14th January 1789
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100. DOMINICK VERRIOT was indicted for feloniously stealing, on the 16th of December last, nine pair of black silk stockings, value 5 l. 3 s. 6 d. six pair of plain white silk stockings, value 3 l. 15 s. and three pair of white ribbed stockings, value 1 l. 16 s. 6 d. the property of William Wilkinson .

(The Case opened by Mr. Silvester.)


On the 16th of December the prisoner applied to me, saying that he had an order from the country for some silk stockings; I shewed him different sorts; he picked out eighteen pair, for which he was to pay 10 l. 16 s. he gave me a card, and directed me to send them to Burleigh-street in the Strand, and desired to know if they would be sent directly; I told him they would; on which he left the shop. I packed them up directly, and gave them to William Hyde , my shopman, with a bill of parcels; telling him to bring me the money. He returned a little after seven; I sent him about five o'clock.


I received a parcel of stockings from my master; I took the parcel, with a bill, and receipt-stamp, to No. 9, Burleigh-street, in the Strand . When I came there, the person was not at home: I waited about ten

minutes; when he came in, and he said he had been to Clerkenwell. I delivered the parcel and the bill, and requested payment of the bill; on which he went into a back room, under pretence of looking at the stockings: he took them out of the paper; he returned from the room, and came to the front room, and said he was going to shew them to a person, a friend of his. He had the shop-door in one hand, and the parcel in the other. It is a broker's shop; the prisoner said he was a wire-worker , and that he was to have one-half of the shop. He immediately went out; I waited about ten minutes or a quarter of an hour; he returned, and I demanded the money, or the goods back again; and he said they were not approved of. After that, I endeavoured to lay hold of his arm, as he was at the door, to stop him. He then went out; but, before that, he asked me if I thought he was going to trick me. He went out, and I waited about two hours, with anxiety, hoping he would return; he did not, and I came home. He was apprehended the next day, at the Magpye and Platter, in Butcher-row, between three and four o'clock. He was taken before Sir Sampson Wright , and there examined. There were ten pair of the silk stockings found in his pocket.

Prisoner (producing the bill of parcels). Is that the bill of parcels you delivered me? - Yes.

Court to Wilkinson. Was you at the apprehending of the prisoner? - Yes. Between three and four we took him to Bow-street, and there were ten pair of silk stockings found in his pocket. We took him from the Magpye and Platter.

(Ten pair of stockings produced and deposed to.)


I am a pawnbroker; I live with Mr. Lane, in Drury-lane. The prisoner brought a pair of silk stocking to our shop, on the 17th of December, between three and four o'clock: I lent him 5 s. on them. I have known him some time.

- WATTS sworn.

I live with Mr. Reed, a pawnbroker, in Fetter-lane. I took in a pair from the prisoner.


I live with Mr. Heather, a pawnbroker, in Long-acre. The prisoner came to our house on the 16th of December, at dusk in the evening, with a pair of silk stookings; I lent him 4 s. on them.

(Deposed to by the prosecutor.)


I pawned two or three pair of them, to try the value of them; I should have paid for them when they were approved of.


Imprisoned six months .

Tried by the second Middlesex Jury before Mr. RECORDER.

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