TOSSI MAXIMINO, Breaking Peace > wounding, 13th September 1904.

Reference Number: t19040913-656
Offence: Breaking Peace > wounding
Verdict: Not Guilty > unknown
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656. TOSSI MAXIMINO (33) , Shooting at Leopold Gaudion with intent to murder him. Second count, with intent to do him grievous bodily harm.

MR. GREENFIELD Prosecuted. (The evidence was interpreted.)

LEOPOLD GAUDION , I live at 31, Castle Street, Oxford Street, and am a kitchen porter—about 4.30 p.m., on August 1st, I was at Lorenzo's restaurant, 44, Greek Street, Soho—I saw the prisoner and Lorenzo righting and separated them—I knew Lorenzo—I went there for my meals—the prisoner was going to throw a sugar basin at Lorenzo's head: I prevented him—the prisoner ran out and I ran after him—he hit at me and missed me—I hit at him and missed him—he ran about 10 yards and then drew a revolver from his right pocket and I ran away—he had his arm straight out with the revolver and fired—he pointed it a second time in my direction—I heard the shot and ran away—I saw the prisoner stopped—I saw the revolver in the police court.

JUAN LORENZO . I am a restaurant keeper at 44, Greek Street. Soho—about 4 p.m., on August 1st, the prisoner came into my restaurant and asked for a loan of money—I said, "I give to eat, but I do not give money"—he started kicking up a row—I was sitting at a table with my wife, and he came and hit me in the face—my wife began screaming and some customers took the prisoner out—Gaudion came to my assistance with another one and made him go out—he took him by the shoulder—afterwards they bought outside—I heard them give each other blows with the fist—soon afterwards I heard a shot—then I went out and saw the prisoner running towards Soho Square among many persons, and he disappeared—he had his hand in his pocket—I saw him arrested, and the revolver taken from him.

GEORGE KELLY . I am a deck boy—I recollect about 4 p.m., on August 1st, being in Greek Street, Soho—I heard a bang of a pistol or something—I turned the corner and saw the prisoner with a pistol in his hand; then some one blew a whistle, some one started to run, and two or three men got the prisoner round the neck—he had his hand in his right hand pocket and a revolver sticking ont—I ran across the

road and took the revolver out of his pocket—I afterwards gave it to a policeman.

TOM MAYARD (152 C.) I heard a police whistle in Greek Street, Soho, on the afternoon of August 1st—I went in that direction and saw that three or four men had the prisoner on the ground—I asked what was the matter and was told a man had been shot by a revolver—I asked where the revolver was, and Kelly gave it to me, and said, "I took it out of his hand."

JOHN CURREY (Sergeant C.) I saw the prisoner arrested in Greek Street, Soho—he was taken to the station—this revolver was handed to me; I examined it—four out of five chambers were loaded with cartridce; the fifth had been recently fired.

GODFREY FAHRNIN . I am an interpreter at Marlborough Street Police Station—on August 1st I told the prisoner in Italian the charge of attempting to shoot a man in Greek Street, Soho—he said, "I was afraid, I did not intend to kill."

The prisoners defence: I cannot say anything; I do not know.


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