25th October 1786
Reference Numbert17861025-87
VerdictsGuilty > theft under 40s; Guilty
SentencesTransportation; Transportation

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845. SOPHIA LEWIS was indicted for feloniously stealing, on the 22d of October , one cambrick handkerchief, value 1 s. one linen ditto, value 1 s. a coat, value 40 s. a pen-knife, value 6 d. a green silk purse, value 6 d. two guineas, value 2 l. 2 s. and ten shillings and sixpence, and four shillings in monies numbered, the property of Thomas John Burrell , in the dwelling house of John Dell .

And WILLIAM COX was indicted for feloniously receiving, on the said 22d of October , the said coat, knowing it to be stolen .

(The case opened by Mr. Peatt.)


On the 22d of October, at two in the morning; it was Sunday; I was coming up Wych-street; I was accosted by the prisoner to go and drink a glass of wine; I went home with her about ten minutes after two; when I went to her apartments, I gave her two shillings in silver, and went to bed; I then had two guineas and a half in gold, and four shillings in silver, in a green silk purse; I pulled out my purse in the room before I went to bed to give her the two shillings; the money was in the purse; we went to bed; I put

my brown cloth coat and waistcoat on the table; I then pulled off my shoes and buckles, and put the buckles and neckcloth on the table, and then went to bed; I had not been in bed long but I found every thing was not so agreeable as I could wish.

Where did you put your breeches? - I laid in my breeches and stockings; a little time after I had been in bed, I did not like my companion; the consequence of which was, she said, she was not well, she must get up, and have something to drink; she got up in a quarter of an hour, and left the candle in the chimney piece; I saw her looking at my buckles and shoes; I asked her, what she was doing with them? she said, I never come nigh a man so curious as you are; says I, put them down; she put them down, and at the same time blowed out the candle; she went out immediately and locked the door; I was doubtful of the place I was in; and I remained there till Cox the prisoner came; I missed my purse after she went, and before Cox came in, which was about half after five; I lost the purse about three; how Cox came in I do not know; he said, you bloody b - g - r, what do you do here? I asked him, what that was to him; I had paid for being there, and would stay till I saw the woman that brought me there; he said he had no woman at all belonging to him, and that I should get up immediately; I told him, I would not; in consequence of which he said, I shall return very shortly, and if you are not gone before that time, I will do for you; he did return in a very in a very short time, and says again, what you bloody b - g - r, you are not gone; he then says, get up; says I, do not go to treat me ill; I am a better man than yourself; upon which he took off the bed clothes, and then with a knife he cut me twice. (Shews his hands to the Jury.) One a deep cut; in consequence of which, I jumped up immediately, and said repeatedly to him, do not use me ill, I am a better man than yourself; then I missed a blue cloth coat, which I had on, and my neckcloth, and my pocket handkerchief; when he came the second time it was day light.

Court. What may be the value of this coat? - It cost me three guineas.

What do you think it is worth? - I do not know; it has been worn by me only three weeks; I leave the value entirely out of the case.

Do you think it is worth forty shillings? - I should be very happy to get such a coat for forty shillings; I then quitted the apartment, and stood on the landing place, and said, I am now out of your apartment, but I will not quit the place till such time I have my property; I value my cambrick handkerchief at one shilling, and my pocket handkerchief at one shilling; and he flung my head against the door, and the door flew open, and there lay two as notorious villains as himself; they cried out immediately, ham him, and murder him; upon which he came to lay hold of me to throw me over the bannisters of the stairs; I avoided that; I came to go down stairs, and he and the other two came and smashed me down stairs; I fell stupid; they then kicked me, trod upon me, and threw me out of the door; I went into a public house; the man's name is John Bray ; the sign is the Golden Hart, in Parker's-lane; I begged for assistance; I shewed him the bloody condition I was in, cut in that manner, and I told him what I had lost; the publican said, he thought I might think myself very happy as I was; for it was very frequent that real gentlemen, in his opinion were stripped stark naked, without shirt, shoe, or any thing else; I asked Bray if I could get any body to lend me a coat; I sent for a person who lent me a coat; and I went away; when I returned again, Mr. Bray inform a me he had the coat; upon which my friend, Mr. Kershaw, went and fetched an officer; then when I got in, Cox was there; Bray said in his presence, he had let Cox have upon the coat five shillings in silver, and gin and bread to the amount of two shillings and nine-pence halfpenny; Bray offered him five shillings for the coat; another man came with him;

neither one nor the other would take five shillings; the other man's name is Jordon; I was taken into the back parlour almost immediately.

Before Bray took you into the room, did he tell you for what purpose he took you there? - He told me he had stopped Cox the prisoner with my coat; and he told me what money he had let him have upon it; my friend let me have the money; Mr. Jordon and Mr. Kirshaw were subpoened; they neither of them were before the Grand Jury; and another publican whom Cox took the coat to, before he took it to Bray; he kept the Cheshire Cheese in the same lane, he was subpoened.

Court. What is your business? - I am clerk to Mr. Newby, an attorney; I believe the house belonged to John Dell , from what I heard.


I took charge of the prisoner; he was very much in liquor, in the house of John Dell ; I found nothing on the prisoner; he behaved very quiet; I saw some blood on the prosecutor's ruffle; I did not take much notice; he said he was cut, before the Magistrate.


I went with the man; he desired me to take the coat and pawn it, for he had no money; I pawned it for two shillings.


On Sunday was a week, between seven and eight, the landlady of the house where this woman lodged asked me to treat her, and in a very few minutes that gentleman came with a constable, and took me.

SOPHIA LEWIS , GUILTY, Of stealing, 39 s .

Transported for seven years .


Transported for fourteen years .

Tried by the first Middlesex Jury before Mr. ROSE.

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