18th February 1795
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120. JOHN GREGG was indicted for feloniously stealing, on the 7th of February , ten pair of cotton stockings, value 20s. the goods of Margaret Tomlinson .


I live at Hungerford-street ; I keep a milliner's and haberdasher's shop . On the 7th of this month, the prisoner came into the shop and asked to look at some worsted stockings; I shewed him a parcel, he chose a pair, they came to five shillings, he asked me to shew him some white ribbed cotton.

Q. Did he pay you for these first? - No, he did not; I shewed him some, and he objected to them, because they were small ribbed; he asked me to shew him some plain cotton, which I did, I shewed him two or three parcels of plain cotton, and the first parcel I shewed him he seemed to like, but he objected to the price of them; then he asked me to shew him some broad ribbed cotton; and while I stood to look for the broad ribbed cotton, I see the prisoner take these ten pair of cotton stockings off the counter; they were the parcel of the plain.

Q. Were they all the stockings in that parcel? - Yes, they were.

Q. Where was your face when you see him do that? - I stood sideways with my candle in my hand, and see him take up these ten pair, and he ran out of the shop as soon as I see him take hold of them; I said, you have stole my stockings; and he ran away, and I went to the door and called stop thief! then a neighbour caught him, he is here, his name is Cartwright; I have got the stockings here, a person at Mr. Cartwright's house picked them up.

Q. Open them, see if they are your stockings? - Yes, they are my stockings.

Q. Is there any mark on them? - No, it is not the custom of our business to mark the stockings but the paper, and he left the paper on the counter and took the stockings.

Q. Were there just ten pair of stockings in that parcel? - Yes.

Q. Which ten pair you see in his hand? - Yes.

Q. How soon after did you see him again, after he ran away? - About six minutes.


On the 17th of February, I heard the cry of stop thief! and I was in the counting house along with Mr. Broom, and we ran out and saw the prisoner at the bar running very fast by, he was coming as if from Craven-street.

Q. Was he coming as if from Mrs. Tomlinson's shop? - Yes; when he got about twenty yards from the street, I see three gentlemen coming arm in arm, I said, stop him, he is a thief!

Q. Did you see any thing of the stockings? - No, I did not know what he had done till I brought him back again, I brought him back to my door and met Mr. Higgs, the constable, and delivered him up to him; I did not know who gave the alarm till I brought him back.

Q. You are perfectly sure that that is the same man as you saw running? - Yes, he never was out of my sight.

BROOM sworn.

I was at Mr. Cartwright's counting house, and while I was talking to him there, I heard the cry of stop thief! Mr. Cartwright went out and followed the prisoner at the bar, I went to the door, and soon after I went to the door I see something white laying by a post, I went up to them and found they were the ten pair of stockings now produced, I carried them into Mr. Cartwright's shop, but did not know who had lost them then, they then remained there till Mr. Cartwright brought the prisoner back, and then we carried the stockings and prisoner to Mrs. Tomlinson, and I kept the stockings till we went before the magistrate on Monday, when they were delivered to her.

Prisoner. I was coming from Westminster, where I lodged, and coming up Scotland-yard, in Northumberland-street, there is a court, I was coming up the court I heard the halloo out of stop thief! with that I ran up Craven-street, I happened to get the first person on the top of the street, and there were three

gentlemen coming towards me and they stopped me, in about two minutes up came that gentleman that told the three gentlemen to stop me, and said, he believed I was the person, and he took me into Mrs. Tomlinson's shop.


Transported for seven years .

Tried by the first Middlesex Jury before Mr. Baron THOMPSON .

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