2nd July 1806
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389. RICHARD HOLLAND was indicted for feloniously stealing on the 24th of May , a promissory note, value 10 l. a promissory note, value 5 l. a yard of canvas, value 1 s, and twenty yards of woolen cloth, value 10 l. the property of John Burr ; and

Several other Counts for like offence, only stating the property to belong to different other persons.

The case was stated by Mr. Knapp.

WILLIAM BAKER sworn. Examined by Mr. Knapp.

Q. You are servant to Mr. John Willan, he keeps the Bull and Mouth inn . - A. Yes.

Q. Do you remember receiving the parcel in question in a cart on the day laid in the indictment. - A. Yes, on the 24th of May I received a truss of cloth, directed to Mr. John Lawson , No. 10, Red Lion-street, I put it into the cart with other goods.

Q. When you got to the White Hart, Holborn, you had occasion there to stop and deliver other parcels. - A. Yes.

Q. Then you left the cart with Royce; when you came back did you hear that your cart had been robbed. - A. Yes.

Q. How long had you been gone to the White Hart. - A. I should suppose it to be about three minutes, or something better.

Q. When you returned how soon did you discover that the cart had been robbed - A. I should suppose it to be near ten minutes.

Q. Upon your being told that your cart had been robbed did you miss that parcel. - A. Yes, momentary, a gentleman of the name of Spearing took the prisoner to the watchhouse in my absence, Royce came and told me.

Court. Did you go to the watchhouse. - A. Yes, I saw the prisoner and the parcel there.

Q. Was that the parcel that you had put in at the Bull and Mouth, directed to Mr. Lawson. - A. Yes.

JOHN ROYCE sworn. Examined by Mr. Knapp. Q. Had you the care of the cart with Baker on the 24th of May. - A. Yes, I was driving.

Q. You remember Baker going into the White Hart. - A. Yes, I stopped just as I was going into Red Lion-street to see who the truss was for, I saw it was for Mr. Lawson, I drove along to Mr. Lawson to deliver it, and when I turned round it was gone; I was in the cart, I saw the truss in the middle of the street laying down, I run directly and I picked it up.

Court. Did you see any body with the truss. - A. I only saw a truss, I took the truss to the watchhouse, I saw Mr. Speering have hold of the prisoner at the bar, opposite his house No. 4, Red Lion-street.

Q. How far was he from the truss when you saw him. - A. The truss lay in the middle of the road, and Mr. Speering had hold of the man on the pavement exactly opposite the truss.

HOLLY SPEERING sworn. Examined by Mr. Knapp.

I live at No. 4, Red Lion-street, Holborn, I am a cooper; on the 24th of May as I was in my shop, I noticed a cart going past, about eleven in the morning, as the cart was going along I saw a person behind it removing a package, he was on foot, reaching over into the cart, I saw him take the parcel out.

Q. What sort of a parcel was it. - A. It appeared like a roll of cloth, I went out and laid hold of the prisoner, the cloth was then in his possession, I believe it was resting on the ground with his hand upon it; when I laid hold of him he did not resist, he said he was very much in distress, his wife had lain in lately, he never did any thing of that sort before; I took him to the watchhouse, I beleive the boy took the package to the watchhouse, I sent for a constable.

Court. The same man that you saw take the cloth out of the cart you gave into the hands of the constable. - A. Yes.

(The property produced and identified by Baker.

The prisoner said nothing in his defence, nor called any witness to character.

GUILTY , aged 22.

Transported for Seven Years .

First Middlesex Jury, before Mr. Justice Le Blanc.

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