30th January 1843
Reference Numbert18430130-698
VerdictGuilty > unknown; Guilty > unknown; Not Guilty > unknown

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698. CAROLINE COSGROVE , ANN LEWIS alias Jones , and ANN DOLPHIN, alias Buckley , were indicted for stealing, on the 11th Jan., 1 bag, value 2d.; 22 sovereigns, 3 half-sovereigns, and 2 sixpences, the property of Thomas Sawyer, from his person.

MR. DOANE conducted the Prosecution.

THOMAS SAWYER . I am master of the schooner Elswick, lying in-the river—on the 11th of Jan., between eight and nine o'clock at night, I was in the neighbourhood of the Mint, near Rosemary-lane—I was quite sober—I had 23l. 10s.—there were four "dragon sovereigns" among them, and 3 half-sovereigns, and two sixpences—they were in a bag in my right tide pocket—I met Cosgrove, and went with her to a room somewhere at the back of Rosemary-lane—I went into a room down stairs, and saw Lewis stirring the fire—I sent her for six pennyworth of gin—she returned with it, and we drank it—I was sitting on a chair—Cosgrove stood against me, and after that sat in a chair—Lewis was standing close to my knees with her hand on my shoulder—Dolphin came into the room, and turned her face towards the window—Lewis then said, "Wait a minute," upon that Cosgrove and Lewis left the room—I rose from my chair, and said to Dolphin, "Where are those two women?"—she said she did not know where they were—I put my hand into my pocket and missed my bag, containing this money—I instantly rushed to the door to look after them, and when I got there I could not see any one—I returned and saw Dolphin in the act of locking the room-door with a padlock—I told her I had been robbed—she said, "Where?"—I said, "In this house"—she tried to persuade me I bad not been robbed, that I was mistaken—I said I was not, I should take care of her—the said, "I was mistaken in the house"—I said, I should take care of her—she said she would wait there if I would go and look, or something of that kind—I found I could do nothing with her—I went to look out for an officer—I found an officer—I told him what had happened, and the amount I had lost—I went with him to Dolphin's house, and found the door padlocked I returned two or three times in the course of the night, and found nobody there.

Cross-examined by MR. PAYNE. Q. You were not always so sure about Dolphin being the person? A. I could not mistake—I saw her face in the passage when she was locking the door—she is like the woman I saw in the room, both in figure and dress—I did not see her face to swear to her—one of the circumstances which induced me to think it was her, is that she bad no stays on—I was quite sober—I had drunk no spirits—I had drunk a share of two or three pints of ale.

Cross-examined by MR. BALLANTINE. Q. What time of the night was it when you met Cosgrove? A. Between seven and eight o'clock—I was with her altogether about a quarter of an hour—I had never seen her before in my life—I met her in King-street, Tower-hill—I bad not much conversation with her, and she took me to Dolphin's house—I was not present at the office when a person named Warren made a statement.

THOMAS LANGHAM (police-constable H 87.) On this night, Wednesday, the 11th, I was on duty in Rosemary-lane, about nine o'clock—the prosecutor told me what had happened—I was in Rosemary-'ane the next morning, about ten o'clock—I then saw Dolphin with a man—the man said in her presence, "I understand you were looking for Mother Buckley, and here she is now"—I said I was—he said, "I understand you will take her to the station?"—I said I would, as I was talking to the person who had lost the money, a little while since, and he told me if I saw Mother Buckley, or either of the othertwo girls, to detain them—Dolphin commonly went by the name of Mother Buckley—he then said, "Never mind, this man was with her, come to the station; we also know where the parties are who had the money"—I gave a description of some girls to Dolphin, and she said it was not her, she had nothing to do with it, that she was sent out for sixpenny-worth of

gin, and during her absence the robbery was committed, mentioning two person's names, one of which was Jones, the other I cannot recollect.

Cross-examined by MR. PAYNE. Q. Who was with you at the time? A. Only the man who was with Dolphin.

PIERCE DRISCOLL (police-constable H 24.) I was on duty in this neighbourhood on this night—I met the prosecutor, who told me of his loss—I knew Mother Buckley, and where she lived—the prosecutor took me to her house, about a quarter or twenty minutes past nine o'clock—I found the door padlocked—I went two or three times, but found nobody there—the next morning I was at the station—I remember Langhan bringing Mother Buckley in custody—she mentioned two names to me, of women who had committed the robbery, and she complained of having walked the street all night for fear of being taken into custody, and told me to go to No. 6, Mason's-court, Great Garden-street—I went in company with another policeman, and found Cosgrove and Lewis there at breakfast—I told them I wanted them for robbing a captain at Mother Buckley's—Cosgrove said she had not been at Mother Buckley's for a month—I found three half-crowns, two sixpences, and 9 1/2 d. in copper in her hand—I afterwards searched her, and found nineteen sove-reigns, and four half-sovereings, in a pocket—when she stood up at the chair it hung between her legs—she said that she had had that money a month, and she could tell me who it belonged to—Lewis said that the money in Cos-grove's hand belonged to her—she said she had never been to Mother Buckley's, and did not know Mother Buckley—as we were taking them to the station, we met a man named Buck, and Cosgrove said to him, "They have got it all"—when the prosecutor mentioned the amount of his loss, he described his sovereigns.

Cross-examined by MR. PAYNE. Q. What was it Mother Buckley said about eleven o'clock in the morning, when she was brought to the station? A. She told me to go to Mason's-court, in Oreat Garden-street, and there I should find Lewis and Cosgrove—she said, "When I went to them this morning they gave me 6d., and said they would break my b----y eye."

Cross-examined by MR. BALLANTINE. Q. Did you search Cosgrove yourself? A. Yes, it is usual for a female to do that, but when there is a pocket there is no occasion—I was obliged to lift up her gown—the pocket was in her petticoat.

CORNELIUS FOAY (police-constable H 98.) I went with Driscoll to Mason's-court—I have heard his account—it is correct—when we got into the room, I heard Cosgrove say, "O, my God!"—I told her she was charged with robbing the captain of 24l., at Mother Buckley's—she said, "Mother Buckley has had some of the Thames-street girls in, and robbed him, and now wants to blame us"—Lewis said she had had nothing at all to do with it, she hud not been out last night, for her gown was wet—I saw Driscoll find this gold in the pocket of Cosgrove's petticoat—she said she could prove whose money it was, and she had had it this last month—this is the money—the prosecutor described his sovereigns to me, that he had four dragon sovereigns.

Cross-examined by MR. PAYNK. Q. Did Buckley say, "I am charged here with robbing the captain, and I have never seen but 6d. of his money?" A. She did.

Cross-examined by MR. BALLANTINE. Q. Did you hear Warren make a statement? A. No, I was not in the inner office—I was told he had made some statement—I was examined after Warren.

THOMAS SAWYER re-examined. There are three dragon sovereigns among this monty, and I had four—there is 2l. 10s. short of what I had—Cosgrove was in my company about a quarter of an hour—Lewis was sent for some gin

—Buckley came into the room after the gin was drunk—that was the first time she came in—she was in the room a minute or two—Cosgrove and Lewis left the room at the time of her entering—my money must have been gone before Buckley came in—I had seen nothing of Buckley before my money was gone—I believe my money was gone before she came in.

Lewis. I am quite innocent; I never saw the man in my life till at the office; he looked at two women before be looked at me, and then he looked at Foay, and said, "I think I have seen this girl's face before." Witness. I have no doubt about Lewis—I am certain she was the second female—I saw her features in the house—there was a light there—she was not away for the gin many minutes—I might have been robbed while she was gone—Cosgrove was close to me at the time—she might have taken it while Lewis went for the gin—I felt my money safe five minutes before I met these girls—my hand was constantly on it.

PIERCE DRISCOLL re-examined. The prosecutor mentioned to, me that he had lost four dragon sovereigns.


LEWIS— GUILTY . Aged 20.

Transported for Ten Years.


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