17th September 1794
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SentenceImprisonment > house of correction; Miscellaneous > fine

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543. ANN TALBOYS was indicted for feloniously stealing, on the 18th of September , a cotton gown, value 6s. three linen shirts, value 6s. two check aprons, value 2s. a muslin neckcloth, value 1s. a pair of cotton stockings, value 2s. a damask napkin, value 1s. the goods of John Chambers .


I rent a house; I am a brewer's Clerk .

Q. Were these articles lost from your house? - Yes, they were; where my wife is; she is on her death-bed now; she did not know any thing at all about it till these duplicates were lost and found again; I hired her as a servant; I gave her so much a week.

Q. Were these things missing while the woman was with you? - I never missed them till the duplicates were lost and found again.

Q. How came you with the duplicates? - She went out that night and lost them, and a fellow servant went out that same road and picked them up.

Q. Were the duplicates in her name? - They were all in her name.

Q. Are the pawnbrokers here? - Yes.


I am a pawnbroker; I am a servant to Mr. Netley, Leather-lane, Holborn.

Q. To Prisoner. Where is the house that you rent? - In Horn's-alley, Liquorpont-street, Gray's-Inn-lane.

Cabuac. I produce one cotton gown, a muslin neckcloth, two salts, a pair of ribbed hose, and a damask napkin. I did not take them all in, I only took two of the articles of that woman at the bar; the muslin neckcloth the 26th of August, and a napkin the 6th of June; I knew her person, she had used the shop for some time; they were pawned in her own name.

Q. Do the duplicates which the constable has got correspond with the other two things; namely, the two shirts and the gown? - Yes.

Prosecutor. I know this neckcloth to be mine; I will take my oath of it before any justice in the world; I am sure it is my neckcloth; it has no name on it; it is the size, and I missed such a one; it is gone out of my house.

Q. What do you say of that napkin? - As to the napkin I will not swear to it all; I missed such a thing, but I will not swear to it at all.


I am a pawnbroker; I produce a shirt, and two coloured check aprons, pledged by the prisoner at the bar at three different times; the shirt the 17th of September, a coloured apron the 2d of September, and a coloured apron on the 11th; I have known the prisoner above these ten or dozen years.

Q. Did you give her a duplicate? - Yes; they were pledged in her own name.

Prosecutor. This is my son's shirt; I could fetch the woman that made it, she could swear to her work; it was gone out of my house by this here woman; the two check aprons I missed; I missed all the things that are here, and I did not miss any thing else.


I am an officer of Covent-Garden; I took the woman into custody, and in her pocket I found this duplicate of a shirt pawned for 3s. Last Thursday I took her, and the prosecutor swore to it when I came before the Magistrate; it was pawned at Edwards's.

Prisoner. I went with this here woman, hearing of her, and being at variance with my husband; my mistress lent me

these articles to go out and see if I could get my husband and me together; and I had gone after him several times, nights after nights, and could not find him; and it was to be unknown to my master, and I meant to take them out again when I received my wages of my master.

The prisoner called two witnesses who gave her a good character.

GUILTY . (Aged 40.)

Confined twelve months in the House of Correction , and fined 1s.

Tried by the second Middlesex Jury before Mr. RECORDER.

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