10th May 1858
Reference Numbert18580510-525
VerdictNot Guilty > unknown

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525. GEORGIANA PERCY (22) was indicted for a like offence.

MESSRS. ELLIS and BODKIN conducted the Prosecution.

ALICE WATERS . I am assistant to Madame Mara, a perfumer, in Regent Street. On 27th March, the prisoner came there, for a cake of soap; it came to 3d.—she paid me with a bad half crown—I asked her if she knew it was bad; she said, "No"—a policeman was sent for, and she was given into custody, with the half crown.

Cross-examined by MR. PLATT. Q. What did you do with the half crown? A. I marked it, and gave it to the policeman—the prisoner stopped in the shop, till the policeman came; she did not attempt to move or to go away.

JOHN PEACOCK (Policeman, C 170). The prisoner was given into my charge, in the shop—I received this half crown—a purse, a key, and 2 1/2 d. were found on the prisoner—I took her to Marlborough Street; she was remanded till 3d April, and let out on her own recognizance—she said she lived with her mother, in Chapel Street, Tottenham Court Road—I was at the Magistrate's, on the day on which she ought to have appeared; she did not come—I found her mother did live at the place where she said—I went, and found her mother; she said the prisoner did not live there, but she came there once or twice a week.

Cross-examined. Q. Did not her mother say that she did live there generally? A. She said that she came once or twice a week, and she told her she was staying with her aunt, or a female friend, in Camden Town—I saw the prisoner in custody afterwards; I did not hear her give any reason why she did not attend on the day to which she was remanded—I do not recollect her telling me that she was a patient at the Middlesex Hospital, and that she was detained there that day; her mother told me so—I did not hear her say anything about marketing, and getting change for a sovereign.

THOMAS ROBINSON . I am shopman to Mr. Waterlow, a stationer, in London Wall. On 15th April, the prisoner came, about a quarter before 6 o'clock, for half a quire of note paper and some envelopes; they came to 5 1/2 d.—she gave me a crown piece; I found it was bad—I gave it to our manager—a policeman came, and the prisoner was given into custody.

Cross-examined. Q. To whom did you give the 5s. piece? A. To Mr. Hems; I lost sight of it—I had not marked it—I afterwards saw a crown piece in the hands of the policeman; I cannot say that it was the same.

BENJAMIN HEMS . I am manager to Mr. Waterlow. I saw the prisoner there, on 15th April—the last witness served her; I received from him this 5s. piece—I looked at it; it was bad—I gave it to Mr. Waterlow.

WALTER BLANDFORD WATERLOW . I received the 5s. piece from the last witness; I sent for a policeman, and gave it him—I am sure it was the one I received from the last witness.

Cross-examined. Q. Did you mark it? A. No—I had some conversation

with the prisoner, before I sent for the policeman; I wished to satisfy my mind whether she had been there on the previous day, and it was clear to my mind that she had been there—I hesitated about giving her into custody—I asked where she lived, and she said in Tottenham Street—I asked what number; she told me, and I told my clerk to look in the Directory, and he found that the number she stated was a theatre—I asked her how she came so far to purchase stationety; she said she had been to see a friend, in Whitechapel.

ALFRED DIXON (City policeman, 161). I took the prisoner, on 15th April; I took her to the station—3 1/2 d., and a latch key, and a purse, were found on her—I received this crown piece from Mr. Waterlow—the prisoner said she worked in Drummond Street, Euston Square, at waistcoat making—Iwent there, but did not find any waistcoat maker—she told me where her mother lived, and I found it was true—she said she received the crown at a butcher's shop, in Chapel Street, where she got change.

WILLIAM WEBSTER . These coins are both bad.

(The prisoner received a good character.)


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