13th September 1815
Reference Numbert18150913-86
VerdictNot Guilty

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860. DENNIS SULLIVAN was indicted for feloniously assaulting Yan Van Dorlo , on the 9th of September , on the King's highway, putting him in fear, and taking from his person, and against his will, one watch, value 30 s. one chain, value 6 d. and one seal, value 6 d. the property of Yan Van Dorle .

YAN VAN DORLO . I am a seaman , on board a ship of War. I lost my watch on Saturday, the 9th of September, down at Poplar ; I was at a public-house at Poplar, down by the West India Docks . The prisoner asked me to drink with him; after that he asked me what o'clock it was? I pulled out my watch, and told him. I then went out of the public-house, and he asked me if I would sell my watch; and I said, I would, for five pounds. He then took the watch from me, and said, he would give it to the mistress of the house, and if I would stop a little the mistress would sell it. After that, he came and gave me the watch again; and then knocked me down; and when I came to, I was all over blood, and my watch was gone. I had not known the prisoner before I saw him at the public-house.

JOSEPH WILSON . I remember seeing Yan Van Dorlo on the Saturday night, a little after nine o'clock, with his face very much smeared with blood, and the frill of his shirt was bloody. He told me he had been knocked down, and robbed. I went immediately, and fetched William Barnes , an officer. After searching in a good many places, at last we found the prisoner sitting up in his lodgings in Robin Hood Lane, with two or three others in the house. Yan Van Dorlo charged him with robbing him; but he made no answer, for I don't think he heard the charge. I told him he must come along

with me; I called the watchman, who took him, and I followed after him. Somebody told me he had the watch in his hand; I immediately told the watchman to stop, and when I came up, I heard something like a watch fall; I could not find the watch, and told the watchman to go on with him; but he hesitated, and under his feet we found the watch. He was taken to the watchhouse. Here is the watch.

PHILIP BARNES . I was called upon by Mr. Wilson, and accompanied him and Van Dorlo to the prisoner's lodging, and saw the prisoner delivered into the hands of the watchman; I followed about two yards behind. In consequence of some information that somebody gave, they were ordered to stop, and just as they stopped, I heard a jingling upon the stones like the falling of a watch, and the watch was found under the prisoner's feet.

Prosecutor. This is my watch; here is my name on the seal.

The prisoner said nothing in his defence.

JAMES RUDGE . On Saturday, the 9th of this month, Dennis Sullivan , the prisoner at the bar, and the prosecutor came to my shop, which is a shoemaker's, and Sullivan bought a pair of laced up shoes for ten shillings: while buying the shoes, he produced the watch in question, which he offered for sale; I told him I did not want such a thing. He said, he was to sell the watch for the prosecutor. Van Dorlo was by all the time. He told me if I went to Mr. Green's, who keeps the White Hart, Poplar, I should there get the money for the shoes. I went to Green's, but she would not give me the money until they had seen the prisoner. I kept the watch until the money was paid; they brought the money, and I gave the watch into the hands of the prisoner, in Van Dorlo's presence.

ANN MARTIN . Sullivan was at supper at my house, where he lodges, when the officers came and took him; he had lodged with me from the Saturday week before. I heard him say he had the watch to sell for Van Dorlo.

Yan Van Dorlo . I never gave the prisoner orders to sell my watch, nor did he ever buy a pair of shoes in my presence.

WILLIAM GREEN . I am the landlord of the White Hart, Poplar. I know the prisoner; he had some money in my hands; a shoe-maker came for the price of a pair of shoes, but he did not get it, as I had not seen Sullivan; but Van Dorlo afterwards came in with Sullivan, and there he got the money to go and pay for the shoes himself.

JURY. My Lord, we should wish to know whether Van Dorlo was sober?

Yan Van Dorlo . No, I was not.


Second Middlesex jury, before Mr. Justice Le Blanc.

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