28th October 1830
Reference Numbert18301028-212
VerdictGuilty; Not Guilty
SentenceNo Punishment > sentence respited

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2056. WILLIAM JAMES TAYLOR and HENRY AUGUSTUS MEASOM , were indicted for stealing, on the 26th of October , 3 waistcoats, value 24s.; 3 waistcoat pieces, value 7s.; and 2 yards of cloth, value 19s., the goods of John Gurniss , their master .

JOHN GURNISS. I am a tailor , and live in Wells-street, Oxford-street ; the prisoners were in my employ - Measom was my apprentice , and lived in the house; Taylor had 27s. a week at one part of the year, and 24s. at the other - I missed different things for some time, and seeing a small red morocco case in Mensom's pocket, I called in an officer on this day week, and gave them both in charge; I saw these articles next evening at Marylebone office - the duplicates were found on their persons; I missed many other things.

Taylor. Q. Did you ever know me do any thing wrong before? A. Certainly not; I had a very high opinion of him - I never told Mr. Newton you had cut half a yard of cloth to sell to piece-brokers.

Measom. Q. Were you not in the habit of being out two or three nights at a time? A. When I have been in the country; I considered my property secure by fas tening my house, and depending on my servants.

JOHN CANNON . I am apprentice to Mr, Dobree, a pawnbroker; I know both the prisoners - I have a remnant of black cloth, pawned for 15s., on the 30th of June, by Measom; he was alone, and said it was his property - he pawned it in the name of Henry Measom , No. 5, Castle-street; here are two remnants, taken in by persons who cannot swear to the party - Measom has often pawned property, and taken it out again; Mr. Gurniss said he could not swear to the black cloth being his.

HENRY HASE . I am shopman to Mr. Baylis, a pawnbroker, of Mortimer-street, Cavendish-square. I have a waistcoat pawned by Measom, on the 3rd of September, in the name of John Smith, No. 14, Charlotte-street, Fitzroy-square, for 5s. 6d; a remnant of cloth, on the 30th of September, by Measom, in the same name, for 2s.; two waistcoats, on the 4th of October, for 5s., which I did not take in - a waistcoat piece on the 5th of July, for 2s., in the same name, but at No. 5, Francis-street; I believe Measom pawned this, but cannot swear it - I have a remnant of cloth pawned on the 8th of October, in the name of John Smith; I do not know who by - and on the 15th of October, two waistcoat pieces, by Measom, in the name of John Smith, Charles-street, Middlesex-hospital.

JOHN SMITH . I am apprentice to Mr. Rochford, a

pawnbroker, of Brewer-street, Golden-square. I have a remnant of cloth pawned for 2s.; the person who took it in is at Bath.

JOHN AKEHURST . I am a Policeman. I took the prisoners in charge on the 26th of October; I found on Mensom a red morocco case, containing four duplicates of pledges at Dobrees, on the 16th June, 22nd of September, and another; I also found six tickets of Baylis' shop, of Mortimer-street.

JOHN CANNON . These are our duplicates; one is for the pledge I took in on the 30th of June, a remnant of black cloth.

HENRY HASE . Here are the duplicates for the remnant of cloth pawned on the 30th of September, and two waistcoat pieces on the 15th of October.

MR. GURNISS. Measom never lived in Castle-street; I cannot remember this black cloth - I believe the waistcoat to be mine; I recollect this one being in my window - I know this remnant of cloth, pawned on the 30th of September, by certain marks about it; the prisoners had no authority from me to pawn any thing - I never knew Measom live in Charles-street or Charlotte-street; these two waistcoat pieces, pawned on the 15th of October, I am positive are mine.

Measom's Defence. The black cloth Taylor bought of Mr. Gurniss, and I pawned it at his request; the black waistcoat with a roll collar Taylor had made up for himself - I went to fetch it home from Maria Bliss, and pawned it for him - I can say nothing to the rest.

MR. GURNISS. Taylor had a yard and a half of black cloth placed to his account four or five months ago, and this is a yard and a half; but he told me he had had it made up a long time after - I am quite certain I never sold this waistcoat.

Measom received a good character.


Recommended to Mercy by the Prosecutor.

Judgment Respited .


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