JOHN MUNDAY, Theft > grand larceny, 27th October 1825.

Reference Number: t18251027-38
Offence: Theft > grand larceny
Verdict: Not Guilty
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1644. JOHN MUNDAY was indicted for stealing, on the 14th of October , three gowns, value 10 l.; a scarf, value 3 l.; a shawl, value 6 l.; a bag, value 1 l.; a fan, value 10 s.; a card case, value 10 s.; an apron, value 1 l.; two printed books, value 30 s., and a box, value 1 s. , the goods of James Morley .

JAMES MORLEY. I live in Mecklenburgh-square. I went out on the 14th of October, and hired a hackney coach to return home.

SARAH MORLEY . I am the prosecutor's wife. On the 14th of October my husband met me and some friends at the Angel, at Islington, on my return from Derby; he hired a hackney coach and a chariot; I saw my box put on the footboard of the coach in which we rode; a lady and gentleman rode in the chariot; we went home to Mecklenburgh-square , where the coach was discharged - the chariot staid. When we came to look over the luggage next morning the box was missing; it contained the articles stated - I have not seen any of them since.

JAMES MORLEY re-examined. Q. Did you notice the number of the coach? A. I did, but I have forgotten it. I remembered the number of the chariot, and found by that the driver of the coach; they were hired about half past nine o'clock.

JOSEPH GLOVER . I was driver of the chariot; the prisoner drove the coach. When we got to Mecklenburgh-square the coach was dismissed, and I remained. A day or two afterwards Mr. Morley came, and asked if I knew the driver of the coach; I saw the prisoner a day or two after that, and told him if he had the box to take it home; he said he had made it away: I said it was a very bad job.

Cross-examined by MR. PHILLIPS. Q. Had you known him long? A. About a year and a half; I did not see the coach on the stand that night: I do not know the number, the colour, nor the owner of it. The prisoner does not drive regularly - he stopped at the house about a quarter of an hour.

SAMUEL STEVENS . I am a constable. I took up the prisoner on the 20th of October, in Bedford-street, Covent-garden. I told him I wanted him for a felony, and asked if he knew any thing about a box; he said No. I then took him to Bow-street, and found upon him 7 s., a key, and some copper. He said he lived at Westminster, but did not recollect the name of the street - it was a private house, but he refused to tell me where.

MR. MORLEY. I saw Glover on the Monday following, and offered him two guineas to tell me who drove the coach; he did not tell me the name till I threatened him with an action, as being an accessory.

Q. Did you notice the coachman? A. I noticed his being a short man, but I cannot swear to him. I cannot be positive whether Glover ever said he did not know the man.

WILLIAM CHEQUER . I am servant to Mr. Morley. I saw the coach and chariot at the door; I did not notice the coachman, but I remember Glover. I took the things from the coach into the house, but did not take any thing off the foot board.

Prisoner's Defence. I never carried the fare, nor knew any thing about it.


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