12th July 1797
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481. MARGARET LONAY was indicted for that she, on the 12th of June , a piece of false and counterfeit money to the likeness of a shilling, unlawfully did utter to Edward Isaac Henman .(The case was opened by Mr. Ward.)

EDWARD ISAAC HENMAN sworn. - Examined by Mr. Ward. I live at No. 26 Duke-street, Aldgate ; I am a fish salesman , at Bilingsgate: In the afternoon of the 12th of June last, about four or five o'clock, the prisoner came for some mackarel, and asked the price, I told her thirty-two shillings per hundred; she said, can I have fifteen for three shillings, which I acceded to; it is customary in the market, to receive the money, prior to telling the mackarel up, she immediately put me down two good shillings, and two bad sixpences; immediately upon receipt of which, I observed to her, here is a very bad sixpence; before she had an opportunity to give me another sixpence in lieu of that, I discovered that the other sixpence was a bad

one, I gave it her back, and she gave me a bad shilling for them; I turned round, caught her by the arm, and told her, from the state of the money that she had in her hand, she certainly had a quantity about her; she said, "sure, how could she be getting that money, she could not tell;" there was a great crowd about, she ran away, and left her cloak behind her, she was called to come back, but did not, she was then pursued and taken.

JOHN BAILEY sworn. - I am servant to Mr. Selby, in Billingsgate-market: On the 12th of June last, I saw the prisoner run away from Billingsgate, I followed her, and in the way picked up six shiland sixpence that laid on the ground, and a bit of rag laying by it, between two empty casks; the constable has had it part of the time, I had it from him, (produces it): there are two shillings, and the left in sixpences.

- BOLLAND sworn. - Examined by Mr. Ward. I am a constable; this is the money I gave back to Bailey; I searched her, and found some good silver upon her, but none bad.

Q. (To Henman). Have you had this shilling ever since? - A. Yes.

WILLIAM PARKER sworn. - Examined by Mr. Ward. I am a silversmith.

Q. Look at that shilling, (the one she gave the prosecutor), is it a good one or a counterfeit? - A. It is a counterfeit.

Q. Look at that six shillings and sixpence? - A. They are all bad.

Prisoner's defence. I took that shilling for a good one; I work very hard, I never dealt in such a thing in my life; what made me run away was, that he he told me, if I did not run away, he would throw me into the river.


Confined six months in Newgate , and find sureties for her good behaviour for six months more.

Tried by the London Jury, before Mr. COMMON SERJEANT.

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