Old Bailey Proceedings, 26th February 1680.
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Which began on Thursday the 26th of this February last past, and Ended on Monday the 1st of March following 1679

Giving an Account of most of the Remarkable Trials there, viz for Murder, Fellonies and Burglaries, &c. with a particular Relation of their Names, and the places of their Committing their Facts, with the number of those Condemned to dye, Burnt in the hand, Transported and to be whipt.

And also of the Trial and Condemnation of one of the seven which broke out of Prison on Sunday Morning the 22th of February last, and one Baker alias Hoskins a Jesuite, which offered monies to a Servant Maid to set her Masters houses on fire, in two several places where she lived, and several other remarkable Trials

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The first that was Indicted and Arraigned was on Sarah Good , for that in the Company, of two more, both Men, coming as she had often before done, into the House of one Sammuel Dod a Vintner living in Saint Botolphs without Bishops-Gate , and there calling for several sorts of Liquors, had brought them up to them one Silver Tankard, one silver Bole, two silver standing Cups the which they watching their opportunity, conveyed away , and sold to several Goldsmiths in London. The Evidence was plain, that one of the three unquestionably had the Plate aforesaid, but it could not be charged positively upon the Prisoner. She was likewise Indicted for stealing one Silver Tankard, and one Dram Cup , from Roger Reading of the same Parish, the which she confessed in Court, and therefore was brought in Guilty of that Fellony, but not of the former .

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William West was Indicted and Arraigned, for that he in the Parish of Stepney by force and Arms, did Felloniously take and bear away thirteen Yards of Chamblet, the Goods and Chattels of Robert Adkins , taking it off from the Stall Grate in the Evening, and running away with it , but not long after, was by one of his Confederates betrayed, and did confess that it was sold, and that he had half a Crown for his part, and some other of his Gang had the rest, so that the Case being plain, and he an old Offendor, once burnt in the hand, and turned out of Newgate the last Sessions but one, the Jury found him Guilty of the Felony.

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Dorothy Clark was Indicted, for that she in the Company of a Man her Con

federate going into the Shop of one Henry Beacon in St. Clements Eastcheap , pretending to buy a Campaign Coat, did Felloniously take and bare away, a large Coat, vallued at thirty-five shillings , the Circumstance sworn to were thus, that they bidding money for a Coat, after they had privately conveyed the Coat away for which the Prisoner was Indicted, the Apprentice belonging to the Shop, understanding that his Master could take the money they had hidden, followed them to call them back, but they on the contrary, thought they were pursued, the now Prisoner slipped into an Ale-house and the Man went back, but the aforesaid Mr. Beacon no sooner, looking over his Coats, but missed one, upon which, by going to the said Alehouse, found the Coat dropped in the next Room or Box, where this Prisoner was; the which no sooner being found, and she charged with it, but she offered twenty shillings in Composition adding, that if she were Committed, she was a dead woman, the meaning of which was because she had lately received her Pardon, but would not take that Mercy for a warning, upon this Evidence they were found Guilty of the Fellony.

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Susanna Harding was Indicted for taking away at several times from one Mrs. Ballard a Sempstress , Goods to the value of fourteen pounds, viz. one large Scarf, three laced Cravats, and several other Linnens ; the which she pawned for an inconsiderable value the which upon her being taxed withal she confessed, as likewise in Court, she was not adjudged to be above twelve years of Age, yet had followed that Trade of Thieving a considerable time upon the Confession she was brought in Guilty of the Fellony.

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Martha Edwards Martha Hair , and Elizabeth Hicks were Indicted for stealing 28 Yards of flowered Silk, vallued at fourteen pounds , from one Edward Rigby , the former viz. Edwards alledged she bought it of Hair, and Hair affirmed she had it of Hicks, who likewise confirmed the same, but having a Pardon for Transportation since the Fellony committed although she was found Guilty , yet remained upon the former Sentence, to be transported between this and Easter next.

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Charles Marsh was Indicted for felloniously bearing away one pair of Flaxen Sheets, four Shifts and some other pieces of Linnen , the Goods and Chattels of Thomas Hammond of Cheswick , the taking of which he confessed before the Justice of Peace, who attested it, and thereupon he was found Guilty to the value of ten pence .

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Frances Philips , William Harris , John Anderson , and one Benson , were Indicted for Fellony and Robbery, for that setting upon the Coach of Justice Northy , a little beyond Bow , wherein was his Wife, Son, and another Gentlewoman; and did use them in a most barbarous manner, and after having forced them to submit to save their Lives, they took out of the Pocket of Mr Northe the younger, one Necklace of Pearl, vallued at one hundred and od pounds as likewise 4 shillings or thereabouts in monies, his Cravat, and Handkerchief, and from his Mother, her Scarf, and Rings to a considerable vallue , but whilst they were ransacking the Coach, a Servant of the Juststices being sent to meet it, found it standing in the Road, and five Men upon their Guard, came up close to see what the matter was, whereupon they endeavoured to incompass him the which he being Aware of, bid them stand off, but they pressing on, he with his stick knocked one of them down, and was himself knocked down, and disabled by the rest, they were all on Foot, and about seven in number, but it being very dark their Phisiogmonies could not be so well discovered, as to charge them positively, so that Anderson and Benson could not be sworn to be in the Fact, but the Necklace of Pearl, Scarf and Rings being offered to pawn and fall, by Phillips and Harris, as likewise Phillips being flatly charged to be

there by the party that was knocked down, they two were found Guilty , and the other acquitted .

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William Banister was brought to his Trial, for Burglary and Fellony, for that he did in the Absence of one Abigal Jenison break into her Lodging Chamber, and felloniously bear away one silver Tankard, twelve Gold Rings, two Silver Potringers, one Silver Salt, six Silver Spoons, and a Silver Inkhorne ; the aforesaid Plate being no sooner missed, but the Prisoner was suspected, and a warrant being granted to search his Lodging, the Salt was found upon him, and upon strict Examination did confess where he sould and disposed of the rest, but in Court he denied that he stole them, but that they were delivered to him by the womans Son of the house where the Gentlewoman Lodged, but he not being able to make it appear, and being found in several stories, the Verdict passed against him for the Fellony and Burglary.

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George James was Indicted for breaking open, and entring the dwelling house of the right worshipful Sir William Turner Knight , and Alderman of the City of London, scituate in the Parish of Christ church in the Ward of Farrington within , and conveying thence in moneys six hundred seventy five pounds , after his being committed to Newgate, he confessed that he had not the moneys himself; but that by the help of certain false Keys, he had delivered the greatest part thereof to one Thomas Brown ; and did likewise discover where three hundred and od pounds of the same money was, but as for the rest, It was conveyed away by a third person; but in Court he denied the taking it away for a long time, but seeing a positive Proof against him, and his own Confession in Newgate sworn to, he again confessed the Robbery; and that the parties that were his Confederates, had gotten false Keys, not only to the outward Dore but also to the Closet where the money lay, by means or an Impression he had gotten of the true Keys in Clay, and that when his Confederates came to take the money, he stood at the bottom of the Stairs with a Candle to hearken if any of the Family were stirring, this was efected about five of the Clock in the Morning, himself being Footman to Sir William. Upon this plain and positive proof, he was found Guilty of Fellony and Burglary.

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Tobias Butler was Indicted for Killing Mr. Simonds in Gardeners Lane in King-street Westminster on the 17th of February last , it being proved that he and his Brother had watched for the Party diceased, not only that day, but the day before was seen to watch up and down the said Lane, and peep into the house where he Lodged, who no sooner coming out, but the Prisoner cried Oh! and thereupon drew, and so likewise did the deceased and making several Passes, the Prisoners Brother stood with his Sword drawn and would not let them be parted till Simonds being run in four Inches deep, staggering a while, fell down and died upon the spot. This Murther was thought to be done in the revenging an affront put upon one Mary Talbot a common Strumpet, who was likewise Indicted as accessary, for that the deceased had taken away a Watch, and unrig'd her at a certain Tavern where she was heard to swear she would have his Throat cut in three or four days, if he walked London Streets, and that if she could not do it, she had them that should do it for her. Upon all these circumstances Butler was found Guilty of wilful Murther; but by reason it could not be proved against the said Talbot that she did incence or hire the said Butler to do the Cruel exploit she was acquitted .

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Robert Gale was Indicted for Fellony and Burglary for breaking open the shop of Frances Peck a Hosier in St. Magnes , and conveying thence Stockens to the vallue of fourty pounds , about thirty pair of them being proved upon him, but

he being a Brother by Profession, his Neighbours giving Testimony for his Truth, and child behaviour, the Jury brought him in not Guilty .

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George Clark and his wife , Richard Pepper and his Wife were Indicted for Clipping, and diminishing the Currant and lawful Coin of England which the Law makes High-Treason , the circumstance of the Evidence thus, Clarks Wife often coming to one Coniers a Grocers, was wont to bring several pieces of Clipped moneys, and change them, for buing two penniworth of Wares at the most, which raised a suspicion in the Apprentice, whereupon he acquainted his Master with it, who getting a Warrant, searched Clark's house, where they found several rubbing Stones, Files and Crucibles, and in his Wives purse some clipped moneys, and Clippings, and then proceeding to search Peppers house, they found in the bottom of a pot, full of Souse, a Bag of money containing about eleven pounds, of which, about nine pounds was Clipped money, as likewise several pieces in the Sale-Box, all which in Court he utterly disowned, so that there being no positive proof against either of them, as to their Clipping, only giving presumptions, they were all acquitted .

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Randal Russel who in the Company of six more, broke the Goale of Newgate on the 22th of February last, being retaken, was Indicted and brought upon his Trial, where the Keepers swore, that they locked him up with the rest; in the Masters chamber on the common side, and that when they left them, they were safely Fettered, but having two Saw-knives, two Plough coulters, conveighed to them by their Confederates they on Saturday the 21th of February in the Evening began to force the stones, which were exceeding large and cramped with several ponderous Dogs of Iron yet were so dexterous, as to saw off all their Irons, and made a large breach in the Wall, and sliding down by a Rope, made their escapes, leaving two bound behind them, who refused to comply with that Fellony, the Knives, Fetters and Coulters were produced in Court, and the Escape so undeniable, that the Jury brought him in Guilty of the Fellony, his former commitment was for breaking open the Chamber of Mark Trent Esq. of New-Inn , in the Compny of Peter Richardson , and taking thence three hundred pounds, who was Executed for the same, last Sessions of which indictment he was also found Guilty .

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James Baker alias Hoskins , and John Nailor, alias Carpenter , were severally Indicted for Popish Priests or Jesuits , the first that took his Trial was Baker, alias Hoskins, against whom Doctor Oats gave Evidence, that he had heard him say Mass, and consecrate the Host at several places in his Priestly Vestments; the next that gave Evidence, was one Mary Dove, who swore positively, that she had seen him Confess, heard him say Mass, Christen and the like; at one Mrs. Statertons in Duke-street, where she lived as a Servant, and that since, when she removed from thence to one Mr. Edwards his house, he came and offered her moneys, to set her Masters house on Fire, forcing it into her Lap, as likewise he repeated the same offer to her when she had left that Service, and was come to live with Esquire Bradshaw, in Crane-Court in Fleet street, and came to her in several Habits; especially with Cords about him like a Porter, upon this Evidence he was found Guilty of High-Treason.

The other, Nailer, alias carpenter, wholly submitted to the favour of the Court, and because there was no possitive proof of his being a Priest he was acquitted .

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Timothy Crady , Edward Grady , and John Richardson were Indicted for Robbing one Mr. Holder and his Wife upon the Kings Highway between nine or ten of the Clock in the Evening and taking from them monies rings and a Compaign Coat, to a considerable vallue , between Southtown and Hays, near Oxbridg , But about two days after, they were apprehended in St. Gileses in the Fields; the Campaign then being on the back of Timothy Greedy , who in Court confessed the Robbery, excusing the others as not accessary, but the Evidence being some what positive against Edward Greedy , he with his Brother Timothy was found Guilty of the Fellony and Robbery, but the proof being weak against Richardson, he was acquitted .

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Frances Lewis was Indicted for Felloniously taking, and bearing away a silver Tankard vallued at five pounds , which being fully proved, the Jury found her Guilty of the fellony.

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There were in all twenty-five persons condemned to die, viz. eighteen Men and seven women, viz. William Woodward, William West , Evans Wood, George James , John Braford , William Harris , John Anderson , Joseph Phillips , Tobian Butler, James Baker alias Heskins, Timwothy Grady, Edward Grady , Daniel Earnly , Richard Hoskins , Robert Lewis , William Carter , William Banister , Randal Russel , Frances Lewis , Susan Morgan , Elizabeth Hicks , Sarah Good , Dorothy Clark , Dorothy Hall , Ann Green . There were four burn'd in the hand, five to be whipt, and two to be Transported. &c.

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