21st April 1784
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393. PETER HARLETT, otherwise called EDWARD VERULEY , was indicted, for that he, well knowing that one James Howard had lately served our Lord the King on board the Pallas, and that certain prize money was due to him for such service, on the 5th of January last, feloniously, wilfully, and knowingly, did personate and falsly assume the name and character of the said James Howard aforesaid, in order to receive the said prize money, against the form of the statute .

A Second Count, for personating on the same day the said James Howard , supposing he was entitled to certain prize money, in order to receive the same.


I am clerk to Mr. Hooper, he is a navy agent, on the 5th of January the prisoner at the bar came to our office with Thomas Brady , he said he had an order to receive some prize money, and desired me to draw an order, which I did; he made his mark, and I witnessed it.

(The order produced.)

Mr. Sylvester, Council for Prosecution. Did you afterwards pay him any prize money? - Yes, I received three pounds seventeen shillings and sixpence, and afterwards paid it, there is a receipt for the money.

(The order read.)

"The mark of James Howard ."

"London, the 5th of Jan. 1784.


"Please to pay the money due to me for

"prize money on the Pallas, James Howard ,

"and you will oblige your humble servant."

"Pallas prize money, 3 17 s. 6 d.

"Received the 17th of January 1784,

"three pounds seventeen shillings and sixpence,

"being so much received by me as

"abovementioned; I say received by me."

Do you know any thing else? - On the day Brady was taken up, this man at the bar came into the office towards the evening, and asked me if there was any more

prize money money for him; knowing Brady was in custody, I informed my master, who was in the kitchen, that Howard was come to know if there was any more prize money; Mr. Hooper came into the office, and asked him what his name was; he said his name was James Howard , and he came after more prize money; he then desired him to go with him, and he would acquaint him something of it; he took him to the public house close by where Brady was; when we took him to the public house he said his name was Peter Haslett , just come from Ireland to receive the wages of his brother, James Haslett , deceased.

Mr. Sylvester. Is this the same man who received the prize money in the name of James Howard ? - Yes.

You are sure as to his person? - I am positive.

Was Howard entitled to prize money? - Yes.

Mr. WADE sworn.

I have James Howard from September 1778, to 1783.

Have you any of the name of Veruley, or Haslett? - I have Edward Veruley .


Mr. Fielding. Did you serve on board the Pallas? - Yes.

Did you know the prisoner? - Yes.

What is his name? - Edward Veruley .

Did you know James Howard ? - Yes.

Were they two men? - Yes.


You were a seaman on board the Pallas? - Yes.

You know the prisoner? - Yes.

What is his name? - Edward Veruley , at the time I served on board the ship.

Do you know James Howard ? - Yes, that is not the man at all.

Was you at Mr. Hooper's when the prisoner was there? - Yes.

What happened? - He trod upon my toes, and pinched a piece out of my finger; he asked me what I called him by his name for.

What did you call him? - I called him Veruly, he asked me what I called him by his name for; I thought he was in liquor, I went in to ask a question about the prize money, I saw him in Hooper's office.

Did you see the clerk of Mr. Hooper? - I saw him sitting at the desk.

- M'INTOSH sworn.

Did you know the prisoner? - The day that I apprehended Thomas Brady , in consequence of what had just passed, the prisoner came with him, and this Brady said he wanted some business done in the agency line; this man applied to me in the name of Peter Haslett , as administrator to his brother that he had on board the Pallas.


My name was James Howard on board the Pallas five years, and I got my own prize money that was due to me in that name; that man has swore my life away wrongfully; when Mr. Hooper first took me, he said he would hang me without Judge or Jury.

Court to Livingstone. Did he go by the name of James Howard ? - Never.

Mitchell. He never did, my Lord, while I was in the ship, which was two and twenty months.

The prisoner called one witness who gave him a good character.

GUILTY Death .

Tried by the second Middlesex Jury, before Mr. Justice NARES.

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