1st July 1812
Reference Numbert18120701-54
VerdictsGuilty > theft under 40s; Guilty
SentencesTransportation; No Punishment > sentence respited

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571. MARK SINNOTT was indicted for feloniously stealing, on the 12th of August , eight carpets, value 30 l. and twenty yards of printed cotton, value 33 s. the property of Edward Loader , junior, in his dwelling-house ; and SUSANNAH PHIPPS for feloniously receiving the said goods, she knowing them to have been stolen .

EDWARD LOADER , JUN. I am a cabinet-maker and upholsterer . I live in Broker-row, Moor fields . All I know is, the articles were taken from my warehouse, and it is my property.

PATRICK COCHRANE . I am a labourer. I was at Mrs. Phipps's when Sinnott came with the carpet, on the 12th of last August. Mrs . Phipps lived in the garret in the house I lived in, in Angel and Porter-court. Golden-lane. I was up stairs with her when Sinnott came in with two pieces of bed-furniture. He threw them on the bed. He said, that is for you. Mrs. Phipps told me to go down, and come up again by-and-by. I went down immediately.

Q. How long did you stay down - A. Half an hour; until she called me up again. I bought one piece of her, and I brought it down stairs with me, and in the course of a fortnight I wanted money; my wife and me went and pawned it, about thirteen days afterwards. I bought it for my own use.

Mr. Alley. How long have you been in custody - A. Six weeks.

COURT. What were you taken up for - A. A house being broken open over my head, they thought I knew something of it.

Mr. Alley. There are four others to be tried for a burglary; you are to be a witness against them - A. Yes.

COURT. You have been taken up about another robbery, upon suspicion - A. Yes, and I went forward.

JANE COCHRANE . Q. You are the wife of the last witness - A. Yes. I only know I pawned eighteen yards of printed cotton, for one pound, at the corner of Widegate-alley, Bishopsgate-street. My husband bought it of Mrs. Phipps, and brought it down stairs. I gave the ticket to Mr. Hutt.

JOHN HUTT . I am an officer of Hatton Garden office. I had private information that Mr. Loader had been robbed by Sinnott, his porter. In consequence of that information I went to Mrs. Phipps's lodging, in Angel and Porter-court, Golden-lane, in the garret. Previous to that I had apprehended Mrs. Phipps, and three others, for a burglary. Limbrick was in company with me. We searched a box in her room. It was nailed. We found these two pieces of cotton, and a quantity of other pieces. In consequence of that I apprehended Mark Sinnot , at Mr. Loader's shop. He took us to his lodging, in Sun-street. We searched his box. In an old shoe, in his box, Limbrick, in company with me, found eleven guineas in gold, and seventeen pounds in notes. We brought him to the office, and Mrs. Cochrane gave me this ticket of a piece of cotton, pawned for a pound, on the 23d of August, 1811. I have matched these two pieces with the piece in pawn. It makes twenty yards altogether.

JOHN LIMBRICK . I know no more than what Hutt has stated. In searching the prisoner's box, I found eleven guineas, and seventeen pounds in notes.

ROBERT MERCHANT . I am shopman to Mr. Perks, pawnbroker, 52, Bishopsgate-street, the corner of Widegate-street. I took this cotton in on the 23d of August, for one pound. It was pawned in the name of Ann Cocking . It is so long ago I cannot recollect the person.

Q. to Mr. Loader. Have you any partner - A. No. The prisoner was my porter for four years and a half. He had twenty-two shillings a-week. We keep the cottons in our dining-room, in our dwelling-house. The dwelling-house and the warehouse is all one. The cotton is my property. There should have been twenty yards of it. I did not know that I lost it. I should have had no suspicion of the prisoner if it had not come from the officer. The carpets, stated in the indictment, are not found.

Sinnott's Defence. Not guilty, my lord.

Phipps's Defence. Them bits of cotton I bought in Rag-fair. I am a poor widow, and work early and late for my living Cochrane lives by buying stolen goods.

SINNOTT, GUILTY , aged 30,

Of stealing, to the value of 33 s. only.

Transported for Seven Years .

PHIPPS, GUILTY , aged 52.

Judgment respited till next session.

First Middlesex jury, before Mr. Recorder.

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