10th January 1787
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231. ISABELLA ROSSON was indicted for feloniously stealing, on the 5th of September last, one tambour muslin waistcoat, value 2 s. the property of Stewart Kydd , Gent.

A second count, For feloniously stealing, on the 13th of November last, four bed curtains, value 6 s. his property.

A third count, For feloniously stealing, on the 12th of December , one set of cotton bed curtains, value 4 s. her property.


I have chambers in Gray's-inn ; the prisoner was employed by me as laundress , about six months ago; she behaved exceedingly well to all appearance, insomuch so that she had access to the cellar that belongs to the chambers, and had opportunity frequently by going down to fetch coals, to take things out of a trunk that were deposited in the cellar; they were the curtains of beds, that belonged to Mr. Griffiths; from whom I had the chambers; this trunk stood in an inner cellar.

Had she the key of the cellar in her power? - The key of both cellars hung on a string; on Monday the 22d of December last, when I returned from the country, I found she was in custody of the constable, about six in the evening, she begged I would forgive her; she fell down on her knees, and begged for mercy; I understood from Mrs. Kydd that she was in custody for taking these things; I told her, she had no reason to beg for mercy, because she had behaved ungrateful; I had some intention to forgive her, because she pleaded distress; I enquired into the distress, and the enquiry did not turn out in her favour, and the next morning I took her to the Justice; and she there confessed taking the several things mentioned in the indictment.

Was there any promise made to her of favour? - Not the least that I know of, by me or any person to my knowledge.

Did she say what she had done with them? - She said, she had pawned them herself; the Justice asked her, what she had said to prevail on the pawnbroker to take these things from her; and she said, she pawned them herself, and said, they were her own; that is all the account she gave at that time; the things are all in Court; they were after produced on the second examination;

she had delivered the tickets; in consequence of which the pawnbrokers were sent to; and they produced them on a second examination.


I knew she conveyed the keys out of my bureau, and the things away, by her own confession; the next morning I went down into the cellar; and the prisoner seeing me advance up to the trunks to open them, she immediately fell on her knees, and cried out, Madam, I have robbed you; says I, I know very well, Bella, you have robbed me all along; you have been a very great deception; says she, Madam, I have robbed you of more than you know of; you need not open the trunks, for I have taken out all the bed curtains; I said, what could tempt you? she said, Madam, do what you please with me, kill me, I deserve it, if I had twenty lives; says I, you deserve no mercy from me; she immediately delivered the tickets up herself to me; and I called one of the porters to get a constable, and I took her up; and she told the Justice where she had pawned them.


I am a pawnbroker; I produce a waistcoat, which was pledged with me on the 5th of September.

Who was it pledged by? - By a woman that is not in custody; a Mrs. Page.

In what name? - In the name of Cooke; the constable came to my house to find the things.


I am a pawnbroker; I produce four cotton bed curtains, pledged by Elizabeth Page , the 12th of December; and a set of bed curtains, pledged the 3d of November; there are the duplicates.

Mrs. Kydd. The prisoner delivered the duplicates to me, and I gave them to the constable; and he gave them to the pawnbroker.

Did you mark them, Mrs. Kydd? - No, I did not.

Was Mr. Kydd present when they were delivered? - Yes, they were the very same; I am sure of it.

(The things deposed to.)

Prisoner. I leave myself to the mercy of the Court.


Transported for seven years .

Tried by the first Middlesex Jury before Mr. RECORDER.

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