19th February 1800
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172. ELIZABETH BOUGH was indicted for feloniously stealing, on the 31st of August , a a goose feather-bed, value 40s. a bolster, value 5s. two pillows, value 5s. three sheets, value 5s. a pair of blankets, value 3s. a counterpane, value 3s. a tent bed furniture, value 10s. a satin gown and coat, value 5s. a chints gown, value 5s. a coat, value 5s. a linen gown, value 3s. two cotton gowns, value 10s. a black silk gown and petticoat, value 10s. four petticoats, value 8s. two cloaks, value 7s. three damask table-cloths, value 3s. a large table-cloth, value 1s. six pair of stockings, value 3s. a silk petticoat, value 2s. 6d. a stuff petticoat, value 1s. four sheets, value 4s. a cotton petticoat, value 1s. five white aprons, value 2s. three shawls, value 1s. a pair of scripture prints, value 1s. eight small pictures, value 1s. eleven silver handled knives and forks, value 20s. two brass candlesticks, value 1s. an iron candlestick, value 3d. a mahogany tea-chest, value 1s. a silver tea-spoon, value 1s. a pair of silver buckles, value 5s. a mahogany dressing-table, value 3s. a japan tea-board, value 6d. a green umbrella and case, value 1s. and a Turkey carpet, value 10s. the property of Owen Lewis , in the dwelling-house of William Rasbrook .

ELIZABETH LEWIS sworn. - I live in Bowling-Green-lane, No. 4; I am the wife of Owen Lewis , I lodged at the house of William Rasbrook , in Liquorpond-street ; my husband has left me two years; I saw him last August, when I was in the hospital, I have never seen him since.

Q. Was the furniture your own? - A. Yes; I lost these things while I was in the hospital, last August; I used to clean Mr. Cecil's chapel; I left the prisoner in my apartments, she used to do a little work for me; I was in the hospital about a month, and when I came home, I found my lodgings stripped of every thing in the world (repeats the articles named in the indictment;) when I returned from the hospital, she was gone abroad after her husband, and she was not taken up till last Thursday was a fortnight; I found one of my boxes, when I came home, which I had left full of linen and bed furniture, empty, and it had been fired, and was burnt.

Q. Had you given any of those things to the prisoner when you went to the hospital? - A. No; the box that was set fire to I left locked, I had the key with me in the hospital.

JOHN TRINITY sworn. - The last witness lodged at Mr. Rasbrook's a pork-shop; I came to work at the house to repair it, with another bricklayer, it was in the month of August, but I cannot say what day; Mrs. Lewis was then in the hospital; I saw the prisoner go out with a table and a bundle, about four or five days after I had gone there to work; I had never seen her before to my knowledge; she carried them out, and asked me to carry them to No. 15, Summer-street, to a friend's house; I carried them there, and she paid me threepence-halfpenny for so doing; I do not know what was in the bundle; I never saw any thing of the prisoner before or after.

Q. Did you ever see her in Rasbrook's house while you were working there? - A. Yes, several times in the course of the day; she was up in the front garret; I never was in the garret.

EDWARD MILES sworn. - I keep a little horse and cart to do jobs with; the prisoner employed me some time in August to move some goods for her, it was on a Saturday; I lodge in Eyre-street-hill; I took them from a house in Liquorpond-street, a hair-dresser's shop, not Mr. Rasbrook's; they came form a house, No. 15, Summer-street; I took them to a house in a court in Long-lane in the Borough.(The officer deposed that he apprehended the prisoner, and searched the house, but found none of the property.)

The prisoner in her defence denied the charge.


Transported for seven years .

Tried by the first Middlesex Jury, before Mr. Justice ROOKE.

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