28th October 1789
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817. MARY LEARY was indicted for stealing, on the 7th of October , a black silk cloak, trimmed with lace, value 1 l. 11 s. 6 d. another ditto, value 1 l. 11 s. 6 d. two black silk handkerchiefs, value 3 s. a callico cotton gown and coat, value 15 s. a dimity ditto, value 15 s. a muslin flounce, value 10 s. a check muslin cloak, value 10 s. 6 d. three aprons, value 10 s. a dimity muslin gown, value 10 s. three shirts, value 3 s. three pocket handkerchiefs, value 3 s. two muslin handkerchiefs, value 3 s. a muslin shawl, value 3 s. a neck handkerchief, value 1 s. 6 d. a gause handkerchief, value 1 s. three pair of cotton stockings, value 6 s. one pair of cotton ditto, value 1 s. a shift, value 3 s. a cloth apron, value 1 s. two table cloths, value 2 s. a pair of stockings, value 2 s. a handkerchief, value 1 s. the property of William Langham .


I live in Bartlet Buildings ; I am an attorney ; on the 7th of October, I was out of town with my wife; I went between eleven and twelve; I left the prisoner with another young woman in the house; she was my servant; I came home again between nine and ten at night, and was informed the prisoner was gone away.


I am servant to Mr. Langham; on the 7th of this month, I was left in his house, when he went out of town; there was his daughter and son; and the prisoner, who was then his servant; I went down stairs between six and seven; and the prisoner was gone, and had left the candle alight; the prisoner had been in the kitchen all day, and I with her; I put out the candle, and came up stairs; I expected her back every minute, but she did not come home; my master came home between nine and ten at night; I saw some of the things in the places in the morning, and in the evening they were gone; I had no suspicion of the prisoner.


On Thursday morning, the 8th of October, about half past nine, I saw the prosecutor at Poland-street; he said he had been robbed; I knew nothing of the prisoner, and went in search of her; I found her at the High Flier; I went up stairs; the door was locked inside; I knocked frequently; nobody answered; I burst the door, and found the prisoner sitting by the fire, and some of the property on the bed, tied up in a white table cloth; I found three shirts in the window; this handkerchief and stockings I found on the prisoner; I have the things.


I bought these goods, all the four pieces, from this lady; she told me she wanted to buy some lace; she was ready to lay in, and I lent her two guineas and a half; she told me she had some old things to send to her sister in the country, and she would sell these old things to me for the money; I was to give her four guineas and a half for the old things; I was intending to leave this lady; I served her for half a year, as long as she has been a house-keeper; all

the neighbours gave such a character of her, they desired me to leave her; she was to give me ten guineas, and half a guinea Christmas-box; this lady did not pay me but at the rate of eight guineas; and stopped out of my wages two guineas and a half; I bought this bed gown of her for five shillings; my mistress desired me not to tell my master or this girl of it, because she thought it too mean to sell these old things to me; if these things are looked at, they are all old things only fit to give away.

Court to Mrs. Langham. You hear what this woman says? - Sir, I never sold her any one thing in my life.


Transported for seven years .

Tried by the London Jury before Mr. Baron HOTHAM .

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