CHARLOTTE SEARLE, Theft > burglary, 29th May 1805.

416. CHARLOTTE SEARLE was indicted for burglariously breaking and entering the dwelling-house of William Blundle , about the hour of eleven at night, on the 21st of May , and burglariously stealing therein, two shirts, value 5 s. four half-handkerchiefs, value 3 s. a cloak, value 7 s. two skirts, value 7 s. one apron, value 1 d. and a towel, value 1 d. the property of William Blundle .

ANN BLUNDLE sworn. - Q. Are you the wife of William Blundle? - A. No; I have been called by that name for fifteen years, I am not married to him, he is a shoemaker ; we rent the two pair of stairs front room, No. 1, Red Lion-yard, Red Lion-street : On the 21st of May I washed a few things and folded them for ironing, and I put them in the bottom drawer; I went out a little after nine, and when I returned I found the door broken open.

Q. How was the door when you went out? - A. I left the key in the door, I cannot say the door was locked when I went out; when I went in I found the things taken out of the drawer; in the morning Mr. Trott came down and said, Blundle, your things are at Hatton-garden.

Q. Did the prisoner lodge in your house? - A. No; I had seen her several times for three weeks before this happened.

WILLIAM DAVIS sworn. - I am a watchman; I apprehended the woman at the cry of eleven o'clock at night; she just stopped on the paved stones, and something dropped from her apron, it seemed to be wet linen; I said, my good woman, what have you got there; I put my hand on the things, they were quite wet, and said, put them in your apron; I took her to the watch-house; she wanted to run away.

Q. Was she sober? - A. I do not think she was.

FRANCIS ROGERS sworn. - I am constable of the night, I produce the bundle.

JAMES DEAN sworn. - I am superintendant of the watch-house; I was standing at the watch-house door at a quarter past eleven o'clock; I saw Davis come along with a light, and I went to meet him; I said, what is the matter.

Q. Who had the bundle? - A. The prisoner, the other woman ran away; the prisoner made some resistance; I pulled her into the watch-house; I said, what have you got here; she said, I have got some linen, I had it at No. 31, Clerkenwell-green; I asked her the people's name; she did not know, she said; I said, let us see what it is: she refused; I asked her again where she got it from, and she said, from Gerrard-street, Soho.

Prisoner's defence. That man tells false; I said, I served my time at Clerkenwell-green, No. 3, at the watch business; I never refused to give the bundle up. I am a widow with three children, and work hard for two, which I have to support.

GUILTY, aged 42.

Of stealing only .

Confined six months in the House of Correction , and fined 1 s.

Second Middlesex Jury, before Mr. Recorder.

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