5th April 1832
Reference Numbert18320405-171
VerdictGuilty; Not Guilty

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974. JOHN QUIN and JANE (HIS WIFE ) were indicted for putting off to Richard Tripp, on the 28th of February, 9 counterfeit half-crowns, for the sum of 3s. against the Statute, &c.

SECOND COUNT, varying the manner of stating the charge.

MESSRS. SCARLETT and ELLIS conducted the prosecution.

RICHARD TRIPP (Police-constable, F 86.) On the 28th of February I went to Quin's room, No. 2, Church-lane, St. Giles' , about eleven o'clock; I saw Jane Quin in the room - I believe it is a lodging-house; there were several persons down stairs - I asked Jane how she was; she said, "Pretty well;" I asked whether Johnny was at home; she said No, he was out - I said I wanted to see him; she asked if I wanted some things; I said, Yes; she said if I came in the evening I might see him - I went then to Brownlow-street, where I saw Priest, Rogers, and Higgins; I was searched by Rogers in the presence of the others - I had no coin about me - they gave me three good marked shillings; we then all went to Quin's house; the other two stopped; Higgins and I went to the door - he stopped outside, and I went in; it was then about three o'clock; there was a man at the door, whom I had seen in their room once before, but I do not know his name; he gave a knock as a signal, and I was let into the room - on the right-hand side of the window I saw John Quin filing some half-crowns; he told me to sit down, and he would get them ready for me - while I was sitting there Jane Quin gave me four half-crowns; the other man did not go into the room with me, but there was a lad there - when I had sat a few minutes John Quin came and asked me for the four half-crowns which the woman had given me; he took them from me, rang them on a chair close by me, and said."If I were to go all London over I could not get them with such a good jink" - he then gave me nine half-crowns, and I gave him the 3s. which I had received at Browntow-street; he looked at them, and said to the female prisoner, "Jenny, these will do for a good die;" he handed them over to her, and she put them into her left-hand pocket; I then asked if they would have any thing to drink; they said Yes - we came down stairs, and in George-street Higgins took John Quin , and the woman was taken by Morris, close by my side - they were taken to the station-house; I then went there, was searched by Priest, and the nine half-crowns which I had received of the prisoner were found on me - I knew the three shillings again.

John Quin . Q. What took you to Brownlow-street first? A. I had not been there lately; I first saw you walking down George-street - Donovan was with me; I had got acquainted with him during the time I went backwards and forwards to St. Giles - he did not say, "There he is;" you came out of your house and went over to the Robin Hood - then you came out, and Donovan went and spoke to you; that was on the 22nd - you then turned to me, and said you had none by you, that you never sold less than a score; but you told me to wait - you went and fetched me six shillings, and gave me them under a lamp - we went, and had something to drink; Donovan stepped on one side, but I had not been in conversation with him - you then said if I could get you a customer you would give me a shilling's worth in, and appointed to meet me the next night at a quarter-past seven o'clock; I was against the pump at the time you appointed - you came, and asked me to go up; I went, and made a second purchase of you.

COURT. Q. Was it not in consequence of some conversation between Donovan and the prisoner that you were induced to call upon him to make these purchases? A. Yes, it was, but he was no spy - he was not employed to let me know where counterfeit coin was sold, that I might get the money for prosecuting - the prisoner spoke to me after he had spoken to Donovan, and without any introduction; I had told Donovan to go and ask the prisoner to let me have some things - I had not derived my first information from Donovan.

JOSEPH HIGGINS (Police-constable, F 35.) I went with Tripp on the 28th of April - he had his first information from me; I told him I wanted him to disguise himself and to go with me; he did not then know where he was going - the first information I received about this was the beginning of January, and what Tripp did was with my sanction and authority; I had given information to the Mint, and was ordered to procure a man to purchase; on the 28th of February I accompained Tripp to Brownlow-street - Mr. Priest and I there searched him; Priest gave him three shillings - I went with him to Church-street, and never lost sight of him; I stopped at a distance, and saw him go into the door - he came out with the prisoners in twenty minutes or half an hour; I took John Quin , and called to one of our men to secure his hands, as he had these eight half-crowns, which I have here, and which he was trying to get rid of - they are not finished; the top of the mould is not cut off - we went to the room, and found some pieces of metal, which appear to be the tops of moulds, and Morris found some shillings.

John Quin . Q. How much did you leave in Tripp's possession when you searched him? A. Three marked shillings, and a sixpence or a shilling, which he said he should want to treat you with.

COURT. Q. How did you search Tripp? A. The same as we would a prisoner taken for felouy - I am certain he had no money but what I have just stated.

JOSEPH PRIEST . I am an inspector of Police. I was at Brownlow-street on the 20th of February; I searched Tripp, and gave him three shillings, which I had marked, and he had one shilling besides - I was present at the search of John Quin , and at the room; this piece of metal was found there, also this spoon which it fits, and these two files - I took these nine half-crowns from Tripp.

JOHN EALES ROGERS. I am an inspector of Police. I saw Tripp searched, and confirm what Priest has stated.

WILLIAM SICKLE . I searched Jane Quin, and found these three marked shillings on her.

RICHARD MORRIS . I am an officer. I went to the room, and found these fourteen counterfeit shillings on the mantel-piece, in this bag - I marked them when I got to the station, and have had them ever since; I found also some plaster of Paris in the rooms - there was no one there.

JOHN FIELD . I am inspector of counterfeit coin to the Mint. These nine half-crowns are all counterfeit - five of them appear to be cast in one mould, and four in another; they are white metal, and this piece of metal appears to be the same - this spoon is iron; these fourteen shillings are counterfeit, and cast in different moulds - these eight half-crowns are all counterfeit, and are not finished; they are in the state in which they came out of the mould - they have a spray on the edge, which is generally removed with a file; these files would answer that purpose - this is fine plaster of Paris, of which moulds are usually formed to make this coin in.

John Quin 's Defence. The first time Tripp came to my house, he spoke to my wife, wanted to seduce her away to Birmingham, and said he was a good hand at passing them - she told me, and I went to Mr. Powell and told him of it; it was not him only, but he sent a woman - I met that woman, and threatened that I would have her taken into custody; she said my wife had no business to let her husband know - they struck my wife, and gave her a black eye; I told Mr. Powell this, and he told me to live on as good terms as I could - Tripp then came again, and my wife said I was gone to the doctor's, but I should be there at three o'clock; he came again, and met a young lad at my door, who had a red handkerchief with something tied in it, and he took it from him - a person who is now in the Middlesex-hospital saw him do it: he then came up, gave my wife three shillings, and said he wished he could get some dinner - she said she had some fresh fish for dinner; he said he liked that very well - he then took out of the handkerchief some whiting or plaster, and he pulled out these nine half-crowns; he said, "Here are some which are not finished;" I took them to the window to examine them, when I gave them to him again - he said he was forced to leave that morning, but there was a man at the Cock, who would finish them for him; he asked me to go and give them to him - I said, "I don't know what man to give them to;" he said, "I will go and show him to you;" we went out, and he had the officer ready to take us - the first time I saw him; he said he had been at Birmingham, and saw a young man named Neale, who gave him a breakfast - he came to my place worse dressed than I was, and I gave him some tea.

RICHARD TRIPP. I had a fustain jacket on, and huff trousers, and a silk hat nearly new; the first time I saw his wife, which was when I went to his room, to ask for him I told her I knew a person named Neale, who was gone to Birmingham, and he told me to go and ask for some things - I did not ask about any dinner, nor pass myself off as a person in the same condition of life; I merely asked her to let me have some things - I had been at Birmingham, but I did not tell them so; I did not say I had a brother who drove a waggon to Covent-garden-market, and that he could pass the bad money.

COURT. Q. Do you mena solemnly to declare that you never held out any inducement to his wife to go to Birmingham, or say what he has stated? A. I did not.

JURY. Q. You found a person on the stairs? A. Yes, the person whom I had seen in the room the first time I was there; he knew I was going in, and he went up and gave three knocks with his hand - I had given him no sign, and was not in company with him.


Confined Twelve Months .


There was another indictment against Jane Quin .

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