19th July 1786
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603. LUCY BRAND , otherwise WOOD , was indicted for feloniously stealing, on the 7th day of June , one gold ring, value 5 s. three guineas, value 3 l. 3 s. two pieces of base metal, value 2 d. the property of Francis Stearnes .


I cannot speak to the prisoner, one person may be very much like another; I was robbed of one guinea in gold which I thought was weight, and two light guineas, and one gold ring, and two base metal shillings; I am very clear the prisoner took it out of my pocket.

Is that the woman that robbed you of your property? - Yes, it is, I know her now I come to look at her again.

Then you do swear to her? - Yes; it was down in Mill yard, Rosemary lane; I had been at a society to the Seven Stars in Whitechapel, which I belong to, and was coming away about twelve, and in about twenty yards of the house I came

from I happened to see the prisoner, and she appeared to be very much intosticated in liquor; I said I suppose you have been holiday making, she said yes, she said she lived in Rosemary-lane; I said I will go along with you; she took hold of my arm; we went down into Rosemary-lane; she asked a watchman for Mill-yard, and offered him twopence to shew her home; he went with her; I wanted to depart, she said, no, go and see me home; she gave the watchman three halfpence, and he went away; I wanted to come away then, but she said no, come in for a minute, so I went into the passage, and as soon as I got into the passage she took and flounced the door, but whether it locked or not I cannot say, she instantly caught me round the waist with one hand, and put the other hand into my pocket, I caught hold of her hand, and said I would not be robbed, the watchman hearing me say so, came in and asked me what that woman had robbed me of, I told him of one guinea which I thought was weight, and two light guineas, and two base metal shillings, and a gold ring, that was what she took from me.

Did the watchman find them upon he? - He did.

The WATCHMAN sworn.

I went to the door of this woman's house, I heard a noise, I will call the watch, I went up and stood right opposite the door, which was wide open, I heard the prosecutor say, he would not be robbed, I went in, he told me he had hold of the prisoner's hand, with that I says to her, Madam if you please to let me see what you have got there? says she, I will not; says I, I insist upon it; I laid hold of her hand; when she found I was resolute, she said hold your hand, she threw the money into my right hand, it fell down, I immediately searched for it, and picked up three guineas, one guinea was George the Third, which seemed to be very good, two of them were George the Second, which looked very dull, there were two brass shillings, and a gold ring; another watchman came to my assistance, there was another party along with her.


As I was going down Red-Lion-street, the prosecutor followed me, he was very much in liquor, I had been drinking myself; I told him where I lived, and asked him to go and see me home; he wanted to lay me down in the passage, and I would not, I said to him, if you will go up stairs with me I will do any thing that decency will allow of; and in pulling me about the money sell out of his pocket.


Transported for seven years .

Tried by the second Middlesex Jury before Mr. Justice ASHURST.

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