2nd December 1801
Reference Numbert18011202-37
VerdictGuilty > theft under 5s; Not Guilty; Not Guilty

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37. EDWARD BULLOCK , JOHN SCULLY , and JOHN RIMES , were indicted for feloniously breaking and entering the dwelling-house of Ann Leman , widow , no person being therein, about the hour of three in the afternoon, on the 9th of November , and stealing therein two gowns, value 22s. a sheet, value 3s. a shift, value 1s. 6d. a boy's dress, value 3s. a ring, value 5s. an apron, value 6d. two shawls, value 4s. a half handkerchief, value 6d. four caps, value 2s. six pair of stockings, value 1s. 6d. two pair of pockets, value 6d, two pocket-handkerchiefs, value 1s. and a tea-chest, value 6d. the property of the said Ann Leman .

ANN LEMAN sworn. - I was a widow when this happened, but am married since; I kept the lower part of the house, No. 1, Little Gray's-Inn-lane : On the 9th of November I went out a little before two, and left nobody there; I locked the door when I went out, and returned between four and five, when I found I was robbed; I am sure I turned the key as I went out, but did not try the door; there had been no violence used to it, but I think it was opened by a picklock key; I went into the back room, and saw the bed-clothes tossed up together, and the top sheet drawn off; I missed all the articles mentioned in the indictment; the ring was in a drawer, and the lock was forced open; all the other articles were not locked up; I saw one gown at the pawnbroker's, and upon Bullock was found a pocket-handkerchief in his breeches, and at his house there was a shawl.

Cross-examined by Mr. Alley. Q. I was told you were married again before the day this offence was committed? - A. I was married on the 18th of November, and the robbery was on the 9th.

Q. Rimes and you were very good friends until the time of this robbery? - A. No more than if he passed by, we used to drink together.

Q. He had been to see you a little time before this? - A. Yes, the same day.

Q. And a relation of your's lived servant with him? - A. Yes.

Q. Do you remember his calling to enquire after the girl? - A. Yes.

Q. How many quarterns of gin had you? - A. I believe we drank but one.

Q. I am told you had seven or eight? - A. Only one; we parted good friends.

Q. You think the door was locked? - A. Yes.

Q. When you were examined before the Magistrate, did you not say you did not know whether it was locked or no? - A. No; I said I locked it as I usually did, but I did not put my hand to try it.

Q. It often happens that it don't lock? - A. It might so, I cannot say whether it was locked or not, I locked it as I usually did.

Q. Rimes's place was searched, but nothing found? - A. No.

Court. Q. Where were you drinking that day? - A. He sent for me to the corner of the street, it might be about ten minutes before two.

THOMAS ROBERTS sworn. - I am journeyman to Mr. Salkeld, No. 423, Strand, (produces a gown and shawl); they were pawned between five and seven, on the 9th of November, for ten shillings, by Scully, in the name of Edward Smith, No. 1, Bull-inn-court, Strand: On the 10th the prosecutrix came, and I shewed her the things, which she claimed; she went and got an officer and we took Sculty; nobody persuaded me to swear to him; he is the man to the best of my knowledge; but I was extremely busy at the time.

Q. Have you any doubt about it? - A. I have some little doubt.

JOHN LIMERICK sworn. - I am one of the

Bow-street patrole; Crocker, the prosecutrix, and I went to Rimes's house, No. 1, Queen's-head-court, Strand; we did not find him then, but we saw Bullock and him arm in arm in the street; the woman said, pointing to Rimes, that is the man I have a suspicion has robbed me; I took him and Crocker stopped Bullock; we took them to Rimes's house and searched him (Rimes), but did not find any thing; Crocker was searching Bullock, but he would not let him do it quietly; I went to his assistance, but before I got to him he whipped this ticket into his mouth, (produces a duplicate); I tied his hands and untied his leather apron, and in his breeches there was this old pocket-handkerchief; we took them to Bow-street; I went to Bullock's lodgings in Marigold-court, and found some other property.

- CROCKER sworn. - I went with Limerick to the house of Rimes, and found this bunch of small keys, some have been filed; one of them opens the lock of the prosecutrix's drawers; I afterwards met Scully and searched him, and in his right hand breeches pocket I found two skeleton keys, one of which undoes her parlour door. (Produces the keys).(The prosecutrix identified the shawls, gowns, and handkerchief).

Bullock's defence. About eight o'clock in the evening, on the 9th of November, as I was coming from work I kicked something before me, which I picked up, and it was a few old rags, two pocket-handkerchiefs, and a duplicate; I carried them home, but did not then know what they were; that is all I know about it.

Scully and Rimes were not put on their defence.

Leman. I would give a guinea for the gown, half-a-crown for this shawl, and one shilling for the blue shawl.

Edward Bullock, GUILTY, aged 63.

Of stealing goods, value 4s. 9s.

Transported for seven years .

Scully, NOT GUILTY .


First Middlesex Jury, before Mr. Recorder.

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