17th February 1825
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484. THOMAS SCOTT was indicted for stealing, on the 15th of January , twenty-three coach-glasses, value 40 l. , the goods of John Dixon Hancock and Edward Stubbs .

JOHN DIXON HANCOCK. I live in Whitechapel , and am in partnership with Edward Stubbs - these glasses were safe on our premises on the 14th of January. The premises were perfectly safe at eleven o'clock at night. The men came to work next morning at day-light. I heard, about eight o'clock, that the glasses were gone. There was no violence used to the premises; I suppose the lock must have been picked. Some of the glasses were taken from carriages, and the glass-strings cut off; some were without frames. The prisoner was a perfect stranger to me. I saw them again next morning at the watch-house, where he was in custody - some of them were broken. I knew them to be mine - we could not replace them for 50 l. About a half of them were taken from carriages.

JAMES MARRION . I am a wire-weaver, and live in Dog-row, Bethnal Green. On Saturday morning, the 15th of January, between five and six o'clock, I met the prisoner and two other men, with an ass and some hampers; as they went on a little way, something fell from the hampers, and made a crash; a decent young man took it up, and laid it on the hampers. They went on towards Whitechapel Church. Two of the men seemed very genteelly dressed, and the other more shabby. The watchman came up to them near Whitechapel Church, and took hold of the ass; - two of them ran down Osborne-street, and the prisoner turned back down the road the same way as he had come. I minded the ass, while the watchman followed, and brought him back within two minutes. I am quite sure he is the man who was with the others, and turned back down the road. He was taken to the watch-house; I went with him, and saw twenty-one whole glasses in the hampers, and some broken pieces. He said he had been out late spending the evening, and had taken a walk: that is all I heard him say. The three men were all in company; sometimes one of them went to drive the ass, and sometimes another. The prisoner was well dressed.

Cross-examined by MR. PHILLIPS. Q. Where were you going? A. To my work. I was on the other side of the way: it was dark, but the road is lighted with gas; I was going the same way as them; - their backs were towards me till I came abreast of them. When I took hold of the ass, I lost sight of them. The prisoner said he had been shut out of his lodgings, and had taken a walk; - he had nothing to drive the ass with, - one of them had a stick. I know the prisoner again by his clothes - he had a black coat on.

WILLIAM AVES . I am a watchman. My beat is by Whitechapel Church, down the road-side. I saw three men driving an ass out of Great Garden Street towards Whitechapel Church, about half-past five o'clock; they seemed all in company. I went abreast of them as far as the church, and noticed one man who had more command over the ass than the others; he had a light coat on; the other two seemed to be better dressed. I stepped off the pavement to stop the ass, and as soon as I got into the road, one of the better dressed men made a cough, and at that instant one of them ran down Osborne Street with the man who was with the ass; the prisoner ran down Whitechapel Road. I cannot say which coughed. The prisoner ran twenty or thirty yards, and then made a stop, and walked back to meet me. I had not said any thing to either of them. I took hold of him; he said, "Watchman, what do you want with me? I know nothing about it." I asked him what he ran back for? He said, to make water; I had not seen any thing of that sort. When I took hold of the ass, Marrion came up; I gave him the care of it, while I went after the prisoner. I took him to the watch-house. We found twenty-one whole glasses and some pieces which were claimed by Mr. Hancock.

Cross-examined. Q. You went with him to the watch-house?

A. Yes: Marrion went away before I did. I heard the prisoner say he had been to the play, could not get in at his lodging, and had taken a walk. I pursued him: he turned back - there were other watchman about; it was rather dark. The man in the white coat, who seemed to have more command of the ass than the others, had a stick in his hand.

RICHARD PLUNKETT . I was officer of the night. I was at the watch-house soon after the prisoner came in. There were twenty-one whole glasses and two broken ones in the hamper. I asked what he did out, at that time in the morning. He said, he had been out late at night, and got locked out; hat he lived in St. Helen's, and had been walking the whole of the night. Mr. Hancock claimed the glasses.

Two witnesses gave the prisoner a good character.

GUILTY . Aged 21.

Transported for Seven Years .

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