1st December 1831
Reference Numbert18311201-91
VerdictGuilty; Guilty; Guilty
SentenceTransportation; Transportation

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91. JAMES RICHARDSON , SOPHIA WESTERN , and ANN LEE were indicted for stealing, on the 25th of November , 1 pocket-book, value 1s., 3 sovereigns, 10 half-crowns, and 6 shillings, the property of John Lock , from his person .

JOHN LOCK . I am a porter , and live at Chelsea-marsh. On the 25th of November I was at the Royal Hospital public-house, about half-past eight o'clock in the evening - I found the prisoner Western in the tap-room; I had never seen her before - I was taking a pot of half and half with a friend, and we asked if she would drink; she said she did not like that, and we called for some rum - my friend then went away; Western asked me to go home with her, which I did - I was sober; I said I would give her half a crown to sleep with her that night - she said she would not take it without I would stand some gin; we got a quartern of gin, and took it to her room in Jews'-row, Chelsea - it was a first floor front room, and we got there about a quarter-past nine o'clock; I paid her the half-crown; I put my trousers under my pillow, and went to bed - I had a pocket-book in my trousers pocket, containing three sovereigns and 16s. in silver, consisting chiefly of half-crowns; I believe there were four or five half-crowns - I saw it all safe when I gave her the half-crown; I then put the book back into my pocket - as soon as I was in bed she went down stairs, and sent up two girls; Lee was one of them: I expected Western to sleep with me- the two girls asked me if I would give them money to come to bed; I said I did not want them or any one else, but as I had paid for the bed I would stay there - they then went out of the room, but they came back again in three or four minutes, and said the bed did not belong to the girl I had given the half crown to; they told me to get up and go out, or I should be made to do it - I said I should not, as I had paid for the bed I meant to stay there - they then went away; Western came up in five or ten minutes, and said I could not stay there unless I would give her more money, as it was not her bed - I said I would not give any more money, and I would not go out; she then took the candle and blew it out - Lee and Richardson came suddenly into the room; Richardson caught hold of my arm, and lifted my head off the pillow - he then laid hold of my trousers; I jumped out of bed, and got hold of the trousers, and tried to get them away from him, but I found I could not; I then ran down, and called the Policeman - Richardson ran down at the time I did; I got the Policeman in two or three minutes, but the prisoners were all gone - there were two doors to the house, one front and one back; the Policeman and I went round to Collegevale, where we saw Richardson and Lee; the Policeman took them - Richardson made some resistance, and threw away two half-crowns from him; two half-crowns, two shillings, and a sixpence were found on Lee: the sovereigns and pocket-book have not been found - I had taken the half-crown when I had changed a sovereign an hour or an hour and a half before I saw Western; I remarked they were very dark coloured, as if they had been in beer.

Richardson. You never saw me in your life. Witness. I can swear you are the man that was in the room; I saw you by the light of the stars and the lamps.

JAMES OAKES . I am a Policeman. I was called, and saw the prosecutor with nothing on but his shirt - I went into the room, and searched, but the prisoners had made their escape; there are two back ways out of the house; I afterwards took Lee and Richardson - Richardson put

his hand into his pocket, and threw two half-crowns on the ground - I found on Lee one half-crown and 7d. in copper; the book has not been found.

GEORGE THATCHER . I am a Police-officer. On the night of the 25th of November I was passing at the time Oakes had Richardson and Lee in custody; he gave me information, and I took Western the next morning, at her own lodging, which is some distance from where the prosecutor went to - she said she knew nothing of the robbery; I took her to the watch-house - she then wanted to speak to the prosecutor, and said she had been with him, but knew nothing of the robbery - I searched her room, and found some duplicates, but not belonging to the prosecutor - I found on her 1 1/2d., which she said was all the money she had, and that she was going to pawn a cloak that morning to buy her some soap, but on seaching her room I found three shillings in a card-rack over the fireplace.

Richardson's Defence. These two females know nothing of the robbery - I was passing the row, and met a girl and a man - they said, "There is a man up in your room;" I told them not to go near the place, but let him be - I went and had half a pint of beer - I then went back to see what man it was. and just as I got to the door the prosecutor ran out, and said he was robbed.

Western's Defence. I met the prosecutor at the Royal-hospital - he asked me to drink; I staid about a quarter of an hour, and then came out - he came, and asked me where I lived; he was very much in liquor - I said I could not take him to my lodging, but I could go to another room, which we did; Lee came up - he said he preferred her, and I left the room, as he was going to bed.

Lee's Defence. He asked me if I would go with him; I said Yes, if he paid me - he gave me 1s.; I said I would not go for that, but if he would give me half a crown, as he had the other girl, I would; he would not - Carter then came in, and he asked her to go to bed with him, but would not give her any thing.

Richardson. It was Mary Carter and John Noble who robbed the man.

JOHN LOCK re-examined. Q. Were the trousers in your hand when they were taken from you? A. Yes; I caught hold of them with my hand, and Richardson pulled them from me.


Transported for Life .


LEE - GUILTY . Aged 21.

Transported for Seven Years .

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