2nd June 1813
Reference Numbert18130602-170
SentenceImprisonment > newgate; Miscellaneous > sureties

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686. THOMAS GILL was indicted for that he, on the 30th of April , unlawfully did utter to one Jane Greenwood , a false and counterfeit one shilling and six-penny token, he knowing it to be false a and counterfeited token; and that he at the time so uttered it had in his custody and possession, one other counterfeit token .

JANE GREENWOOD . I am the wife of Joseph Greenwood; my husband keeps the Robin Hood in Skinner-street, Bishopsgate-street.

Q. Tell me whether you know the person of the prisoner - A. Yes, I do; he came to my house on the 30th of April, to pay me one shilling and ten-pence; he gave me two eighteen-penny bank-tokens; I gave him a shilling and three halfpence. I put these tokens in the till; I had no others in the till. The prisoner then went and sat in the tap-room; he called for half a pint of gin; there were more in company I served him the gin; it came to ten-pence. He gave me another eighteen-penny token; and I gave him the change. I put it in the till with the others. He called for a half quarten of gin; he gave me another eighteen penny token; I put that in the till. A woman, one of the party, called for three half quartens of gin, she gave an eighteen penny bit again; upon my looking at that, I said to my husband I thought it looked like a bad one; I said if that is a bad one they are all bad; I went to the till to look to see whether they were bad or not; I called the young man up, and told him he had given me four bad ones; I asked him if he meaned to change them; he said, no; he took them in change he could not think of changing them.

THOMAS SAPWELL . I was sent for. I received four eighteen penny tokens of the last witness. These are them. I searched the prisoner; I found three eighteen penny tokens on him, two turn out to be good, and one bad. These are the three I found on his person.

CHARLES CABORN . Q. Look at the four eighteen penny tokens produced by Sapwell, that were given to him by the prosecutrix, are they good or counterfeit - A. They are counterfeit; they appear to have been recently in circulation, and all appear to be of the same die, and one found on the prisoner and in the fire place they are the same description and same die.

Prisoner's Defence. I was in Whitechapel; I took change at a public-house, the woman could not give me change; a young person in the tap-room said young man I will give change; I took it, and thought it was good at the time.

GUILTY , aged 23.

Confined 1 year in Newgate , and at the expiration of that time to find sureties for good behaviour for two years then to come .

London jury, before Mr. Recorder.

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