7th May 1788
Reference Numbert17880507-10
VerdictNot Guilty; Guilty > theft under 40s

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340. WILLIAM FLOYD and DANIEL HAWLEY were indicted for feloniously stealing, on the 19th of April , an eight-day table clock, value 4 l. 15 s. the property of Thomas Wilkinson , in his dwelling house .


My husband keeps a broker's shop , in Princes-street, Westminster; on the 19th of April, about a quarter past six in the evening, I went out of the shop into the back parlour for the space of two minutes; as I was taking a cup out of the cupboard I saw a boy going down the steps from the shop door; I did not observe that he had any thing with him, I turned round and missed the clock instantly; he was stopped, and brought back with the clock in his apron; he had a blue apron on.

Which of the prisoners was that? - Floyd; I had seen the clock there when I left the shop.

What may be the value of the clock? - Four guineas and a half.


I live in Dartmouth-row; I saw the two prisoners coming down the row, at the bottom of the row there was a coach standing; when they came there, Floyd called out, balt; I thought they were upon no good intent; I was willing to perceive what they would be at, and I watched them; they came past Mr. Wilkinson's door, and returned back again; I saw them both go into the shop; Hawley came out first; I did not perceive that he had any thing of property on him, so I let him go; I waited for the other, and he came out in about a minute, with this clock in his apron; (producing it.) Hawley had got about twenty yards off; I collared Floyd, and asked what he had got there; he said a clock, he had found it behind a shutter place; says I, I know where you found it; and I brought him back with the clock.

What became of the other? - Another man pursued him, and took him.


I saw Edwards take Floyd by the collar, I followed the other prisoner, and took him.

Did he run? - No.

Did he say any thing for himself? - Not a syllable; I had seen the prisoners together for three or four days before.


I am a constable; I took charge of the two prisoners; as I was taking them along, Floyd said, they can't hang us, the door was open when I went in; we shall only go to Botany-Bay for seven years, and that at my age, will soon whip away; the other behaved very civil.

(The clock deposed to by the Prosecutrix)


I never saw Floyd before in my life; I went into the shop to ask the way to Tothill-fields, but nobody being in the shop I came out again.

To Edwards. Did these boys go into the shop together? - No; Floyd went in first, the other past the prosecutor's door, and turned back and followed Floyd in; they came down Dartmouth-row together.

Hawley. That was the first time I ever saw him; I asked him the way, and he said he was a stranger as well as I, and could not tell me.


I went into the shop to ask the way to Stutton-ground; but seeing nobody, I came out again; I found the clock lying behind a shutter place; I never saw Hawley before.


FLOYD, GUILTY, Of stealing to the value of 39 s. Aged 13.

Tried by the first Middlesex Jury before Mr. RECORDER.

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