8th January 1907
Reference Numbert19070108-19
VerdictNot Guilty > unknown

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GOLDBERG, Manuel (23, stickmaker) ; uttering counterfeit coin, well knowing the same to be counterfeit.

Mr. Wilkinson prosecuted; Mr. Burnie defended.

LOUISE VALLERS , wife of Henry Vallers, 129, Whitechapel Road, E. We keep a Bioscope Exhibition. I was there on the evening of December 22 last, between five and six, when prisoner came in on see the exhibition. The charge for admission was one penny. He tendered a half-crown. The people pay at the door as they enter. This is the coin marked by myself. I took it and gave him two separate shillings and fivepence change. He said to me, "Are there no tickets?" I said, "No," and he went to the door again and beckoned to another man to come in. The other man came up, and he also gave me a half-crown for his admission, for which I gave him two and fivepence change. This is the one. I looked at them, being two half-crowns looked suspicious. I tested both of them with acid, and found they were bad. The second-man kept by the doorway, but the prisoner walked right to the end of the shop and sat down and waited for the exhibition. When the second man noticed that I saw the coins were no good, he took to his heels and ran away. I then closed my shop door and sent for a constable. I went up to prisoner, and said, "This half-crown ie no good to me," and detained him till the other people in the shop had left. I gave him the coin back again. He simply said, "Not" and gave me a two shilling piece and ten halfpennies for his half-crown. A constable came in and I gave him in charge.

Cross-examined. There were about 10 people in the shop when the prisoner came in. Prisoner and the other man wart the two last to come in. I did not see a woman outside. Prisoner just beckoned to the man, he never said anything; they both came up to the shop together, but I did not know they were together till the prisoner beckoned the other one to come in. Whitechapel Road is a very busy thoroughfare with a very wide pavement. Prisoner went right away to his seat as soon as he came in. After the performance, I waited for the other people to go, and then said to prisoner, "I want you to stop in"; he had got up to go. I gave him the bad half-crown back.

Re-examined. I saw no woman outside; there were just a few children looking in the window.

Police-Constable CHARLES GOLDING. 387 H. On December 22 last I was called to 129. Whitechapel Road, and found prisoner detained. I searched him, and found on him one counterfeit half-crown, seven

good shillngs, one sixpence, three threepenny pieces, and two shillings and three halfpence in bronze, all in halfpence, except one penny. All the coins were loose in his trousers pocket. I told him he was given into custody for uttering a counterfeit half-crown. He said, "All right, that is the only one I have got, I will come along with you." He was then taken to the police station, where the charge was read over to him by an interpreter. I produce the bad half-crown.

Cross-examined. The bad half-crown was with the other money in his trousers pocket.

LOUIS NIEGBURG . I am an interpreter, and live at 60, Leman Street, Whitechapel. I attended at the Leman Street Police Station on December 22, and interpreted the charge to prisoner. He said, "Why did not the lady stop the other man as well aa me? I did not attempt to run away; immediately she stopped me I gave her back the two and fivepence." Before that he said, "I received my wages, and had several half-crowns"; that is all.

WILLIAM JOHN WEBSTER , Inspector of Counterfeit Coins at H.M. Mint. Both these half-crowns are counterfeit and from the same mould.

LOUISE VALLERS , recalled. When I returned the half-crown to prisoner he gave me two separate shillings and five pennies.


MANUEL GOLDBERG (prisoner, on oath). I live at 7, Little Hollo way Street, Commercial Road. I came to England about two years ago, and worked as a ladies' tailor and then as a stickmaker. On December 21 I received my wages from Mr. Brown, who employs me; it was 13s., in five half-crowns and sixpence in coppers. The next afternoon I went to this Bioscope Exhibition with my sister. She was here all day yesterday; I do not know whether she is here to-day; she goes to work. I went into the shop and wanted my sister to come in, but she would not, and went away. I was not with any man, with nobody but my sister. I did not beckon to any man. I did not know I had the bad half-crown. As I got it unknown so I handed it to the prosecutrix unknown.

Cross-examined by Mr. Wilkinson. I had other money in my pocket at the time; I do not know how much; but what I had in my pocket was not mine; it was tied up in a handkerchief. I only had a half-crown; the rest of the money was my sister's. I gave evidence at the police court. I said there I changed the half-crown. because my other money was tied up in a handkerchief. I mentioned there about my sister. As tihe policeman took the money out of my pocket, it came loose from the handkerchief. My sister went with me to the door of the shop. I went in and beckoned to her to come in, and then found she had gone. I did not say this at the police court, as I was not asked.

Re-examined. I gave evidence at the police court through an interpreter. My sister's name is Annie.

THOMAS GREEN , ladies' tailor, 53, Princes' Square, E.C. I have known prisoner two years, since he has been in England. He has worked for me. As far as I know, he has always borne the character of an honest and straightforward man.

BARNET LAZARUS , ladies' tailor, 53, Princes' Square, E.C. I have known prisoner for two years. I have worked with him for the last witness. His general character has been that of an honest and straightforward man.

MARK TAFFLER , ladies' tailor, 23, Princes' Square, E.C. I have known prisoner two years. I have worked with him for 18 months. I have known htm to be a straightforward fellow. I was at the Court yesterday and saw prisoner's sister here. I have not seen her to-day. I have been looking for her.

Verdict, Not guilty.

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