14th February 1821
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VerdictSpecial Verdict; Special Verdict

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396. WILLIAM HAYNES and WILLIAM HARRISON were indicted for burglariously breaking and entering the dwelling-house of Richard Plunkett , at St. Mary, Whitechapel , about five o'clock in the night of the 16th of January , with intent to steal .

RICHARD PLUNKETT . I am the beadle of Whitechapel , and live in Baker's-row , in the parish of St. Mary, Whitechapel. On the 16th of January, about a quarter past five o'clock, I was sitting at tea in the back room, and heard a noise in front, which I thought was my boy shutting the shutters, but hearing a rumbling, I got up and opened a door leading to the front room; I saw a man standing in the middle room, by the light of a butcher's shop opposite, and at the same time saw Harrison come from the dark part of the room, ran towards the window, and jumped on the table, then over the upper part of the sash, and the other immediately followed him the same way. I knew Harrison before, and saw the side of his face; he had a pair of trowsers and a ragged coat on; I am certain he is the man. When the second jumped on the table I got hold of his gaiter, but he got from my hold. I jumped out of the window and pursued - it was dark, and I could not see their faces without the aid of a light. I saw the front window safe one hour before; the lower sash was fastened, but the other has no fastening - it was shut. I usually shut the shutters about dark, and generally before that time - it is a private room. I secured Haynes about five or six yards off; he was never out of my sight, except as he turned the street; as he turned he began to walk, and was going as from my house. I saw Harrison running fifteen or twenty yards further; I saw nobody else in the street. Brock came up behind me, and I got him to hold Haynes. I then pursued Harrison, who was not then in sight, he had turned the corner of Baker's-row towards Church-street. I passed the door of a public-house, seven doors down, and he immediately came out; I turned round and seized him as he made towards the opposite street; I said

"You are the man," he said,

"No, by God it is not me, I have just come out of the Red Lion, Whitechapel-road." (which is 200 yards off) He denied being at my house, and began fighting, and it was with difficulty I got him to the watch-house. I saw him five hours before, and I am sure he is the person. The room had furniture in it.

GEORGE BROCK . I am a labourer, and live at Camberwell. I saw Plunkett take Haynes, and he delivered him to me. I heard an alarm, and saw him running from the window - he was two yards from it. Plunkett stopped him just round the corner, and gave him to me.

HAYNES'S Defence. I was not in the place, and had just left work.

HARRISON'S Defence. I came from the Red Lion, and as I came away, looked into a house at the corner to see a friend, he was not there, and I came out.

HAYNES - GUILTY . Aged 23.


Subject to the opinion of the Twelve Judges, whether as the shutters were not shut at the usual time, this offence was a burglary.

First Middlesex Jury, before Mr. Justice Richardson.

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