15th January 1783
Reference Numbert17830115-3
VerdictGuilty > lesser offence
SentenceMiscellaneous > fine; Imprisonment > hard labour

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88. MARY PILE was indicted for that she on the 27th of December last, about the hour of four in the night in the dwelling house of John Aldridge , one linen apron, value 5 s. five caps, value 40 s. one muslin handkerchief, value 3 s. the goods and chattles of Elizabeth Parrott , spinster; one metal watch, value 3 l. one steel chain, value 1 d. and 16 s. in monies numbered, the goods chattles and monies of Benjamin Blackman , did steal, take, and carry away; and afterwards about the hour of four in the night on the same day, with force and arms, the same dwelling house of the said John Aldridge , then and there feloniously did break to get out of the same against the statute .


I keep the Plow , Kensington Gravel-pits ; on Saturday morning 28th of December, the things were missed; the prisoner came on the night before between five and six in the evening, she came to lodge; she was in men's clothes then, as she is now; she had laid there about a fortnight or three weeks back; she said she was going to Oxford; I lost nothing: she robbed a waggoner , whose name is Benjamin Blackman , of his watch and sixteen shillings; and the servant girls clothes, to the tune of 5 or 6 l. worth: my servant maid called me up next morning about five o'clock, and asked me if I knew the name of the person that lay along with Ben. the waggoner, for he had been robbed of his watch and money; I dressed myself and pursued her.

Court. What situation was your house in when you got up? - The fore door was open, one of the waggoners got up first, his name is John Parker , he is not here; and the waggoner who went to bed to the prisoner locked the dining room door; I went as far as Welwyn after the prisoner; she was taken the Sunday following in Parker's-lane, by one of the runners: the prisoner supped at my house that night, and read the news-paper, and had some rum and water.


I am a waggoner; I came to Mr. Alridge's

house to lodge as usual, I come sometimes once a week, and sometimes twice, about seven in the evening; they told me the person was gone to bed about three hours; when I went to bed which was about twelve o'clock, I went to bed to this person, the landlord made me lock the chamber door before I got into bed, I left the key within side the door, and pulled off my things; I went into bed to this person, and I went to sleep directly; in the morning I got up about five o'clock, and my breeches were in the place where I had put them, and my watch and my money were gone, and the prisoner was gone, and the door wide open.

Court. Are you sure that you locked the door? - Yes, and I left the key in the lock.

Court. Were any of your things found on the prisoner when she was taken? - No, not that I know of; I have never heard of my property again.


I am servant to Mr. Aldridge; I lost three caps, one muslin apron, one handkerchief, and three more handkerchiefs; these things were in the dining room, shut up in a chest; I lighted the prisoner to bed, which was in the dining room.

Court. What is the value of these things? - I cannot justly say.

What were these things in? - They were in two band boxes.

When did you miss these things? - I missed them in the morning between eight and nine.

Were any of these things found on the prisoner when she was taken? - No, my Lord.

You never heard of them? - No.


I know nothing of the house, I never was there in my life; they swore to me in brown cloaths; I came up but on Saturday from home from my friends, I ran away, and they took me with some more women; I have no other cloaths but these that were my brother's: and that person that stands there now, said, he knew nothing of my face at the Justices, but now I suppose he is come to swear against me. I have no witnesses, I have nobody but God and myself, I hope he will help me through it, notwithstanding all the false swearing in the world, I hope none of it will hurt me.


Of stealing, but Not Guilty of the burglary.

To be fined 1 s. and confined to hard labour twelve months in the House of Correction .

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