23rd May 1798
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389. JOHN ROBINSON was indicted for feloniously stealing, on the 26th of March , a pannel saw, value 7s. a carcase saw, value 7s. a sash saw, value 12s. a dove-tail saw, value 5s. a stock, value 7s. twenty-seven bits, value 13s. and one saw pad, value 1s. 6d. the property of John Westfield .

JOHN WESTFIELD sworn. - I am a cabinetmaker ; the tools were lost out of my chest; I went out of town the 12th or 13th; I left it in Banner and Bruce's shop, the corner of Long-acre ; I staid in the country six weeks. When I returned, I found the chest broke open in the shop, and the articles in the indictment taken out; they have all been found since. In consequence of a suspicion, I went to Worship-street, got a warrant, and went with an officer to search the prisoner's lodgings; I found the small saw pad in his chest, and we found the duplicates of all the rest, except one saw, which we found; the duplicate had been lost.

Cross-examined by Mr. Alley. Q. You and the prisoner were on very good terms, and worked together? - A. He was only as porter , he is a carpenter by trade, and our shop is a coachmaker's.

Q. But he works occasionally, and has use for saws as well as you? - A. Yes.

Q. A great many men work in the shop? - A. Yes.

Q. It was in the shop that your chest was? - A. Yes.

Q. How many men are there in the shop? - A. In the shop that my chest was in, sometimes seven, sometimes eight, and sometimes nine.

Court. Q. You never lent him these tools? - A. I have lent him tools, but I do not recollect ever to have lent him these; I am certain they were locked up in my chest when I went away.

JOHN WRAY sworn - I am an officer: The prosecutor came to our house for a search-warrant, on the 26th of April, to search the apartments of the prisoner, No. 3, Hackney-road; I went there, and asked the woman of the house if he was at home, she said he was not, nor did he lodge in the house; I was confident he did; I went up stairs, and opened two boxes there; I found a number of duplicates, some for saws, and one for a stock and centre-bit; I learned that he worked at the India-house, and I went from one to another till I found him; the prosecutor was there; and he begged for mercy.

WILLIAM CROUCH sworn. - (Produces a stock and bits, and saw.) On the 31st of March I took them of a young woman, who said they were her husband's, and his name was John Westfield ; the name upon the ticket is John Westfield , lodging in York-street; the name on the stock is the same.

Cross-examined by Mr. Alley. Q. I believe you know it is no unusual thing, when poor people have duplicates that they fell them, and honest persons sometimes get possession of duplicates of things improperly come by? - A. It is very often the case.

Westfield. This is my saw, it is of my own sharping; the stock has my own name engraved upon it at length.

Mr. Alley. Q. Do you mean to swear that that is your saw, merely because it is of your sharping - do you sharpen differently from any body else? - A. There is a great deal of difference in sharpening, the same as difference in hand-writing.

Q. Because it is done in a more bungling way than common, perhaps? - A. I do not know but it is.

Q. Any young beginner might blunder in the same way? - A. There is as much difference as there is in hand-writing; and there is a stain of porter upon it that I know it by.

Q. Have you never sold or swapped any stock? - A. Never.

- TYLER sworn. - I am a pawnbroker;(Produces a dove-tail saw and a pannel saw); I took them in on the 29th of March; the dove-tail saw was taken in of a man, I think the prisoner at bar; it was pledged in the name of John Robinson ; the other saw was taken in of a woman, pledged for John Robinson.

Mr. Alley. Q. You are not certain whether it was the prisoner or not? - A. No.

Wesifield. These are both of them my saws.

Mr. Alley. Q. If you had seen that saw fifty miles from London, and did not know that you had been robbed, would you have said that was

your saw? - A. I might not have taken that notice.

The prisoner left his defence to his Counsel, and called several witnesses, who were not examined.

GUILTY (Aged 24.)

Confined three months in Newgate , and fined 1s.

Tried by the London Jury, before Mr. COMMON SERJEANT.

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