9th April 1829
Reference Numbert18290409-140
VerdictGuilty; Guilty

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819. GEORGE BASELL and EDWARD EADES were indicted for stealing, on the 15th of February , 60 penny-pieces, and 120 halfpence, the monies of William Lansdown , from his person .

WILLIAM LANSDOWN . I am a tobacco-pipe-maker , and live in Essex-street, Hoxton. I had been round to my customers on the 14th of February; I happened to stop in company, and was returning home at two o'clock in the morning - I had been drinking, but was not drunk; I could walk very well - I had a quantity of copper money in my coat pocket, which I had taken for my pipes; I was at the end of Norton-falgate, going up Shoreditch - I saw the two prisoners in company together behind me for five hundred yards; at last Basell came up on my left side - the other was rather hanging behind me, on my right; Basell spoke to me, and walked with me for about one hundred yards - I do not recollect what he said; I did not speak to him; when we got to the corner of Church-street , just under the gas-light, he snatched my pocket away - he tore it right out from the inside of my coat; Basell was close by me, I collared him, and said, "I have got one of the two;" I held him till the watchman came up, who I called immediately; I told the watchman he had not got the money, but a boy had it who had run off; he said should I know that boy again; I said Yes; I went to the watch-house and gave Basell in charge, and a description of the other boy - and on the next evening (Monday) I saw Eades at the watch-house, and knew him to be the same boy; I said, "My God! that is the boy;" I gave his description as a pale-faced boy, with a fustian jacket and a cap on.

Cross-examined by MR. CRESWELL. Q. How much had you drank? A. I cannot tell - I was not very drunk; I did not tell the watch-house-keeper that I had lost 5s., nor that I did not know how much I had lost; I did not

hear the prisoners speak to each other, but they were walking close together.

WILLIAM BELLNAP . I am a watchman. I heard the prosecutor call Watch! he gave charge of Basell, whom I took to the watch-house; he was sober enough to give me charge - he said Basell had not the money, but a boy with a fustian jacket had it, and described Eades to the officer likewise.

Cross-examined. Q. Did he not go very quietly with you? A. Yes he did.

JOHN ROBINSON . I am an officer. I saw the prosecutor when he came to the watch-house, he appeared to have his faculties very perfect - he described the boy who ran away with his pocket in every respect; I gave the same description to Fryer, the Bow-street officer, who went and took Eades; when the prosecutor saw him, he put his hands together, and said, "My God! that is the boy."

Prisoner BASELL. Q. Did he not state he had a 5s. paper of halfpence? A. He said he had two 5s. papers of halfpence, and some more money, but he did not know exactly how much.

JOSEPH FRYER . I am an officer. From the description I received, I took Eades; when the prosecutor saw him, he said directly."That is the boy."

JOHN HARRIS . I am a watch-house-keeper. I heard the description he gave, and he identified Eades the next day.

EADES' Defence. I was at home and in bed at the time it was done; I did not go out till Monday morning, for some work for my mother.

JANE JENKINS . My husband is a journeyman bootmaker. I lodge in the same house with Eades and his mother - she lodges in the one pair front room, No. 8, Club-row, not far from Norton-falgate; I am very intimate with them - I know Eades was at home the night the robbery was committed; I was in his mother's room at halfpast eleven o'clock that Saturday night, and fastened the door after all; he lives at home with his mother - I do not know Basell, nor did I hear of the robbery till Monday afternoon, when Eades' mother told me he was taken - she did not say he was at home in bed, nor did I, but I know it; I am not the landlady, but generally fasten the door, because I am up last - the door is only bolted; he works with his mother as a stay-maker - I have seen a fur cap in the room - I did not hear that the boy who had committed this robbery had a fur cap; his mother said he wore a hat; he went out to pawn a handkerchief on the Monday, and he was taken.

BASELL's Defence. I had been to the play, and was returning - I saw this man rolling about, the lad had hold of his arm, and as I passed him he caught hold of me, and said, "I have lost my pocket;" I said, "My good man, what do you do this for? I have done nothing."

BASELL - GUILTY . Aged 21.

EADES - GUILTY . Aged 15.

Transported for Life .

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