THOMAS WILLIAMS, Theft > burglary, 11th January 1827.

Reference Number: t18270111-8
Offence: Theft > burglary
Verdict: Guilty
Punishment: Death
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Before Lord Chief Baron Alexander .

286. THOMAS WILLIAMS was indicted for burglariously breaking and entering the dwelling-house of Moses Desse , about seven o'clock in the night of the 10th of December , at St. George , with intent to steal, and stealing therein 6 shifts, value 30s.; 1 pair of drawers, value 2s.; 1 petticoat, value 1s.; 5 gowns, value 3l.; 12 handkerchiefs, value 20s.; 2 table-cloths, value 6s.; 2 handkerchiefs, value 6d.; 2 handkerchiefs, value 5s.; 1 pair of stockings, value 7s.; 1 coat, value 20s.; 2 shirts, value 14s.; 1 box, value 5s.; 9 rings, value 4l.; 2 tooth-picks, value 1s.; 1 buckle, value 1s.; 1 tea-caddy, value 40s.; 1 stock, value 2s. 6d., and 1 sovereign , his property.

MOSES DESSE . On Sunday, the 10th of December, I lived in Henry-street, Back-church-lane , and rented the whole house; it is in the parish of St. George in the East ; I left there on the 14th. On the 10th of December I went out, about five o'clock; I tried the door, and it was double-locked - I put the key into my pocket; I did not return till about eight o'clock, when a little girl fetched me, saying that my house was robbed - I had left nobody at home, nor any light in the house; it was quite dark when I left; I found the street-door open on my return, and a man minding the house; the backyard door, which I had also locked, was open; I cannot say how the doors had been opened; I found three drawers opened, and some things hanging out of them. and others laying about the floor - I missed the articles stated in the indictment - I found the tea-caddy at the office, which I had left on the top of the drawers when I went out; a box of rings was also found on the prisoner, that was inside my drawer, and a paper which was taken off it was thrown on the floor - the box is worth 5s., and the rings about 4l.; I had only bought the tea-caddy four days, it was worth two guineas.

MARY ANN LONG . I am twelve years old. I was coming by the prosecutor's house between seven and eight o'clock, saw his door open, and informed the neighbours.

JOSEPH DEFRIES . Long gave me information between seven and eight o'clock - I went over and searched the house, but found nobody there; the door was open, and the things strewed about the floor; I sent for Desso and minded the house till he came.

JOHN McWILLIAMS . I am a patrol. On Sunday night, the 10th of December, about seven o'clock in the evening, I was on duty in Bell-lane, Spitalfields - the prisoner came along the lane with something under his arm - Tyrell. my partner, stopped him with this tea-caddy under his arm, covered with a white dimitty petticoat - he asked where he was going with it; he said that a gentleman met him at Whitechapel church, and gave him a shilling to carry it to Shoreditch church, where he was to meet him, and that the gentleman told him to go the back way with it - I assisted in searching him, and found a crow-bar in his left-hand inside pocket, and a handkerchief; he had a great coat on, which we thought was his own; we took him before the Magistrate on Monday, and he was remanded for us to find the owner. When he came up for a second examination, he had made away with the great coat; but from the description Desse gave, it was his.

ROBERT TYRRELL . I am a Bow-street patrol. On the 10th of December, between seven and eight o'clock, I was in Bell-lane with two other officers - I saw the prisoner running up the lane with this caddy and petticoat - I stopped him, and asked where he brought it from; he said that a man met him by Whitechapel church, and gave him a shilling to take it to Shoreditch church - I took it from him, and produce it - Newsom searched his breeches pocket, and took out a little box with nine gold rings - we took him to the watch-house, and found a sovereign and some silver on him.

JOSEPH NEWSOM . I am a patrol. I was with the other officers, and found a box, containing nine gold rings. in the prisoner's breeches pocket; also a steel brace-buckle, and a silver and a bone tooth-pick; I found a sovereign, a crown, a half-crown, and a cotton shirt on him - he said the same gentleman gave them all to him to carry to Shoreditch church.

MOSES DESSE . This tea-caddy, box, the rings, the shirt, and every thing else is mine; they were safe in the morning before I went out.

Prisoner's Defence. I was passing Whitechapel church, and heard some gentlemen, as I took them to be, talking loud - I thought they were quarrelling, and stopped to look at them; one said, "Do you want a job? take this caddy and things for me to Shoreditch church, and I will give you a shilling; if you are there before me, go into a public-house opposite, and get a pint of beer, till I come;" I told the officers that I was a journeyman baker, where I lodged, and where I had been formerly employed; I have no friends, not expecting to be tried to-day.

GUILTY - DEATH . Aged 20.

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