The first that we shall give account of is an Irish Youth , who was Arraigned and tryed for Robbing his Master of about fifty pounds in Goods and money , the circumstances thus, that the Prisoner being taken into service, and brought up by the Gentleman now Robbed, in Ireland, who coming over into England, took a house in the Strand , the Youth observing the place where he laid his Money, took an opportunity one Morning betimes, to come into his Chamber softly, and opening his Cabinet. with a false Key, took thence forty pounds in Silver, and three twenty shilling pieces of Gold, and immediately went to Bristol, and there under the Name of a Servant to a person of Honour, he endeavoured to take shipping for Ireland, but upon grose suspicions, being apprehended, the Robbery was made plain, the Gold and a good part of the Silver, being taken about him, his plea was, that he had the moneys by a Bill of Exchange from his Father, but could not make it out, so that all Circumstances cosidered, he was found Guilty of the Fellony.

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Henry Wether was Indicted for stealing a Mare from John Hall in the Parish of St. Martins in the Fields , vallued at 7 pounds, the which he having sold to another for 3 pounds down, and 3 at Midsummer, was seised in the Custody of the Buyer, so that he makind immediate search for his Chapman, found him in a Strong-water shop in Long-Acre, where Apprehending him he was committed, and upon his Tryal it appeared that he had received the Mercy of Transportation, so that upon full Evidence he was Convicted of the Crime.

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Edward Harrison was Inddicted and Arraigned for Felloniously murthering of one John Jacob , on Shrove munday last in King-street Westminster (for now of late that Scarlet Crime is grown so frequent, that it commonly concludes mutual friendship in such a Trajeck Scene, that might far better befit Pagangs than protestors of Christianity) the manner of this fatal mischief was according to the Evidence produced in Court as followeth, the deceased and the Prisoner having had several fallings out in relation that the Prisoner was too familliar with the wife of the deceased, whereupon he had often threatned to put a period to his Life or loose his own, so that often having way laid him and fallen upon him at unawares, not only with unlawful Staves, but with his sword endeavoured to surprise him but his designs not taking their wished for event, but hindered by Providence for perpetrating such a Cruel in till the Saturday before this Trajedy was compleated, the aforementioned Harrison having sent for Jacobs wife, after being strictly warned to the contrary, it so grieved him, that as it is said vowed revenge, and waiting for the coming home of the Prisoner about ten of the Clock, and no sooner having met him, but as the Prisoner pleaded, he drew upon him, making many passes, which were put by and avoided by the Prisoners retreating to his own house, but the other still pursuing him, he was obliged to draw and stand upon his Guard which with two mortal wounds on the brest about four inches deep made him fall breathless at his feet but notwithstanding the Jury upon weighing all circumstances thought fit to find him guilty of Manslaughter .

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Charles Sancy a Frenchman was ttied likewise for robbing his Brother Mounsier of twenty-eight French Pistols, 6 Meddals with Coats of Arms upon them, by breaking open as he alleged, his Trunks in his absence , the party robbed could speak no English, and so obliged to have an Interpreter, that the Court might be sensible of his Evidence, the Fellony was plain for Sancy confessed he had taken twelve Pistols, but the Burglary being somewhat dubious, he was only found guilty of the Fellony .

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William Harding was tried also for Ravishing one Sarah Southy a Girl about 7 or 8 years of Age, ticeing her down into a dark Cellar by the allurement of Appels, and then accomplished his detestable Villany, not only giving the Child the foul Disease wherewith himself was infested, but likewise by forceable penetrating her Body, so abused her secret parts, that the distressed wretch remained in a most miserable condition, but long was it e're she would complain, lest her Mother should beat her; but at last her extream torment enforced her to it, the which her mother no sooner understood, but she procured a couple of Chirurgions that they might if possible retract the mischance; who did conclude that she had been forced, which she her self confessed at large; and he having been a ey debauched fellow, for as the Witness swore in Court, he was wont to Act carnally with his own mother, threatning when she refused to permit his incestious desires, to Fire the house about her Ears, and when he was searched, several Simptoms of the Venereal Distemper was seen to remain, so that the Jury brought him in guilty of the Rape.

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Joseph Rumley and Matthew Smith received their Trials for Fellony and Burglary, committed upon the dwelling house of one Robert Baits near Milend green breaking through the shutters of a Window, and after having entered, conveyed thence, three pewter Dishes, several Brass Pans and Kettels, Porringers, Linnen, with many other things to a considerable vallue , being pursued and apprehended they confessed the Fellony, and the Burglary being plainly proved, they were found Guilty of both.

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Tho. Digs and Tho. Griste were Indicted and Arraigned for Felloniously bearing away eighteen Yards of Broad cloth out of the Shop of one Mr. Gardne , living in the Parish of St. Buttolph without Algate , coming in, they pretended to smoak

a Pipe of Tobacco, one of them held the maid in a Discourse, till the other carried off the Purchase, but being Apprehended, one them, viz. the latter, confessed where they had bestowed it, so upon search it was found, all but two yards and a half, at an Alehouse hard by; upon the extenuation of the Evidence joyned to that of their own Confession they were both found Guilty .

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Ann White received her Trial for a Fellony and Burglary, for breaking open the house of one Mr. Dodson in Holburn , but being surprised in the house e're she could get her Pack together, she made her excuse to speak with the maid; but the Gentlewoman of the house seeing her have a great bundle under her Arm, called in some Neighbours to search her, which they no sooner did, but they found three silk Coats, Amber Necklaces, Linnen and the like; so that the These being plain, she was convicted of the Fellony.

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William Underwood and Elizabeth Cook were Indicted and Arraigned for high Treason, for that they had contrary to the Laws of the Nation Counterfitted and Clipped the lawful Coin of England, viz. mill'd half-Crowns, Queen Elizabeth shillings to the number of one hundred, as also Filed and washed ; having taken a Room in St. Martins Lane for that purpose, she being no better than a Harlot, as it was plainly proved in Court, the first of their Discovery was by her meeting with an old Companion of hers, whom she made sensible of her new imploy, telling him she would now allow him a Guinny a week, whereupon he demanded how she would come by it, to which she replied, she had got a Trade that would allow far more, which was the Art of Coining, by which she could make of one shilling worth of Mettle eight or nine half Crowns telling him if he would put in for a share and be secret, he should live beyond his expectation; the which upon some falling out, he not only refused, but discovered it to a Constable, who upon search found her and her Gallant in Bed; and breaking open the Dore, upon their refusal of Admittance; they no sooner enterred but Underwood ran to the Closet, and took down a large piece of melted silver, which the Constable requesting to see, he whispering him in the Ear, desired him to conceal it; telling him he was undone if he should discover it, but he not minding that, searched farther, and found several melting Pots, a pair of Shears, some Clippings, and about 150 pieces of false Coin, representing King James's shillings, King Charles the first his half Crowns, Mill'd shillings, and other pieces, with a Flask and all convenient Engines for that pernicious employ which were hid in a hole under the Hearth with a board over it; which being proved by three or four positive Evidences, they were both found Guilty of the High-Treason.

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Edward Richardson , Jane Digby , and Elizabeth Richardson were likewise Arraigned and tried for Treasonable practises in the nature of the former, for that they living in St. Martins Lane , had for a considerable time used that fraudulent and pernicious Art of Clipping his Majesties lawful Coin, and diminishing it three pence in every shilling, to the great dammage of Traffick . The first discovery of them was by a Cardmatch-wench, since poisoned) whom they would have hired to Assist them in the intreague who told it one Withers, and he taking a Constable with him, went to search Elizabeth Richardsons Lodging, where he no sooner entring, but she put her Head out of the Window and cryed out Murther, they are come for Clippings, the which gave notice to Edward Richardson her Son, who lodged at the next house to convey thence his Tools and Instruments, and to endeavour to fly; but being stopped and apprehended, upon diligent search in his Lodging, there was nothing found save a Receipt in his Pocket how to wash Silver, but in his Mothers they found a pair of Shears, several Rubbe s, a Flask Clippings, and other Instruments hid in the Ashes, and in Mrs Digbies Custody who owned the House, a Trunk hid beneath the stairs in the Cellar, eight or nine pound clipped; and above all, one Brass half-Crown,

that answered to a piece of Clippings found in Elizabeth Richardsons Custody, with a Dauncing Suit, supposed to be Edward Richardsons , so that upon all these Circumstances, the Jury brought in Edward Richardson and Elizabeth guilty of the Treason, and acquitted Jane Digby .

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Ralph Cook of St. Andrews Holbourn received his Trial for High-Treason. For that he unlawfully Coined several new Mill'd half-crowns, to the number of seven, which were proued to be made out of Pewter Plate , part of which plate was produced in Court, he being betrayed by his wife, who declared it to her Landlord, who caused him to be apprehended, and his Room searched, in which they found a casting Mould, a Flask, and several engraving Tools, and seven half crowns with some other Instruments. He had been formerly a Baker , and was brought into that vicious practice as he said, by a certain person in Stafford-shire, so that the Treason being proved against him not only by his Wife but his Landlord and the Constable, he received the Verdict as Guilty of High-Treason.

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John Ralphs and Clement Sells , two notorious Offendors, were likewise Indicted for two notorious Fellonies and Burglaries, the first upon the house of John Bewing of Willsdon , being eight in Company they enterred, and binding all the Family except the Maid-Servant, whom they compelled to light them from Room, to Room, untill they had plundered the House of Goods and Moneys, to the Vallue of two hundred pounds viz, three Silver Tankards, two Candle Cups, twenty-nine pounds in money, Linnen, Silk, and other portable things, and after ordering the Maid to fetch them up some Victuals, departed with their Prize .

The next was upon the house of William Charles , of Tatnam-Court , it being a Victualling House, they came six in number and called for Drink, and desiring to drink with their Landlord, asked him if he knew Hine, telling him they were of his employment and wanted Moneys, drawing a Sword and holding it to his Brest till they had bound him, and ransack'd the House, carried away sheets Napkins, Pewter, and Linnen to a considerable vallue , so that being apprehended, one of them Viz. Ralphs confessed his being there, so that upon plain Evidence they were both Convicted of Fellony.

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Daniel Macarty an Irish man being Indicted upon the Statute of 27 Eliz. for having taken Order from the See of Rome, and coming over into England being Impeached by one Alice Turner who had formerly been his proselyte. And upon Information one Mr. Stiff a Constable in St. Giles's taking with him some other Neighbours, went to Apprehend him, and having entred the House where he was said to lodg, They found him Confessing a Sick Woman, who no sooner seeing them begin roughly to handle her Priest but cryed out, O what will you rob me of my Salvation, upon search of him, They found about him a Petition to an Envoy, it being written in French, denoting that Daniel Macarte Priest, being in want since his release from the Gatehouse, desired his Charity; and farther a Purple Ribon with three Crosses upon it, with which all Popish Priests do usually give the Secrameot with in private wearing it about his Neck with a large Chrystal Crucifix; a Letter in Order to the more efficacious carrying on the Plot; as likewise saying Mass and giving the Sacrament was proved by the said Alice Turner , not only at the Venetian Embassadnrs, but at Wild House, and confessing likewise to Dr. Oats the same, he was found Guilty of the said High Treason as a Popish Priest or Jesuit.

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Isabella Marsh was likewise tryed for Clipping and Coining , and upon full Evidence Convicted of high Treason.

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The several Apprentices that were Committed to the GateHouse, to the number of 14 or 15, being turned over to this Goal Delivery, the Court condescended to take Bail for their good Behaviour, and for their further answering their Treasonable Intentions of making a Combination to levy War against the King.

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There were in all 24 Condemned to Dye, Edward Richardson , Martha Cook , Elizabeth Richardson , Isabella Marsh , William Harvy , Clement Sells , John Ralphs , William Harding , Ann White , Dorothy Thomas , Joseph Rumley , Henry Wether , Bartholomew Smith , Mary Ewen , Mary North , Ellenor Holland , Elizabeth Hicks , Sarah Mason , Sarah Stiff , Jane Steward , Daniel Maccharty , William Underwood , Mary Bestin , Ralph Cook :

14 burn'd in the hand, one to stand in the Pillory, three to be transported, and three to be whipt.

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