15th January 1812
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128. THOMAS HUNT was indicted for feloniously making an assault in a certain open place near the king's highway, upon William Green , on the 16th of October , putting him in fear, and taking from his person and against his will, a watch, value 2 l. a steel chain, value 1 s. a steel seal, value 1 s. a steel chain, value 3 d. and a watch key, value 3 d. his property .

WILLIAM GREEN . I live in Love's Grove, Fleet market . I am an hair dresser . I am the bell-man of the parish of St. Bride's. On the 16th of October I went out about a quarter before ten at night to get a pint of beer for my supper at Mr. Wilcox's. I was coming back with the pint of beer in my hand, and as I went home across the market four people followed me; I went into Love's Grove, the West side of Fleet market, and these people followed me to my own door; that is the Shoe lane side. One end of Love's Grove comes to the Market, and the other into Shoe-lane. The four men came to me, one stood before me and one of each side, and when I turned myself round the prisoner knocked me down, and I felt my watch come out of my pocket; I felt the watch come out of my pocket before I was down. When I felt the watch coming out of my pocket I said, what are you doing, and then they knocked me down.

Q. Could you see who the person was that took the watch from your pocket - A. I cannot say; I think it was Thomas Hunt put his hand round; I am pretty clear it must be him, and then he knocked me down. Not a word was said to me until I asked what they were doing.

Q. Were you able to save your watch - A. No. I was not. I had a pint of beer in one hand, and my stick in the other.

Q. They knocking you down I suppose prevented you from saving the watch - A. They ran away while I was down on the ground, the blow brought me to the ground.

Q. Now you tell me the prisoner was the man that knocked you down - A. Yes, I had seen him many times before.

Q Before any thing was done did you observe the person of the prisoner - A. I turned myself round; I had an opportunity of seeing him before I was down on the ground

Q. Was the prisoner in front of you at the time the watch was taken from your person - A. No, rather behind my left shoulder. I saw him as I was turning round, I was quite sure it was him that knocked me down.

Q. How long had you known his person before - A. I believe nigh three quarters of a year, at times I had seen him.

Q. After you had recovered yourself did you tell any body of this - A Many of the neighbours came out and assisted me up.

Q. Were you very much hurt with the blow - A. With the blow and with the fall.

Q Besides knowing the man's person did you know his name he went by - A. Yes, they used to call him Joe the Marine; I mentioned as soon as the people came to my assistance that it was Joe the Marine that had done the act. I never knew him by any other name until now. I have never seen my watch since.

Prisoner. Some time ago he had a woman in custody, he said that woman robbed him.

Prosecutor. There was a woman concerned, she came before me and said, how do you do Mr. Green, how do you find yourself, and then the watch was taken. I never said it was her; I was surrounded by three men and a woman; she was taken up; I could not swear that she took the watch; she was one of the party. She was discharged.

SUSANNAH GREEN . I am Mr. Green's wife.

Q. Were you at home the evening that your husband was robbed - A. I was. I had a candle in my hand; my husband cried out; I ran out with my candle in my hand; I thought he had slipped down; I saw Joe the Marine lift up his hand and knock my husband down.

Q. Did you know the prisoner's person before by the name of Joe the Marine - A. Yes, I had known him a twelvemonth before; I had served him with goods. I sell oysters by the side of Fleet market when I am not out at work. I jumped off the step at the moment and catched hold of him by the jacket; he wrenched himself out of my hands,

and the other men ran off. I saw three men, he was one; I did not see the woman.

Q. How far did you run after Joe the Marine - A. into Shoe-lane. I halloaed stop thief, the people saw him run; by my going up the court they did not hear the voice loud enough. I saw him on the 11th of November and spoke to him about my husband's watch; he said he had not got it; he smacked my face and ran up Eagle and Child-alley into Shoe-lane, and made his escape. He was taken upon another robbery; I was not bye when he was taken.

ABRAHAM CRESWELL . I am constable of St. Bride's. I know nothing of the robbery of Mr. Green. Susannah Green came down and told me of it the same evening it was done. In consequence of that I looked after him, I apprehended him on the 1st of January, about two o'clock in the morning; I took him in Fleet Market, I did not take him upon this charge; I searched him, and found nothing.

Q. You never found the watch - A. No.

Prisoner's Defence. I never saw Mr. Green nor Mrs. Green before with my eyes.

Q. to prosecutor. Had you a chain to your watch - A. Yes, a steel chain, a key, and two seals; the watch was worth twenty-five shillings.

GUILTY - DEATH , aged 20.

London jury, before Mr. Common Serjeant.

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