WILLIAM RADCLIFF, Theft > grand larceny, 15th September 1825.

Reference Number: t18250915-27
Offence: Theft > grand larceny
Verdict: Guilty
Punishment: Imprisonment
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1249. WILLIAM RADCLIFF was indicted for stealing, on the 30th of July , two gowns, value 10 s.; three caps, value 3 s.; a petticoat, value 1 s.; three handkerchiefs, value 1 s.; three collars, value 2 s.; a pocket, value 1 s.; two aprons, value 1 s.; three shirts, value 3 s., and two pairs of stockings, value 2 s. , the goods of William Scraggs .

WILLIAM SCRAGGS. I live at the Canteen, in the King's-mews . The prisoner was stationed in the barracks there - he is a private in the 3d regiment of Guards . On the evening of the 30th of July I sent my servant, Jane Nuttal up stairs - she found the prisoner there; she returned immediately, and I sent her up a second time, and desired him to come down; he came down, and I asked what business he had in the bed-room - he said he had been looking for his comrade; he then went to the barracks, and in about half an hour I sent my servant up with a boy - I then went up stairs myself, and met the prisoner on the stairs; he again said he had been looking for his comrade - I had him taken into custody.

Cross-examined by MR. LAW. Q. Was not he brought to your house by the corporal? A. No - he was taken from the Canteen door by the serjeant, and I desired him to be put into the guard-room; there were other soldiers there, but not a recruit.

JANE NUTTAL . I was servant to Scraggs. On the 30th of July, between nine and ten o'clock, I was desired by my master to go up stairs, and see if any body was there - I went up, and found the prisoner apparently asleep; my master sent me up again to tell him to come down, but when I went up he was gone - he must have followed me down stairs. In about half an hour I was desired to go up again, in consequence of my mistress coming home. I got the boy to go up stairs with me - we found the prisoner there, and some things were removed from the bed, where I had laid them about three o'clock. I saw the prisoner again when he came down stairs, and asked him what he had been doing - he said, looking for his comrade.

THOMAS BRADLEY . I went up stairs with Nuttal, and saw the prisoner there - I saw him looking under the bed - he said he was looking for his comrade. It was under my bed that the property was found.

WILLIAM SMITH . I am a constable. I took the prisoner on the 2d of August. I was fetched by the serjeant of his regiment, and the property was given to me.

WILLIAM HINCH . I am a private in the 3d regiment of Guards. I was posted at the door about half-past eight o'clock, and saw the prisoner go up stairs - I told the landlord to send some person after him; he then came down, and in about half an hour I saw him come out of the house again - I did not see any thing in his hand. Proctor was there the first time, but he went soon afterwards.

(Property produced and sworn to.)

Prisoner's Defence. I had been drinking with a recruit, and Proctor was with us. The recruit got away, and I went up stairs to look for him, being a little in liquor I laid down, as it is punishable to be in liquor in the barracks; the servant came up and said, "Oh! is it you;" I then came down with her. I went to the barracks, and then came back again, and went up stairs to look for the recruit - the servant and the lad followed me up, and when I came down I was taken.

GUILTY . Aged 20.

Confined Two Months .

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