GEORGE LUKER, Anthony Hunter, Theft > theft from a specified place, Theft > receiving, 30th November 1814.

59. GEORGE LUKER was indicted for feloniously stealing, on the 28th of October, twenty-five pound weight of lead, value 25 s. the property of John Spencer and Peter Spencer , affixed to a house of theirs ; and Anthony Hunter , for feloniously receiving the same lead, knowing it to be stolen .

JOHN SPENCER . I and my brother Peter Spencer have some houses in Mecklenbourg square ; from information I went to the house there, and found I was robbed; all I knew is that the house belonged to me, and the lead was gone.

DENNIS CAREY . I am twelve years old. I and Luker went to Mr. Spencer's house in Mecklenbourg Square, on the 28th of October in the morning, a quarter before seven. We took the lead off that house the day before; we went up the joists and got on the roof; we cut some lead from the skylight; we chucked it down in six pieces; we went and sold it to Hunter, in Bell Court, Brook Street, Holborn.

Q. What did you sell it for - A. I think it was half an hundred weight; he gave seven shillings for it; Luker sold it: he told us to bring more, there was not weight; he gave the money to Luker. This is the lead.

GEORGE HAY . I live at No. 20, Mecklenbourg-square; on Tuesday the 25th of October I missed lead from off the house; it rained, and the rain came in; I waited until the 28th, and then I went on the house and examined it, and at No. 28 I saw two boys at the top of the house, Luker and Carey, and with assistance I took the two boys. The watchman went to the top of the house, he saw Carey in the chimney; and when he came down, I took him into custody; the watchman took Luker; we took them to the watch-house, and from the wathhouse to Hatton Garden office.

JAMES HANCOCK. As soon as the two boys were brought to the office, I and Limbric went with a search warrant to the prisoner Hunter's house, there we found this lead. I went with Partridge, and fitted on one piece to the top of No. 16, and they fitted the rest, it fitted completely. I and Limbric found this lead in Hunter's shop.

George Hay. This lead matched with No. 16, that house belongs to Messrs. Spencer's; there was lead taken from different houses.

Luker said nothing in his defence.

Hunter's Defence. On the 24th of October, Luker and Carey came into my shop, and said, do you buy lead; I said, where is it? Luker said at his father's; he said his father bought the lead of old houses. I gave him three halfpence a pound for it; I can only make twopence a pound of it myself. On the 25th he came again with some more lead; I bought it at three halfpence the pound, that is the market price. I thought the lead was the boy's father's; he said his father lived in Gray's-in-lane.

Hunter called two witnesses, who gave him a good character.

LUKER, GUILTY , aged 16.

Judgment respited .


First Middlesex jury, before Mr. Recorder.

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