14th January 1789
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150. WILLIAM CADDICK was indicted for feloniously assaulting Mary Ann Rowe , on the King's highway, on the 20th of December last, and putting her in fear and danger of her life, and feloniously taking from her person, and against her will, a silk handkerchief, value 6 d. a linen handkerchief, value 3 d. a woollen apron, value 3 d. a linen towel, value 2 d. and thirteen shillings and sixpence in monies, numbered, the property of William Rowe .


How old are you? - I was twelve last Michaelmas.

You understand you are to take an oath, and speak the truth, and nothing but the truth? - Yes.

Do you know what an oath is? - Yes.

What is it? - Sir, if I tell a falsehood, I shall go to hell.


Was you robbed at any time lately? - That there young lad robbed me of half-a-guinea's worth of silver, and a bundle.

Did you know the prisoner before? - Yes.

When was it? - On Saturday night, between nine and ten.

How long ago? - It was the Saturday before Christmas; a week or a fortnight ago; the corner of Park-street . The prisoner sent me into a publick-house, and said he came from my father, and that my father had a young lad come out of the country, and not money enough to buy him cloaths; and the publican gave me half-a-guinea. We deal with the publican. I do not know what publick-house it was: I know the house and the landlord. The prisoner came to our house, and called me down stairs, and told me he came from my father, who had sent him to tell me to get two handkerchiefs, and a cloth, and a blue apron. My father is a gardener ; he was down in James-street at that time; then I went to take things down to my father, and the prisoner told me to go to the tallow-chandler's, and get half a pound of cotton eights; and as I was going into the tallow-chandler's, he took my shirt, and pulled me off the step, and took the money out of my hands which I had from the publican; he told me to tell the publican,

that my father would let him have the half-guinea on the Sunday morning. The publican's name is Thomas Palmer .

Did the prisoner take all the money from you? - Yes.

When did you tell what happened? - On the same night. I told my father about half an hour after.


I am a gardner; father to this girl. I know nothing of the robbery, only as the girl, and the witnesses that let her have the money, told me; she came to me in the road, and said that Will Caddick had been and robbed her, and cried very much; she said he sent her to Palmer's, the publican's, to get half-a-guinea's worth of silver, and to the chandler's shop to get three shillings, and he took it all away from her; that was thirteen shillings and sixpence that he took, two handkerchiefs, and a cloth, and a blue apron, which he told her to get at my house, and said I had sent him.

She did not begin with asking you whether the boy had brought you the money? - No She found he ran away, and when she did not see him with me at my cart, [I stand in Oxford-road, selling of a Saturday night] as he told her he had been with me, she said he had robbed her. I had not seen the prisoner for ten months before he did this fact.

Thomas Palmer called, but did not answer.


The child came to our house, No. 6, Adam-street, and borrowed the money; my mistresses's name is Burton; she keeps a chandler's-shop. She came to ask my mistress to lend her three shillings worth of halfpence; my mistress said she had not three shilling's worth of halfpence, and she gave it to her in silver.

LEE COMBY sworn.

I am a watchman. As I was calling the hour of ten, a man gave me charge of the prisoner; the man said he had robbed him, and robbed Mr. Rowe's daughter, and he would send to Mr. Rowe.

Court to the little Girl. Which money did you get first? - The money at the publick-house.

You said just now that the boy sent you into the chandler's-shop, to get some short eights? - That was at the tallow-chandler's; but I had been before at the chandler's-shop, to get the three shillings.

Prisoner. I have nothing to say. I have no witnesses.

Court. How old are you? - Seventeen.

Mary Rowe . He took the money, and gave me one shilling out of the three shillings; when I went to my father, there was never a lad there.

Court to Jury. If you believe this child's evidence, it does amount to that of taking by force from her, which constitutes highway robbery.

GUILTY , Death .

Tried by the second Middlesex Jury before Mr. Justice ASHURST.

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