15th January 1823
Reference Numbert18230115-97
VerdictGuilty; Not Guilty

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268. EDMUND LAW and THOMAS WEBB were indicted for stealing, on the 21st of December , eight geese, price 2 l., and thirteen fowls, price 1 l. ; the property of Isaac Payne .

ISAAC PAYNE. I am a gardener , and live at Barkingside . On the 20th of December, about seven o'clock in the evening, I saw my poultry safe in the hen-house, which is fenced in by an hedge, and ditch. Next morning, about seven o'clock, I missed all of them - there were eight geese and thirteen fowls. I found them at Whitechapel Office, on Monday, the 23d, and am positive they are mine. I do not know the prisoners.

RICHARD PLUNKETT . I am the night beadle of Whitechapel. On Saturday morning, the 21st, about a quarter past six o'clock, I went down Whitechapel-road, and about four hundred yards behind the church, by a bell founder's, I saw a hay cart standing there - Law was walking up and down by it. The cart moved on a few yards at a time. I watched him for half an hour, suspecting he had something in the cart - I waited till he got to the church, and then asked what he had in the cart; he said a sack, but he did not know what was in it - I asked how he came by it; he said he took it up from two men, near the Green Man, public-house, at Laytonstone, who asked him to give them a lift - that one of them wore a smock frock, and the other was a short one. I then told Avis to give me the sack down; I found it contained eight geese, and thirteen fowls, quite warm; they had just been killed. I took Law to the watch-house with them, and sent his hay

to the salesman, and then went into Black Lion-yard, public-house, opposite to where I first saw the cart, and in the tap-room there, I found Webb in bed with a woman - I desired him to dress, and told him I wanted him about some fowls; he denied all knowledge of them. I took him to the watch-house, and placed him with six or eight others - then let Law in, and asked if he saw anybody like the men who gave him the poultry - he pointed Webb out as one, and said he believed another young man was the other, but he could not be certain. Webb denied it. The name of

"Barrell, North Wheel," was on the cart; it would not pass within two miles of Barking side to come to town. The waggon road is more than two miles.

JOHN DANGATE . I am a watchman. I was with Plunkett - his account is correct. I saw Webb with the cart, about a quarter past six o'clock; he came round the horse's head, and went to the cart tail - he then went to a salop woman, and had a bason, and then went up Black Lion-yard. This was before Plunkett came up. I knew Webb before.

WILLIAM AVIS . I am a watchman. I stood on the opposite side of the way, when the cart came up to the bell-founder's, about ten minutes past six o'clock, a man was riding on the hay; Law handed the sack down to a man, but he walked away without it; he then laid it on the cart again, moved on a few yards, then got up and moved the sack.

Cross-examined. Q. The man saw you and walked off - A. I think he did; I am well known there.

LAW'S Defence. As I came along the road, two men asked me to put the sack in my cart. Webb said, they would give me a shilling, and a pot of beer, when I got to town. When I got near the church; he said,

"Stop we will have the parcel down here." I got up to give it him down; he said,

"Stop till my mate comes, he is gone up stairs, I will go and see where he is"; he run away, and never came back; I put the sack on again, got down and walked round the cart to look for him, and after waiting till I was tired, I went on and was stopped.

GEORGE BURRELL . I am a farmer, and live at North wheel. Law lived with me; on the 20th of December, I sent him with a load of hay. Barkingside is twelve or fourteen miles off. He went off between eleven and twelve o'clock at night; and was engaged on my premises till then.

WEBB - GUILTY . Aged 32.

Transported for Seven Years .


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