21st April 1819
Reference Numbert18190421-231
VerdictsNot Guilty

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731. MILES M'CABE and DANIEL CRANE were indicted for stealing, on the 15th of March , six sheets, value 30 s. , the property of Charles Stanbridge ; and EDWARD CRANE was indicted for feloniously receiving the same, he well knowing them to have been stolen .

MARY SEARLE . I am servant to Mr. Charles Stanbridge , who lives at Camden-town . On the 15th of March, between seven and eight o'clock in the evening, I missed the sheets off the railing at the back of the house, where they hung to dry. The persons must have climbed over a high wall to get them. They were safe an hour before. I saw nobody in the yard. The officer brought them to me about a fortnight after, and I knew them to be our's - the marks were taken off. Only four were found - I lost six.

JOHN DAVIS . I am a patrol of Bow-street. In consequence of information which I received, I went to the house of the witness Leslie, and found in the kitchen, where she lives, two pair of sheets. It was at No. 3, Little Ogle-street. This was a fortnight after the 15th of March, Searle saw them, and claimed them.

Cross-examined. Q. What relation is Leslie to the prisoners - A. She is sister to the Cranes.

CHARLOTTE LESLIE . This witness appeared in Court, but refused to be sworn, and was committed.

HENRY HOWARD . I am watch-house-keeper of St. Pancras. I was in company with Davis, when we found

the four sheets in the same kitchen, where we found Charlotte Leslie .

MARY ANN WILSON . I live at No. 10, Southampton-place, Camden-town. I am a single woman. I know the three prisoners, and I know Charlotte Leslie .

Q. Did you ever see the prisoners at her house - A. No, I did not see them.

Q. You are sworn to tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth, did you ever see these sheets - A. No, never.

Q. What were you bound over to prove - A. I really do not know. I was examined at Bow-street.

Q. What did you prove there - A. I really do not know.

Q. What did you swear there - A. I saw a bundle come up one evening.

Q. Do not prevaricate, I must hear all you know; are you any relation of either of the prisoners - A. No.

Q. Did either of them live at No. 10, Southampton-place - A. No.

Q. Do you know them - A. Yes.

Q. Do you know them all three - A. Yes; I have known them all three from children.

Q. Now you know what you have said on a former occasion, where did Edward Crane live - A. At No. 2, Southampton-place.

Q. Were you with him about a fortnight before the prisoners were taken up - A. No, I was not.

Q. Were you ever in his company on a Monday - A. Yes.

Q. How long before he was taken up - A. I cannot say.

Q. When were you at Bow-street, the 1st of April, was it not - A. I do not know.

Q. How long before you were at Bow-street, were you in company with Edward Crane at Southampton-place - A. I do not think I had been in his place for a fortnight or three weeks.

Q. What day of the week was it - A. I cannot recollect.

Q. Mind that you are on your oath - A. I am, and would not wish to take a false oath.

Q. Whatever day it was, were you alone with him when you first went to No. 2, Southampton-place - A. No, I was not alone.

Q. At what time of the day did you go there - A. About five or six o'clock in the evening.

Q. Was he alone then - A. Yes.

Q. Did any other persons come into your company while you was with him - A. No.

Q. Before you left him did any others come in - A. Miles M'Cabe came in.

Q. Anybody else - A. No, I did not see anybody else.

Q. Did anybody else come in - A. I do not recollect.

Q. Do you swear that - A. Yes.

Q. Then nobody else came in - A. Not for a great while after M'Cabe came.

Q. Did anybody else come in before Miles M'Cabe left A. No, I really cannot recollect.

Q. While you was with Edward Crane , did anybody else come in - A. I cannot recollect.

Q. Did M'Cabe bring any thing - A. He brought a bundle.

Q. Was it large or small - A. Very small.

Q. What did it contain - A. I do not know; I did not look at it.

Q. Did it contain linen, or boxes, or iron, or what - A. I do not know.

Q. Was it dry or wet - A. I do not know; I did not take notice.

Q. How long was it in your sight - A. While I was there.

Q. How long were you there - A. Only a quarter of an hour.

Q. You was there only a quarter of an hour after Miles M'Cabe came in - A. No, only a quarter of an hour.

Q. During that quarter of an hour that you was there, I ask you, on your oath, did anybody else come into the same room with you and M'Cabe while you was there - A. I really cannot say.

Q. You are called upon as a witness to speak the truth, I now ask you if anybody else came in - A. I really cannot say.

Q. Did you tell the truth when you was at Bow-street - A. I do not know.


Third Middlesex Jury, before Mr. Common Sergeant.

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