4th December 1793
Reference Numbert17931204-13
VerdictGuilty; Not Guilty
SentenceImprisonment > house of correction; Corporal > public whipping

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13. JOHN WILLIAMS and JACOB VANDERSTEEN , were indicted for stealing on the 22d of November , a cotton apron, value 2s, two child's cotton shirts,

value 1s. 4d. a muslin cap border, value 6d. two child's linen shirts, value 1s. a cotton shawl, value 2s. a cotton stocking, value 6d. seven yards of hempen cord, value 6d. the goods of James Radford . A cotton apron, value 1s. a child's muslin frock, value 2s. a child's linen shirt, value 1s. a child's linen shift, value 6d. a child's cotton shirt, value 1s. a pair of cotton stockings, value 1s. 6d. and a muslin cap border value 6d. the goods of Thomas West .


I am in lodgings now at Bromley; I lost the things from Old Ford , I lost them out of the Garden of my lodgings the 22d of November, I was at work when the alarm was made to me, when they were gone, between one and two, the prisoners were then in custody at the adjoining public house, it goes by the name of Clay-Hall. I came over directly, the things were laying in the same room with the prisoners on the table.

Q. What was done with these things? - They were took up to the Rotation. I have had the care of them ever since I carried them to the Rotation, and brought them here. I gave them to Robert Johnson or Hannah West , just coming in at the gate; I missed a muslin cap border, a child's linen shift, two child's cotton shirts, two child's muslin caps, two child's linen shirts, a cotton shawl, a cotton stocking, and seven yards of hempen cord. The other property is laid to be the property of Thomas West . These are my property. I have seen them wore before on the children, and I brought them, and paid for them. I don't know that there are any marks on them. There is a shirt and three frocks missing, besides these.

Q. How far was this publick house from your house? - About 150 yards, it is the next house to it.


I am an acquaintance in this family; Thomas West is my husband. I missed the things in the indictment from Old Ford. I believe it was the 22d of November, I missed them from the same yard, that the others were missed of Mr. Radford's. I went down the garden to fetch some of the things, and I saw the prisoner, John Williams , having some of the things in his hands, he took and flung them over the pales out of the garden, and I ran down to his assistance, the other prisoner stood close by the pales. John Williams was in the garden, and the other outside. I ran after Williams, and he over-ran me.

Q. Did any man pick the things up? - Not till the man had took them, he picked them up and brought them into my house with the prisoner.

Q. How did Williams get out of the garden? - He got over the pales; he left the property laying where he chucked it over the pales of the premises.

Q. Who picked them up? - Robert Johnson , he stopped Williams, and I stopped the other; and when I stopped him he had a white child's shirt in the crown of his hat, and he took his hat off, and slung it over the hedge; it was neither Mr. Radford's property, nor mine. It is not in the indictment, it is here.

Q. Was that shirt in the yard? - No, I don't know where that came from.

Q. Where were the prisoners carried to? - They were carried to Clay-Hall. I have had the care of the whole of the property. It was in Mr. Radford's house, we both lived together; it was locked up in Mr. Radford's custody. Here is a cotton apron, a child's muslin frock, a child's linen shirt, a child's linen shift, a child's cotton shirt, a pair of cotton stockings, and a muslin cap border, they are mine; I honestly worked and paid for them, I have mended them.


I am a day labouring man, I know both these boy s. On the 27th of November, when I was coming from dinner, coming out of my gate, I saw a lad in the field, neither of these, putting something in his bosom, and I thought that he had stolen it, I looked very hard at him, for three or four minutes; in the mean time, Mrs. West Hallooed out, stop thief, on which I pursued John Williams , and overtook him, in, I suppose, a dozen or two yards; Jacob Vandersteen was coming towards me, and she said, that is one, and she came up to him, and took hold of him, he was going to strike her, and I upped with my shovel, and said, I would cut him down, if he did not go peaceably; I brought them back to the garden, and there I saw Williams's shoe and a knife. I did not see the things on either of them. I picked up the things, and gave them to Mrs. West; they laid under the pales just throwed out of the garden.

Q. Where did you find the knife? - Laying by the side of the things, it was open.

Prisoner Williams. I never had any of the things in my possession. - I never saw them in Williams's possession, I picked them up under the pales.


I am a labouring man, I was called to assist to take these two boys. I did not see either of them in the garden. This here one, Vandersteen, he stood at the top of the causeway; the woman said, that he had taken the goods, I collared him, I had them to the public house, and we sent for the constable; I cannot tell who took the things, I saw the things over the pales.

Prisoner Williams. I was going by, and I had not been by above a dozen yards, and the woman immediately said, stop him; a man came up to me, and said, where are you going, I said, I am going home; a woman came up to him, and said, that is the young chap, that has got my property, says I, Madam, I have got none, I never touched nothing.

Prisoner Vandersteen. I was going down to Blackwall, a young lad told me, if I would go down by Friday afternoon, he would speak to the foreman to try to get me into the dock-yard; coming along I saw this linen lay. I had not picked it up above a minute, before I heard an outcry of stop thief, I was afraid it was some stolen property, and throwed it away.

John Williams , GUILTY . (Aged 16.)

Imprisoned six months in the House of Correction and publickly whipped .

Jacob Vandersteen , Not GUILTY .

Tried by the Second Middlesex Jury before Mr. RECORDER.

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