JOHN SALMON, Deception > forgery, Theft > stealing from master, Theft > embezzlement, 30th April 1894.

400. JOHN SALMON (31) PLEADED GUILTY to three indictments for forging and altering endorsements on orders for the payment of £411 2s. 4d., £13 4s. 5d., and £23 3s. 6d.; also to stealing £3 orders for the payment of the same sums, the property of William Voss and others, his masters; also to embezzling £34 17s. 4d., the property of the same persons. (MR. VOSS, a Solicitor, stated that he took the prisoner into his service in November upon a character which he found the prisoner had written for himself; that since his arrest he had found in a private diary kept by the prisoner the names and addresses of clients and of solicitors with whom he (MR. VOSS corresponded and their bankers).— Four Years' Penal Servitude.

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