9th April 1823
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Before Lord Chief Justice Abbott.

486. MARY SMITH was indicted for stealing, on the

20th of November , from the person of Thomas M'Kinnon , a 100 l.; a 20 l., and a 5 l. Bank notes, and 4 l., in monies numbered , his property.

THOMAS M'KINNON. I am a colour manufacturer . On the 20th of November, I was in Whitechapel - the prisoner accosted me, and I went with her to a house in Chapel-street, Commercial-road - I never saw her before. Soon after I got into the house I was taken sick; she was with me at the time. She left the room, and I suspected I was robbed, and missed 129 l. odd; it consisted of a 100 l., a 20 l., and a 5 l. Bank notes, and the rest in gold and silver. It was in my right hand breeches pocket. I raised an alarm - this was about eight o'clock at night. A man named Archer offered to assist me - he led me round several streets, but did not find her. I knew the numbers and dates of the notes, and stopped them next morning - they were 100 l., 19,834, 11th of October; 20 l., 3948, 24th of October, 1822. I do not know the number of the 5 l. note.

Cross-examined by MR. ADOLPHUS. Q. You went to a house of ill-fame - A. Yes - I was in the house about quarter of an hour; there was a light in the room. I described her to the officers.

JOHN ROBERTSON . I keep the King and Queen, public-house, in Chapel-street. On the 20th of November, about half-past eight o'clock in the evening, I saw the prisoner - I served Archer with two pints of beer; a man named Griffiths came in after him, and asked for a man in a fustian jacket; I called Archer out to him - they spoke together, and then went away again - the prisoner was behind him. Griffiths called Archer out, and said,

"Come along, it's all right" - they all went out together. I had frequently seen the prisoner in their company - Archer was tried here afterwards. M'Kinnon has since shewn me the house he went to - I know the prisoner lived there at that time.

HOWARD LEWIS . I am a slopseller, and live in Cable-street. A girl of the same size and appearance as the prisoner, came into my shop on the 20th of November, about nine o'clock at night, with Griffiths, who produced a 100 l., a 20 l., and a 5 l. note, and asked me what notes they were, I told him - there was a name on the back of the 100 l. note, but it was blotted; the name of the signing clerk was Tarquer or some such name. He said if I would change the others he would lay out 5 l. in clothes, I refused, and they left. I followed them, and lost them in Rosemary-lane. I mentioned it to Plunkett.

RICHARD PLUNKETT . I am an officer. On the 20th of November, about nine o'clock at night, I saw Lewis, and went with him in pursuit of the man and woman, but did not find them; from his description of the woman, I suspected the prisoner. I saw M'Kinnon next day, and he said she was a short stout woman.

GEORGE DYER . I attend here for the Bank. I produce the 100 l. note, No. 19,834, dated 11th of October, 1822; it came into the Bank on 23d of December - it was signed Triquet. The letters Triq are still on it.

THOMAS BROWN . I am a watchman. I apprehended the prisoner on the 14th of March, at the corner of Aldersgate-street; I had been looking for her ever since the 20th of November, but could never find her.


"Ward, November 9th" on the note - I am certain it is that Griffiths produced.

Cross-examined. Q. How long were they with you - A. Above five minutes; there was a light in the shop.

MR. M'KINNON. I know this note by the number and date.

GUILTY . Aged 21.

Transported for Life .

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