4th April 1836
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928. CHARLES BULL was indicted for stealing, on the 25th of February, at Saint Andrew, Holborn, 25 yards of woollen cloth, value 15l., the goods of Jabez Bunting, John Beeham, and Robert Alder, in their dwelling house.—2nd COUNT, describing it as being the property of Robert Alder and others, in a certain dwelling-house.—3rd COUNT, describing it as being the property of Robert Alder and another.—4th COUNT, describing it as being the property of Robert Alder. 5th COUNT, describing, it as being 1 piece of wollen cloth, value 15l., the property of John Taylor, in his dwelling-house.

MR. BODKIN conducted the Prosecution.

JOHN STOKES . I am a policeman. I met the prisoner Clerkenwell, on the 8th March—he did not know me before, not I him—he came up, and told me he wished to give me some information about a robbery—I asked him, "What robbery?"—he said, "At No. 77, Hatton Garden, at the Missionary Office"—I asked him, "What robbery?"—he said he had been in service there, and left three weeks ago last Thursday, and had got into company with some other boys, who accompanied him to rob the

place, and they stole a piece of cloth—he said he made the communication to me because the other boys threatened to split upon him—he said part of the cloth was pledged at two different shops, one in Clare-street, Clare-market, and the other in Long Acre—he said where he lodged—I went to his lodging, and found the fag-end of a piece of black cloth—the whole of his statement was voluntary.

ROBERT ALDER . I transact business at No. 77, Hatton-garden. I do not reside there—Mrs. Taylor is the housekeeper—the premise are in her charge—she is the wife of John Taylor, who resides in the house—the prisoner was employed in the office—I discharged him on the 12th of February—we had some black cloth in a cupboard on the premises while he was there—the policeman made a communication to me—we had not then missed anything—I then went to the cupboard, and missed a piece of black cloth, probably about 22 yards—it was worth 15l.—it was the property of the Wesleyan Missionary Society, and was under my charge as their secretary—it was the property of the treasurer of the Society—the cloth was bought and paid for in my name, and under my charge—it was bought our of the fonds of the whole Society—I am one of the members.

JOHN WESLEY . I am a clerk in the employ of the Missionary Society of Hatton-garden. I know this cloth—here is a mark on it which coincides was the number of the invoice.

JOHN POOLE . I am shopman to a pawnbroker in Clare-street. I produce a remnant of cloth, parented at our house on the 26th of February—here are four yards of it—it was pawned by the prisoner—I never saw him before—I am positive of him.

GEORGE CASEY . I am servant to Mr. Ashley, a pawnbroker, in Long-acre, I produce four yards of black cloth, pawned by the prisoner in March, in the name of "Charles Norris, "for his father—I never saw him before—I am certain of him.

THOMAS MANNING . I live in Bailey's-court, Bell-yard. Temple-bar. The prisoner lodged there in February and March—I remember his coming to the house with a bundle under his arm on Thursday, the 25th of February—I saw it was dark cloth—it was a good sized bundle—on the Friday morning following I asked him about it—he said it would be called for on the Saturday, and that it was given to him by a young man to take care of—I saw it in his bed-room the same day, and on the Saturday afternoon he said there was a piece missing—I then looked at it, and saw three pieces, four or five yards each—it was taken away from my house on the Monday by the prisoner.

Prisoner. Q. Did any body sleep with us that night? Witness. A. The witness Cobb did—I am not positive whether he noticed the cloth—he slept with me, and that night said it was a good piece of cloth—he saw it on the Thursday evening and on Friday evening—he did not sleep with us after the Friday night—I persuaded you to go his master, because you said you suspected he had stolen one of the pieces of cloth—I do not know whether you rent—you did not come home on Saturday night—you said you would take the cloth, and find the person who gave it to you—my mother desired you to take it away.

JOHN TAYLOR re-examined. My wife is the housekeeper at the Missonary House. The prisoner was employed there—after his discharge he came there on the 25th of February—I saw him there—I did not see him come in or go out.

ALFRED HARDWICK . I am a cloth factor. I supplied some black cloth

to the Missionary Society, in Hatton-garden—this is one of the cloths I sent in to the Society—this other piece I have not a doubt formed part of the same piece.

Prisoner's Defence. I hope you will consider my case—I never did any thing of the kind before.

(Robert Sykes, hair-dresser, of Holywell-street, gave the prisoner a good character.)

GUILTY of stealing, but not in the dwelling-house. Aged 17.

Transported for seven Years.

First Jury, before Mr. Sergeant Arabin.

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