25th June 1823
Reference Numbert18230625-95
VerdictGuilty; Guilty

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948. WILLIAM DRAGE and SAMUEL RAINBIRD were indicted for stealing, on the 18th of May , two live tame deer, value 10 l. , the goods of Andrew John Nash .

SECOND COUNT, for stealing 200 lbs. of vension.

THIRD COUNT, for stealing 200 lbs. of meat.

MR. ADOLPHUS conducted the prosecution.

ANDREW JOHN NASH , ESQ . I live at Edmonton . I had two tame deer, which I kept in a stable; they would feed out of my hands, and knew all my family.

THOMAS COCKLE . I am servant to Mr. Nash. On Saturday night the 17th of May, between six and seven o'clock, I put the deer up in the out-house, and locked the door, and tied a hurdle to the window, to prevent their putting their heads out, next morning, I found the hurdles cut down, the deer gone, and a good deal of blood in the stable; the thieves had got in at the window.

SAMUEL LAWRENCE . I went to the out-house, about six o'clock, on Sunday morning, to let the deer out, the door was fast as usual, but the window bar cut down, so that a man could get in and out; the deer were gone, and blood on the floor. I found a collar that had been on one of them; also a red cap, by the door.

JOSEPH GIBSON . I am a constable. I was fetched on Sunday the 18th, before seven o'clock in the morning, and traced the blood all the way from the out-house to Enfield; within a hundred yards of Rainbird's house, which is about two miles from Mr. Nash's. Mead was with me; we found Rainbird at home, and a quantity of blood all over his clothes, and a quantity of liver and lights on the table, and some frying on the fire, which I knew to be deer's flesh - we handcuffed him. Mead opened the cupboard door and found three deer's legs; two of a buck and one of a doe. Mead brought down two long quarters of venison - we found one skin and a head hanging up in the back wash-house, and the entrails in a washing tub, and on a dung-hill near his house, we found six shanks. Lawrance claimed the skin and head directly.

Cross-examined by MR. PRENDERGAST. Q. Do you mean to say, there was a tract of blood for two miles - A. Yes; there were intermissions of two or three yards, and then blood again. I found part of the deer's pluck at his father's.

JOHN MEAD . I am a constable, and was with Gibson, at Rainbird's. I afterwards went to Drage's, between ten and eleven o'clock, and found him at home, and in his bedroom, I found part of the thigh, heart, and two kidneys, with a knife all over blood, and in the wash-house, I found a spotted deer's skin; the rest of the thigh was boiling on the fire; the red cap was produced to him; he laughed and said

"D - n it, you may as well let me have my cap, for I shall want it when I get to prison, and it is too bad to take the venison away, you may as well send me a leg."

SAMUEL LAWRENCE, I know these to be the skins of the deer's. I brought them up and am certain of them - one horn is longer than the other.

MR. NASH. I know them well, and know their countenances, as well as my own children.

DRAGE - GUILTY . Aged 25.


Transported for Seven Years .

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