6th April 1808
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364. CHARLOTTE WADE , alias BUMSTEAD . was indicted for a fraud .

THOMAS JONES . I live in Bull Head court, Newgate street, in the parish of Christ church. I am warehouseman, my partner's name is James Weldon .

Q. Do you remember the prisoner at the bar coming to you. - A. Yes, on the 15th of February, near two o'clock in the day, she told me she came by the order of Miss Sarah Lisley, of High Wickham, Buckinghamshire; she was to look out some handkerchiefs and lace; about two years since I had seen the prisoner at Miss Lisley's. I had no doubt but what it was right, she said she wanted them on Miss Lisley's account; I shewed her some silk handkerchiefs. I gave full credit to her story.

COURT. Was Miss Lisley a customer of yours. - A. She was, and is now. She looked at eight pieces of bandana silk handkerchiefs, six pair of silk stockings, and some lace.

Q. How many silk handkerchiefs altogether. - A. Seventy five silk handkerchiefs that together with the silk stockings is of the value of twenty three pounds nine shillings.

Q. How many yards of lace. - A. One hundred and nine value thirty five pound, six shillings and one penny. After they was looked out, she told me she must take them with

her, to go down by the coach that runs through High Wickham, as some officers who were customers of Miss Lisley would be disappointed if Miss Lisley had not the handkerchiefs after the parcel was entered and tied up; I went down to the Bull and Mouth, put the parcel into the seat of the coach, and assisted the prisoner to get into the coach, then I parted with her. I made Miss Lisley debtor for it in my books.

Q. How soon afterwards did you see miss Bumstead. - A. She ordered a piece of black silk handkerchief to be sent down to Miss Lisley; that is the way I discovered the fraud.

Q. When afterwards did you see these goods. - A. Not till I saw them at Guildhall.

SARAH LISLEY . - Mr. Knapp. I believe you live at High Wickham , in Buckinghamshire . - A. I do. Two years ago last Christmas the prisoner lived in my service.

Q. Did you on the 15th of February last, give her any order to go to Messrs. Jones and Weldons. - A. No.

COURT. Had you any reason to suppose that she was going there to order goods in your name . - A. No.

Q. Had you seen Miss Wade on the morning of the 15th of February, at High Wickham . - A. No.

Q. You never gave her any written or verbal authority. - A. Never.

Q. (to Mr. Jones.) When did you enter them down debtor to Miss Lisley. - A. The day I parted with them, the 15th of February.

Q. In what name did the prisoner appear to you. - A. In the name of Miss Wade.

Q. (to Miss Lisley .) Did she live with you in the name of Miss Wade . - A. No, Charlotte Bumstead .

JOSEPH THOMPSON . Q. You are a pawnbroker. - A. Yes. This lace and handkerchiefs were pledged on the 16th of February, the 18th the 4th and 17th of March, was the last . and the 23d of February they were pledged by the prisoner.

JOHN HARRISON . I have six pieces of handkerchiefs, I received them of the prisoner on the 15th of February, she said her husband was a linen draper, No. 19 Newgate street, he was deficient in six pound. I advanced her six pound on them.

JOHN KIMBER . I am a pawnbroker , No. 22 Knightsbridge; on the 26th of February, the prisoner pledged sixteen yards of lace on the 8th of March, seven handkerchiefs, and two pair of silk hose.

- SLATER . Q. Were you present at the detection of the prisoner. - A. Yes. At the house of Ingleby and Co. Cheapside; prior to her being apprehended, I was sent for, she was obtaining goods in the same way; I called her Miss Bumpstead, she said her name was Miss Wade, that was the name she obtained the goods at Mr. Jones's. As to her person I had no doubt about it, she said she was the person, she told me where the goods were pawned.

Prisoner's Defence. I was persuaded by a gentleman that I lived with of the name of Hawkins, that knew of the transaction.

GUILTY , aged 23.

Transported for Seven Years .

London jury, before Mr. Common Serjeant .

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