JOHN WESTBROOK, Theft > grand larceny, 10th December 1783.

Reference Number: t17831210-62
Offence: Theft > grand larceny
Verdict: Not Guilty
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59. JOHN WESTBROOK was indicted for feloniously stealing on the 9th of September last, a pair of chariot harness, value 20 s. the property of Arthur Pigott , Esq .


I am a stable-keeper in Lamb's Conduit-street , Mr. Pigott keeps his horses with me, the prisoner drove him.

Court. Had you seen the harness? - I cannot say I know the harness, Mr. Pigott's harness has no crest upon it.


I am servant to Mr. Fidler, I saw the

prisoner take the harness out of the yard on Monday morning, as they came in over night, they were all over dirt, he said he was going to the coachmaker's to get them altered.


I am a hackneyman, I bought a pair of harness of the prisoner for twenty shillings, I delivered them up at Hicks's Hall.

Are those now produced the same that you bought of the prisoner? - I cannot recollect.

You bought a good bargain did not you? - No.

You bought them at an under price I fancy? - I gave rather more than the value of them, I believe them not to be worth 20 s. they are old.


About a month ago I was at Mr. Pigott's house, when the prisoner came to it, Mr. Pigott was out, Mrs. Pigott informed me that it was the prisoner, and that there was a warrant out against him for stealing Mr. Pigott's harness, and some livery, the prisoner came to beg forgiveness, upon which he was detained till the legal officer came to take him into custody, he went down stairs, and attempted to go out of the door, but the servant had put the chain up at the door, he did not endeavour to escape by any precipitation, I desired him to go into another room, I asked him several questions respecting the harness, where he had taken them to, and what he had done with them, at last he told me they were at a certain person's house, whose name I have really forgot now, though I took it down in writing, he told me he had taken them and pawned them, and told me the name of the place or the street.


I am innocent of the charge; the harness I sold Mr. Jones was my own property.

ARTHUR PIGOTT , Esq; sworn.

The prisoner left me at Tunbridge Wells, he came to town about the 7th of September at night, he disappeared, quitted my service, and about that time my harness was missing, and all the clothes I had given him, being a coat, great coat, waistcoat, and a silver-laced hat; I enquired after him, he never could be found, at length a warrant being out against him, he came one night to my house, for what purpose I do not know, I do not know the harness.

Prisoner. I had my friends here last night and to-day, but being Saturday night, and they capital tradesmen, they could not appear for me.

Court. Here is nobody to identify the harness.


Tried by the second Middlesex Jury before Mr. Justice WILLES.

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